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Wonderig if there any good stories out there that deal with Spock cheating on Kirk or betraying kirk in some way. Happy with any ending, though my preference is for a happy one. also prefer long and slow. (will take anything).
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My cat has been in the hospital for nearly 3 days and it is over a thousand bucks. So my phone is and many other things will be cut off. Before that happens I am asking for you lovely folks to recommend me some long fics I can save to my phone so I will have something to do until I can get things back in order. Since it may be awhile I am good with most pairings. I really appreciate any and all who help me out!!😎
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Hello everyone, I am new to this. So pardon me if I make mistakes. I have combed the internet over the last few months for long (like really long 50k-800k) stories revolving around Spock, particularly if he is hurt/injured/sick/depressed/abused (I'll take anything. Explicit violence and sexual content do not bother me.) So if you have any recs, I'd be grateful if you could share them here.

Also since I love angsty Spock centric fics, I started writing one too. If you are interested, check it out. It is called 'Finding Spock'. This is the link on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9820079/chapters/22049192

Lost Bones

Mar. 13th, 2017 05:43 pm
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I'm looking for a fic where Jim and Bones are together and then Bones suddenly disappears. Much later, he appears again but he's been gone a long time, he was misplaced somewhere in time. He meets up with Jim again who is now older than he is. Bones still loves Jim because to him no time has passed, but to Jim, Bones is practically a stranger.

remember what happened after that. Does anyone remember this fic? I think I read it on ao3 a long time ago.
Your help is appreciated.
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I've been searching for a fic I read on ao3 some years ago. The only things I can remember about it were that 1) it was a Spirk fanfic and 2) there was a scene were Kirk was "confessing" to Mccoy, he was practicing to do a real confession to Spock or something like that, and Spock accidentally hears it and thinks Kirk is in love with Mccoy. That’s it, I know it sounds cheesy (maybe it is, I can’t remember) but I’m kinda becoming desperate (I made a livejournal account just to ask this…), I’ve been searching for months.

Thanks for your future answers!
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I'm looking for a McKirk fic that I'm sure is on AO3 but I can't find for life. I can't exactly remember if Jim and Bones are already a couple (I think they are), but Bones has to spend some time at another ship or starbase for a few weeks. The ship/starbase receive some special cargo that is locked in cargo bay with some medicine Bones need for a (female) crewmember who suffers from some rare condition. Anyway there is a Klingon attack and Bones goes through the vents in an attempt to retrive the medicine. Turns out the Kinglons are after some money/gold that was in the cargo bay, some stupid brass was involved and all, Bones is hurt but is a 110% BAMF, Jim and the Enterprise come to the rescue and all is well in the universe.

Also, if someone out there has a copy or link for Elaine_Penny "Skin", I would be forerever grateful - I know I've asked it before, but it is worth a try.

Thanks in advance!
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I am trying to find a Fic I read a few years ago and despite trying cannot seem to find again I don't remember much but know it included Winona and Sam Kirk in black ops.
Jim was the captain of the enterprise and Sam Kirk infiltrated the enterprise. I know Winona was alive and Jim was angry at her and Sam. I remember Sam and Jim had their own language Nyota couldn't figure out. I also remember that Jim thought they were dead or at least thought Winona was. I am pretty sure Sam was a colonel and Winona was running the operation.
I don't believe it is atlas.
Thanks :)

Growly Kirk

Mar. 4th, 2017 05:57 pm
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Hello! I'm looking for a fic from a few years ago (I think). Something happened to Kirk and his voice gained a subsonic growl that no one but the computers and Spock could hear. It made Spock react submissively. There was a great scene where Spock meditated and examined the room in his mind that was made up of 'instinctive reactions'.

I think it might have been on one of the kink memes but I'm not sure.

Also not sure if it was reboot or aos.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for a story, but I have very little details, I hope someone will be able to help me. All I remember is that it's a long story, reboot universe, slash and a first time, and one of those happy ending stories where everybody gets bonded / married at the end. Some of it is spent on the new Vulcan planet, and what I really remember most is that even Spock Prime ends up bonding to an original male character. I'm pretty sure it's Kirk/Spock pairing and that Bones ends up bonded with someone on the planet too.

Help please?

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1. Winona had killed Kodos and was in prison. Spock gets in contact with her. He wanted to learn about Kirk's past because he wanted to date Kirk. At one point Kirk and Spock are having dinner and when Spock makes a move on Kirk is hits him over the head. Spock wakes up in Sickbay.

