Story in a new fandom

Aug. 22nd, 2017 10:55 pm
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DelphiPSmith has been seducing me into Harry Potter fandom (purely by being friendly and intelligent and a writer as good as I'd like to be one day). I knew she was trying to get people to sign up for her Hermione/Snape story exchange, so I tried my hand at a HG/SS story, to see if I could do it.

What came out is "Trauma is my Normality," which is a strange little story and not at all the sort of thing anyone would like to receive as a gift. :-) 

It's just under a thousand words, if you feel like reading my first foray into HP fandom.  I used a different pseudonym for this one, so as not to confuse my Star Trek readers, but really, Weird Little Stories should be my name for everything. :-)

Eclipsepocalypse 2017

Aug. 21st, 2017 11:24 am
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As promised, I've got a slight limp from slamming my knee into the table last night while making my pinhole viewer.

9:03 — Go out to test my magic box before the eclipse starts at 9:06 am, and it works; there's a full circle of light inside my box, though the circle is more of a...square? I attempt to round out the pinhole with the tip of a pen, and now it's larger and more of an octagon. It's okay, I have time to fix it if necessary. It's a bright sunny day with no clouds.

9:10 — Already hearing sirens in the distance. Have to assume it's eclipse related.

9:18 — Try again. Light from pinhole now rounder. No visible slice of sun missing. Do I have it aimed in the correct direction? I can't turn around to look or I'll burn my eyes out.

9:23 — The internet goes down.

9:30 — Two neighbors stop in front of my house to stare directly at the sun through their cardboard eclipse glasses. I hope they don't go blind.

9:31 — Refresh the router. Go back to browsing Tumblr.

9:49 — Try the magic box again. Now seeing two round dots of light, one full, one with a chunk out of it. Science, or just a random hole in the corner of my box? No one knows. Still bright outside, but with a grey tone.

9:52 — Dad borrows a look through neighbor's eclipse glasses. Says there's a dark thing going across the sun, covering about a third.

9:59 — Box totally has two spots of light in, but one is definitely science. Now occluded by more than half. Still bright and greyish out, but flat. I get that silver nitrate feeling that Annie Dillard talked about.

10:11 — Getting dim out. Not a lot of confidence in my magic box. Too many holes. Who knows what I'm looking at.

10:15 — Ditch my pinhole viewer for a piece of stiff paper with a hole punched in it with a pen. Works much better, can see the crescent of the sun projected on the driveway in front of me. Weird waves of shadow buffet the asphalt, like water vapor, or wind made visible. I feel a chill, and get goosebumps on my legs. The light shining through the trees acts like hundreds of pinholes, projecting nested crescents of light on the house and garage. My dad has a pasta colander and achieves the same effect, hundreds of little crescent suns shining on a white piece of paper held at arm's length. The cat is staring at us through the window. The neighbors introduce themselves in the street. It gets darker as it nears 10:18, a few crickets start up, the streetlights come on. It's dim, muted, shadowy, but not dark.

10:20 — Starts to brighten.

10:21 — Assholes setting off fireworks.

10:30 — Still limping. Blame the eclipse for my injury.

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midnight science

Aug. 20th, 2017 11:08 pm
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Okay, so I was sitting here, exhausted, thinking, "Fuck, I have to force myself to care about the fucking eclipse tomorrow."

Except I do care. So I found an old shoebox and made a pinhole viewer with these instructions (pdf) my pal kormantic sent me. And I even wrote ECLIPSEPOCALYPSE 2017 on the side, so it's super official. And I REALLY banged my knee on the table when I sat down to make it, so that'll be a nice memory.

I guess I'll go stand out in the yard around ten o'clock with my shoebox and see what happens.
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Harry Potter fandom is having a story exchange for those who enjoy the Hermione Granger/Severus Snape pairing. If that interests you, you can find more details at

I never thought that pairing made sense, but a friend of mine writes it, so I've been reading her stuff, and I'm slowly becoming a convert. Since I mostly read and write in Star Trek TOS fandom, it's been interesting dipping my toe into the waters of another fandom. I've been amused to see how many things I thought were exclusive to Spock fans are actually way more widespread than I'd realized. One small and trivial but amusing example: I read one story where Hermione Granger thinks that surely no one else could be as expressive with a single eyebrow as Severus Snape, and I had to leave a comment that said, "Miss Granger, may I introduce you to Mr. Spock?" :-) There are a ton of Snape-Spock parallels that I'm finding in fan fiction, and it amuses me.

What I find more troubling about Granger/Snape stories is how many of them have the theme of a good woman's redeeming a troubled man through the power of her love. While I admit that's a compelling theme, it's also a dangerous one. It's always a bad idea to enter a relationship thinking that you'll change your partner. For one thing, it's disrespectful to presume that you know better than your partner does about who that partner should be. For another thing, you can't MAKE anybody change; they can only change themselves. Also, given how much domestic violence there is, I find the notion that a woman can change a troubled or violent man if only she loves him enough to be both oppressive and potentially dangerous.

Of course, part of what fan fiction is FOR is for making the world (including fictional worlds) the way we want it to be, rather than the way it actually is. But it's very clear to me that romantic fiction can also be a sort of a drug and can also be a form of indoctrination. Let's brainwash women into believing that love is the only thing that will make them happy, then further brainwash them into believing that they can make a bad guy good if only they love him enough.

