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I've tried finding this on AO3 again but none of the keywords are getting me what I want. I think it's mostly from Kirk's POV, he's unresponsive after a mission gone wrong and everyone thinks he's in a coma but he "wakes up" every so often and can hear everything. There's some jerk in the captain's chair who demands he be moved out of sickbay because he's not getting better and he's taking up valuable bed space, so McCoy moves Kirk to his own quarters. After six months or so, Kirk recovers and goes up to the bridge and punches the jerk in the face.
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I can't find this fic and it's really started to bug me.
Spock and Kirk, who aren't together yet and really do not get along very well, are forced to go "therapy" together to try and get them to be friends.
They may have had to make a list of what they like about each other.
Bones may have been the one to force them into this.
I think the therapist, in the end, was an untrustworthy person. And she had to leave the ship.
If anybody knows it please let me know! It's a really good fic
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My favorite thing to come out of the Kelvinverse is the potential for slash fic between Spock Prime and Nu Kirk. I especially love fic where aged Spock Prime looks upon young, handsome Nu Kirk and goes into a fit of pining for his lost t'hy'la. Or maybe Spock prime only loved Kirk Prime from a distance, never doing anything about it, and seeing Nu Kirk reminds him of lost opportunity. I love any iteration of this dynamic, really, even the purely chaste stuff.

I'm also always looking for more good fic of this sort, and thought I'd see what this lovely community might come up with!

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OK. Kirk is injured due to being tortured by Nero on the Narada (leg by mechanical tentacles I want to say). Spock may (or may not) have been part of rescue party, and then ended up on New Vulcan. Remains of the Narada as on NV for study.. Scotty us one of the engineers. Kirk is on NV maybe to recover? Anyone?
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I read this fic a while ago and now I can't find it for the life of me. Super angsty, from Spock's POV, k/s were in a no strings attached style relationship. Kirk is also sleeping with other people, Spock gets jealous obviously. Then on some sort of mission someone takes interest in spock and kirk gets really jealous? I've been looking everywhere.
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I'm looking for a fanfic where kirk tells spock about his feelings towards him but spock rejects him. Spock says that it is because of jim's inability to be in a commited relarionship and kirk is very hurt because of it. He starts talking/thinking (i don't remember) that spock thinks of him as of a whore because he had many lovers and generally has a breakdown. I don't remember much of what happened after that but i think that they finally ended up together
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So I am looking for an older Spock/Kirk fic. I can't remember all of it, btu I do remember that it had a scene where Spock was riding Kirk and he bounced on Kirk hard enough to break Kirk's hip while he was still inside Spock and they had to summon Bones for help while still joined together.

Does anyone remember that one?
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I swear i bookmarked it but now i cant find it.. :(
It's one shot set after vulcan destruction.. I think there may be camp set for vulcans.. but the main point was Jim telling Spock a story that how so many species were destroyed by humans but they saved turtles! that they were symbol of who survived..
I'm not sure but i think i've read this on ksarchive.. Will be really thankful for help!
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Hello all!

I just have two requests:

1) Bamf!smart!Kirk where he's doing his own thing, but he decided not to join Starfleet. I'm not picky on the pairing. I've already read the Illogical series, and this other one where Spock is a cop in Iowa and keeps arresting Jim for doing weird stuff.

2) Any Star Wars crossovers. I'm partial to prequel/sequel trilogies, but ultimately, I'll be happy either way.

Thanks and happy holidays!


Dec. 4th, 2016 09:30 am
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Are there any fics outthere here Jim Kirk is being stalked?

[identity profile] lizrdg1262.livejournal.com
Hi! So I have no idea why I always love seeing my favorite characters get hurt, but does anyone know any good fics where Kirk gets hurt (doing something hero-ey preferably, not because he was being dumb) and Mccoy has to fix him back up, while all the time being worried for his best friend (or his lover. Whichever works)

I've been scouring all the fic sites for stories like this, and I'm still craving more!

