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I'm looking for a fic where Jim, Bones and Spock are together. Bones gets very sick, dying even, i don't remember what happened to him, but Jim can't deal with watching him die and freaks out and even stops visiting Bones. Spock is the one who visits and takes care of Bones. Slowly he starts getting better (don't remember how) Christine makes it her mission to get him completely well and pushes Bones with his rehab, gets him past his depression,and his wanting to give up; she's awesome! Bones slowly starts to improve but Jim can't and won't face Bones or Spock either. I think at the end Bones seeks out Jim to confront him.

Any help in finding this would be greatlybappreciated. Thank you in advance.
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I'm looking for an older fic, it's an AU where Bones is a doctor, but he's been suspended or something where he can't practice medicine. He has to support Joanna so he becomes Jim's personal assistant. I think Sam owns this big company and Jim is one of the CEOs. It's the job from hell...Bones can't stand working for Jim Kirk, but he sticks it out for Joanna. I think Christine is one of Jim's employees too.

They begin to get close, but Carol Marcus gets in the picture and Bones quits.

Does this one ring a bell for anyone? It was so good and I'd love to read again. I've searched and searched but no luck. I think it may have been AO3, but I'm not sure.
Thanks in advance to any one who finds it.
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I'm trying to find a fic that starts off in the academy days for in the Reboot universe during and maybe after the first movie. Kirk & Spock meet and either become friends or get together at the time. The specific part in the fic I remember is that McCoy makes a deal with Christine Chapel that if he is able to get Kirk to get Spock as part of the Enterprise crew, then Chapel will work for McCoy on the ship too because she's interested in studying Spock's physiology/biology of being a half human/half Vulcan. Can anybody please help find this fic for me?! I've looked through all my links when I first started reading and I'm kicking myself for not being able to find this again.
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hope that subject got your attention, haha.

there's a spock/chapel fic i can't seem to find. it wasn't very long at all - might have been set during the amok time episode? - and spock's genitalia were retractable. this was explained by the desert climate of vulcan or something like that. i feel like the fic was a companion to a k/s or mc/s piece, but i can't remember as much of that one. for some reason i thought it was archived by the foresmutters project but it's not; i want to say it's an early fanzine fic but it could be more recent, i guess. the "vulcan genitalia" page of fanlore has no hints, alas.

any help and guesses will be much appreciated!
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Hello everyone! Firstly English is not my native language so for any mistakes I apologize.
Now, some time ago I'd read a story called The Castaways by Cheree Cargill. (Vengeance can have long reaching effects, as Spock and Christine learn.  Kidnapped and left to die on a remote, uninhabited planet, they have no choice but to go on living and learn to survive on a primitive world resembling Earth's Pleistocene Era.)
And I loved it so much that I hoped to find something similar but not necessarily Spock/Chapel pairing. I'd no luck. Does anyone of you know or had read this kind of story before and could point me in the right direction?

Also I'm looking for any fic with Spock (no matter what pairing for Spock), Amanda and Sarek in it plus the rest of the crew from the Enterprise, where Spock is doing one or few of these things:
-defying his father in bonding to someone (not necessarily T'Pring)
-attending VSA and/or Starfleet,
-has to fend for himself while attending Starfleet Academy while Sarek is trying to do anything to make things harder/worse for Spock,
-runs away from home or is a fugitive

I'll be very grateful for any help...
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I'm looking for a specific Chapel fic set in the reboot universe. All I remember of the fic is that Chapel was a doctor, rather than a nurse, and there had been some sort of major disaster where she was posted, so she was exhausted. Ambassador Spock was there (possibly needing help?), and they spoke about the original universe Chapel.

Also, I'm like 99.9% sure that the fic was here on lj.

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Screw you, too, bookmarks.

I'm looking for a few original recipe Trek fics, gen humor. I can only remember a smattering of details from each; I think they were all by the same author.

Read more... )

Found! Link is in the comments.
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Hello if anyone is interested I am looking for something specific. Stories involving Spock Prime-tos version within the AU Universe.

Pairings I am looking to write are:
  tos-Spock Prime with au-McCoy. Position happily filled as of Jan 2014
  tos-Spock Prime with au-Kirk
  tos-Spock Prime with au-Chapel.

Thank you for your time and feel free to comment or send me an inbox.


Nov. 21st, 2011 07:55 pm
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I've just about exhausted the few leads I found and I am really having a bit of a TOS phase at the moment - can anyone do me a massive favour and help me find some Gen TOS stories (sorry slash fans)? Particularly any with a Bones-centric plot or riff running through. I am rather fond of the Doctor after all :) I've loved SpirritBear and EmRose92 and Swiss Army Knife on fanfiction.net, but am I missing some glaringly obvious authors?

Thank you for any help anyone can give me.
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Hello all!

I am looking for an always-a-girl!Kirk fic where Kirk sneaks off in a killer dress after acting very oddly and getting McCoy and Spock all nervous. Chris Chapel is a good friend of Kirk's. i've tried delicious but no joy.

Any help would be lovely.

Found! Link in the comments.


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