Of course, drugs aren't all bad, and if mature women want to improve a bad day by reading or writing a little romance, I have no problem with that. I do worry about the effect of all of this on teenaged girls, though -- what do these stories do to girls who don't have enough real-world romantic experience to understand what parts of the stories are realistic and what parts are purely fantasy ... and should stay fantasy?

I'm sure there have been dissertations done on fan fiction from a literary standpoint in English departments. I wonder if there have been any done in Psychology departments about what all of this reveals about what women believe or what they want or what they turn to for comfort or inspiration. Read enough of the stuff, and various themes recur over and over again, suggesting that these themes are common to the psyches of many women. Too bad I'm no longer in academic psychology; I'd love to be an adviser on such a dissertation. :-)

Anyway, none of that is meant to discourage anyone who wishes to join the Granger/Snape giftfest. It's just that even when I'm reading fanfic because I'm having a bad day and need the self-medication aspects of it, it seems that I don't manage to turn my brain off entirely. :-) And since my first doctorate was in Social Psychology and my second one was in Clinical Psychology, I can't help but think about either the impact of social forces on the individual or what the things people chose to read and write say about their inner lives. :-)

Turku Terror Attack

Aug. 20th, 2017 07:53 pm
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The Friday stabbings at Kauppatori and Puutori are being investigated as terrorism. Ten victims - two dead, 8 others. Eight women, two men who went to help a stabbed woman.

First terror attack in Finland. I had mentally been preparing that a terror attack might happen in Finland too the last few years, but I wasn't prepared for it happening in my home town and a place I go to 2-3 times a week. I always kind of figured it'd happen in Helsinki.

Tomorrow morning I'll be going to Kauppatori, to change busses, on my way to the vocational course and then again in the afternoon. I'll be too busy in the morning, but I think I'll go pay my respects in the afternoon on my way home.

Happy Birthday Solosundance

Aug. 20th, 2017 08:46 am
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May you have a fabulous birthday. And here are some Starsky and Hutch icons for you. Total of 14 icons.

title or description title or description title or description

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Crazy world has finally arrived to my home town, Turku:

The situation is still ongoing.

So far no info yet about who the attackers are - home grown lunatics, or foreign fanatics. News say 7-8 people were stabbed, and at least one died.

It happened on Kauppatori and Puutori. I'm very familiar with both, the local busses' main stops are on the Kauppatori and that's where I most often get on the bus or off. Practically every time I go to town, I go through Kauppatori so it feels like my place. I just walked through it today, only about 4 hours before the knifemen attacked people there! I live about 20 minutes from there!

Introverts when speaking and writing

Aug. 16th, 2017 11:01 pm
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So basically, this is me, all the damn time.


I'm always fishing for the right words when talking, and I know I could have expressed myself much more eloquently when I had just written an email or something.

podcast update, volume five

Aug. 15th, 2017 04:51 pm
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Most Notorious is a true crime podcast hosted by Erik Rivenes, who has a different guest for each show. Rivenes interviews them and occasionally adds some background information, but the guests do most of the talking so the success of each episode really depends on the personality of the guest. Plus they're interviewed remotely, so you often have audio noise to content with. I listened to parts of three episodes, but found it unengaging.

Next I tried Unsolved Podcast, which is independently produced and hosted by Heidi Galore, who has a background in law enforcement. The episodes are short—less than twenty minutes—lo-fi, and pretty bare bones. Like the title suggests, these are unsolved crimes. I listened to one, and Galore's voice has a muffled character to it, like trying to talk through a retainer. Thankfully, there was a transcript of that episode—with linked sources—on the website, but there are only seven episodes up, and some are just audio with no transcript or sources. Galore offers basic facts and some speculation about the crime, but I've realized I like the mystery part of true crime as well as the storytelling aspect, and I just need more drama in my storytelling.

And then, in an abrupt left turn into no murder—but maybe some ghost stories—is Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia, that's Georgia Hardstark of My Favorite Murder and her friend Alie Ward. This is a casual, funny podcast. I already loved Georgia from MFM, and Alie Ward is also cool and likes science and bug facts. Georgia and Alie usually have a guest and they play slumber party games where they ask the guest their favorite embarrassing snack, what they're reading, or if they've ever seen a ghost. It's light and fun, and Georgia and Alie are comfortable with each other and easy to listen to. The show is currently on hiatus, but has a back catalogue of nearly a hundred one-hour episodes, so there's plenty to listen to. I don't even recognize most of the guests, probably because they're from podcasts I don't listen to, but there are a few guests I do know, like Tony Hale, James Urbaniak, and of course Karen Kilgariff, who tells a ghost story so quietly upsetting it nearly made me cry.

Main Site Down

Aug. 15th, 2017 04:07 pm
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[personal profile] ariane and along with their subdomains are down due to unexpected server issues. My host is working on them, and affected sites will be back ASAP.

Need new friends? Try a meme

Aug. 14th, 2017 10:26 pm
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Participate. Find friends. Have a more active friends feed. Be happy. :)

Come find some friends/talk tv at [community profile] tv_talk!


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