Thanks :)
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Hi, just doing a General Fic search for Established Spirk and the crew or bystanders finding out. It could be a premise or a scene but I'd really like to read about the crew being surprised that Spock is married or has a partner or Vice Versa. Like "This is my human boyfriend" or "Didn't i tell you i married a Vulcan?". I hope you can help, thanks. :)
[identity profile] parsetimexco.livejournal.com

does anyone knows of a McKirk fanfic from AO3 where Jim gave Bones a caduceus (medical insigna) gift of some sort? He gave Bone both the caduceus and the Rod of Asclepius since he wasn’t sure which is the right one.

i think it’s kind of an au, but i’m not really sure. hope someone could help me! :DDDDD
[identity profile] winterbitch.livejournal.com
Hi, does anyone know any Spock/Kirk fics where Spock is presumed dead and Kirk basically dies inside? It could be an established relationship but I'd love some pinning and angst.
There could be smut but if so, I'd prefer bottom!Kirk.
Thank you 💞
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I have the vaguest memory of this fic and I've been trying to find it for awhile but I can't seem to remember enough of it to actually search for it.

It's sort of an X-men crossover in theory iirc. Kirk's mutant ability is something like AMAZINGLY good luck. So it's a bunch of things that keep happening to him (kidnapped, trapped somewhere, etc) and he keeps getting out because these weirdly fortunate things happen for him. I think he doesn't quite realize it and Spock figures out it's a special ability.

Does anyone else remember this?

5+1 Fic

Nov. 12th, 2016 11:23 am
[identity profile] beyondthewest29.livejournal.com
I'm pretty sure it was a 5+1 fic where Jim gets hurt or saves each of the crew but this is the scene I remember:
Chekov is trapped in a room on the enterprise that contains a poisonous plant that they can't risk opening the doors for but he only has like 2% oxygen left. Kirk knocks Spock down, who gets pissed, and get chekov out only to put himself in.
I think it was background Spock/Kirk and on ff.net
[identity profile] le-red-queen.livejournal.com
Hello! I was wondering if there are any recs that involves Jim being touch starved - being lonely at the academy, through his position as Captain, weird alien ritual, anything at all really. Reboot preferred, though TOS is also awesome. Any other recs with Jim feeling the downsides of his captaincy are also welcome! Mods: n00b here, so let me know if I've made any mistakes :(
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Hey y'all. I'm trying to find a fic that I remember in which Kirk has to call someone (I think a pirate) while on the bridge. He has Uhura pull up the comm info and then says call them, then freaks out and says not to, and then has her call them before he says no again. I think the person was a pirate or someone, and they joke about how he had punched Kirk and that Kirk had left him for jail. Everyone on the bridge is kinda weirded out by the conversation and Spock asks all the questions after. Might have ties to Tarsus IV, I think Kirk was calling the pirate dude because he needed someone to get through an embargo or something similar to Tarsus, or the dude new about Tarsus, or something. I think it was a part of a longer fic but idk at this point. Any help is appreciated, thank you!!!
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I am looking for an old, old story. It is Kirk/McCoy, I believe, and it involved Jocelyn coming aboard the Enterprise. I don't think Kirk knew that it was Jocelyn, Mccoy's ex, that he was welcoming aboard. I think she was with her new husband? At some point, she might have been trying to seduce Kirk or was spying on him for some reason?

Help! It's driving me nuts that I can't find it!
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Hey y'all. I am trying to find a fic that I read a long long time ago and now can not find it for the life of me. I know I read it on fanfiction.net, but if someone can find it on other platforms I will take that.

It has been a few years so the details are a little sketchy. I remember there was definite Bones/Kirk tones, although I can't remember if it was shipping or just all the friendship. It wasn't an excessively long fic, it was stand alone, not a part of a big story. Basics is that Kirk was being tortured by an alien race. I think he was in a glass tube or something and they were giving him a drug that made him see all the bridge crew die in front of him and all he could do was pound on the glass.

Potentially the same fic or a different one, same idea in that aliens made him see his crew die in front of him, but I am remembering (maybe) a scene in which they are all on the bridge and either the drug thing happens then or they replay/etc. their deaths and Bones has to grab Kirk to make him realize it is not true while the rest of the bridge watches (with surprise?)

Any help is appreciated, thanks so much!


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