2. This happens after Vulcan is destroyed. Bones and Galia are engaged. I believe that Spock and Kirk are bonded. Spock sends a note from the Vulcan embassy that he is going to end their bond. He wants to help rebuild Vulcan. Sarek and Old Spock try to change his mind. Jim is packing up their apartment because he is going on a 5 year mission. He puts all of the memento from his relationship with Spock in a b ox. Sarek comes to talk to Jim and he takes the box to Spock.
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Hello! First time posting here. There is a fic where Bones get caught in a cave in with Jim outside. He tells Jim that he is fine and to go on ahead back to the Enterprise. I think someone else was injured and Jim had to go back asap. The thing is that Jim asks if Bones is ok and the Doctor says he is perfectly fine, so Jim goes. Turns out he wasn't and Jim is pissed because they found him half dead and he had just LEFT Bones there. I was sure I had it saved but I don't know if I'm forgetting to do so, or if FFNet and Archiveofourown are deleting my favs. Anyone know the fic I'm talking about? I don't remeber if it's one fic or like a chapter of a whole. I think it was gen. Thanks in advance!
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I just finished watching the TOS episode "The Conscience of the King" and I was wondering if anyone knows of any stories that take place during or after the episode.  Especially dealing with Kirk and how the whole ordeal effected him.  Any pairing or Gen is fine.  One-shot or Epic length would be great.  Thank you!
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Hi! Does anybody have a copy of Twin High Maintenance Machines by cautionzombies?

The summary goes like so:

Spock has a curious sensation of his skin being too tight, which is illogical. He is in exceptional physical shape and has no injuries or illnesses of which to speak.
However, he continues to experience mild suffocation throughout their two-hour game, and only once he leaves, after Jim has drifted into sleep, can he breathe without pain in his chest.

I can't seem to find it onAo3, and waybackmachine isn't helpful :( If someone has a copy do let me know, thanks!

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Hi All,
I'm looking for any DS9 and Voyager crossover stories where Garak/Bashir are together, and somehow encounter any of the crew of Voyager, particularly Chakotay, Torres, etc. I'm curious if there's any stories that have any scenes of the Voyager crew reacting to an augmented human and a cardassian in a relationship? On the same vein, if there are any Garak/Bashir stories where they meet Picard, that would also be amazing! Thanks!
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Kirk is unhappy in Riverside and makes a wish on a star. Q appears and offers to send him to an alternate universe where he will find his soulmate. Kirk accepts and is sent to AU Vulcan and is taken in by Amanda (I think). They are royalty and have hidden their son Spock away in an indoor garden. Kirk accidentally stumbled upon Spock in the midst of his Pon Farr. They accidentally form a bond and Sarek is of course not pleased. Cue lots of pining, secret rendezvous, and eventual happy ending Spirk.
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I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago where Pike is Jim's parent, and Jim is getting ready for his first day at the academy, and Spock joins them for breakfast in the morning to pick Jim up to go to school, and during breakfast, Pike wonders whether Jim and Spock have bonded yet. I know I read it on ao3, but I can't find it, thanks in advance!
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I read this on AO3 a while ago and it's about Spock transferring to the Enterprise, probably as First Officer, with Pike as captain. He has trouble making friends and the only one he does make friends with is Jim. Sooner or later he finds out that he's the only one who can see Jim and that he died in a transporter accident months ago. Spock then figures out that Jim somehow got stuck in the Enterprise and using the transporter's cacheing like system, and probably an ionic storm, Spock is able to get the transporter to spit out Jim.

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Does anyone know where I could find some of peppermint_wow fiction. She seems to have purged her LJ and AO3 fiction. Such a shame, her fiction was excellent. I have one of her fics “Nine Times Things Got Steamy on the Holodeck, and One Time It Didn't” but I'd love to get hold of some of her other stories.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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So I read this fic a while ago (on AO3 probs). Spock was with Uhura and then he was with Kirk (idk if it was an affair or they broke up or something) but then Kirk was pregnant and Spock with like the full backing of the Vulcan High Council puts Kirk in a facility until he gives birth and then plans to raise the baby with Uhura. Spock Prime rescues Jim and they live with the baby on some backwater planet basically fugitives. Eventually Kirk comes back and Spock is less of a dick but I can't find this fic anywhere!!
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I'm looking for a fic I read several years ago set in the present day where Spock accidentally lands his ship in Kirk's yard. Kirk has to keep him hidden from the authorities (and maybe at some point they go on the run together?). I just read another one very similar to this, but the story I'm looking for features Kirk taking a bit of time to really believe/come to terms with Spock being an alien. I think it was also ambiguously either reboot or TOS and had a...bizarre sex scene.


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