Jan. 14th, 2017

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OK. Kirk is injured due to being tortured by Nero on the Narada (leg by mechanical tentacles I want to say). Spock may (or may not) have been part of rescue party, and then ended up on New Vulcan. Remains of the Narada as on NV for study.. Scotty us one of the engineers. Kirk is on NV maybe to recover? Anyone?
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Hi All,

Could you recommend me accidental bonding fics? I was inspired by kyliselle's How High the Moon.
- Spock and Jim has to meld for a reason and because they have such compatible minds, a bond is formed
- one of them saves the other and a bond is formed
- or any other variation
What I'd like to see that they didn't plan this, weren't in a relationship, maybe didn't even like each other all that much or Spock was still dating Uhura. However, whatever was, now they have to figure out what to do. I prefer a happy ending.  :)
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My favorite thing to come out of the Kelvinverse is the potential for slash fic between Spock Prime and Nu Kirk. I especially love fic where aged Spock Prime looks upon young, handsome Nu Kirk and goes into a fit of pining for his lost t'hy'la. Or maybe Spock prime only loved Kirk Prime from a distance, never doing anything about it, and seeing Nu Kirk reminds him of lost opportunity. I love any iteration of this dynamic, really, even the purely chaste stuff.

I'm also always looking for more good fic of this sort, and thought I'd see what this lovely community might come up with!



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