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1. Winona had killed Kodos and was in prison. Spock gets in contact with her. He wanted to learn about Kirk's past because he wanted to date Kirk. At one point Kirk and Spock are having dinner and when Spock makes a move on Kirk is hits him over the head. Spock wakes up in Sickbay.

2. This happens after Vulcan is destroyed. Bones and Galia are engaged. I believe that Spock and Kirk are bonded. Spock sends a note from the Vulcan embassy that he is going to end their bond. He wants to help rebuild Vulcan. Sarek and Old Spock try to change his mind. Jim is packing up their apartment because he is going on a 5 year mission. He puts all of the memento from his relationship with Spock in a b ox. Sarek comes to talk to Jim and he takes the box to Spock.
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I'm looking for any stories that involve Spock and Uhura breaking up and Spock and Kirk getting together. It can be for any reason, Pon Farr, T'hy'la, ect. It can have Uhura bashing but I'm also okay with her being okay with Spock and Kirk being together. I would prefer that the stories be set in the AOS universe.

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Any good stories where Jim is hurt. Sexual/Physical/Mental, I don't care.

Any stories where Jim is in an abusive relationship

Any good AU stories, but the couples above are the only ones I'll read

And good stories where someone cheats on Jim. Everyone always has him cheating, but I want it to be the other person

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I'm looking for a fic that I believe was rather long, but I don't remember most of the story. The bit that sticks out to me is that Kirk and Spock were bonded at some point, but Spock went off to pursue Kolinahr (I can never remember where that 'h' goes...) and Jim goes back to Iowa. Jim can feel Spock trying to break the bond during his studies, and gets headaches. At one point, Spock tries so hard that the resulting headache knocks Jim unconscious (or somesuch). Bones shows up around/after that point, and then Spock eventually shows up because Jim held on so tightly to the bond that Kolinahr couldn't break it and Spock realized he really did love Jim (or somesuch) and the end was all happy-lovey-dovey.
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I am looking for a Kirk/Uhura story where Uhura shoves Kirk (or the girl he was flirting with) of a boat. Theres something about three days in the story as well.

I know this is a little vague but if you know of any stories similar to what I described, please let me know. Thank you.
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Hey! :)

I'm looking for a specific Kirk/Spock fic.
I think it was set reboot!Verse, but I'm not sure. (Reboot or TOS... Reboot, probably).

In this fic the Starfleet invited the first officers and captains to deepen their bond and - basically they had to get married (the fic started with Kirk and Spock already married); but, after some time, the regulation is declared "unconstitutional" (kinda. XD) and every marriage/bond must be dissolved (the fraternization policies are valid again).
It starts with Kirk and Spock receiving the "bad" news. (And it was angst! ... And probably on AO3. I'm not sure)

If someone remembers it... Thanks.

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I'm looking for some fics that deal with Spock's Pon Farr and Nyota not being suitable for it. Either she isn't as compatible, (mentally), with Spock as everyone had thought and/or she isn't able to handle the intensity of Pon Farr.

That's when Jim steps in, in whatever way, but in the end he and Spock wind up together and not Spock and Nyota.

Anyone know any fics that fall into this category?
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I don't remember much about this fic.  I just remember one part where Uhura and Spock break up.  Spock says something like I told you I only found males sexually appealing.  Uhura is heartbroken that she and Spock didn't work and that he only thinks of her like a friend/sister.  I know it ended up being Spock/Kirk.
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So I'm in the mood for some Spock/Uhura that leads to Spock/Kirk stories. I've read a lot of stories where Uhura is sad that they broke up but is ultimately fine by it. I want the opposite. Can't seem to find any stories where it contains Uhura bashing. I love the character, but I don't want to read those stories right now.

Looking for stories:
1. S/U that ends up K/S
2. Uhura bashing
3. Completed story
4. Preferably long
5. In reboot universe
6. Maybe a story where Spock has to choose between Kirk and Uhura
7. S/U could already be bonded but it still ends up as K/S

Hopefully this is clear enough. (^_^)
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So, there was this fanfic for Reboot I've read long time ago, that operated on premise that Spock wrongs his soulmate (=Jim), breaks up with him and returns to Uhura. However, as that suggest, he broke up with him for something that wasn't true, and it starts showing in very physical sense - Jim's eyes go silver (I think it was silver O_o), so every Vulcan who sees it knows that Jim had been wronged by his bondmate, and feels compassion towards him. Spock, however, does not know, because when nearby, Jim took to wearing glasses to hide his silver eyes.
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Hey everyone,

I have a sudden hankering for fics where Kirk and Spock break up. I would prefer it not to be for a "noble" reason, though--no breaking up because "it's best for both of us", or because "you need to go make Vulcan babies and I don't have a uterus", or because "Admiral So-and-So is blackmailing me and I want to protect you" or whatever. Instead, I'd like them to break up for the normal reasons why a lot of people break up: because they get into a really big fight, or they grow tired of each other, or one of them finds someone else.

Thing is, though, I'm a sucker for happy endings so I'd like the endgame to be them getting back together. But in the meantime, I just want to see a lot of angst and pain and probably quite a bit of Jim's abandonment issues and Spock trying to maintain his Vulcan facade of I-don't-give-a-fuck but actually he's breaking up inside.

I've already read Among the Clouds by museaway (which is wonderful and heartbreaking btw, and exactly the kind of fic I'm looking for).

Thanks, everyone!
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Hi again,

Looking for a story I read a few years back, I think :)

Spock went away to Gol, I assume, I remember he comes back to be with Jim.  Jim has no clue Spock wants to be reunited.  At some point they are on shore leave, the two are taking a walk, and Spock asks Jim if its too late.

I know this is vague, but it's all I can remember.  I will save it this time if it is found....

Thank you very much for all your help...

FOUND: In comments, Thank you, C
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I am looking for a story I read about 4 years ago.  It was an established fic, it was time for Spock to go into Pon Farr, he won't let Jim help him for fear of hurting him.  He leaves the ship for 2 weeks, he bonds w/a female vulcan, he returns to the ship and all the angst begins.  I know it was multi-chapers.  I remember around 26 or so chapters.  It was a gut-wrenching story.  I cried several times throughout, but they eventually ended up together, after a much fought emotional battle.

I appreciate any help at all, C

One more thing for some reason I think it has one word in the title ex-Heat or Desert...

Found: The Edge...Thank you
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I'm looking for a fic I read possibly on AO3 or the K/S archive where Jim and Spock are a bonded couple and for some reason -a fight or something like that- Jim cuts/blocks Spock off their bond. Spock ends up having a seizure I think and Jim has to go reopen the bond in order to save him. Could have been part of a larger fic but I'm not so sure...
Ring any bells? Please please help...?
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I can't really remember much of this fic but kirk became pregnant and Spock didn't believe it was his. it was not http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8704484/1/Best-Served-Cold I think Jim was a man and not a girl unlike best served cold.

thank you for any help

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Okay, so I've been looking for this Kirk/Spock fic. I'm pretty sure it's AOS. Jim and Spock break up because Spock did something bad, and Jim leaves the Enterprise. He then joins Sybok on a small ship to do things. Time passes, and Jim returns to Earth. Spock is trying to get back together with Jim, but Jim is really hesitant.Spock calls in a favor with Pike to set up a time that he can surprise Jim with his presence. Jim, who only expects Pike to be there, is unpleasantly surprised and runs away. Somehow, Jim and Spock decides that he needs more time to forgive Spock. The story ends with a letter that Jim sends Spock, which asks Spock to meet with him. The story ends there, with the hope that they can work things out.

Thank you very much!
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This is a longish fic that takes place at the academy. Kirk and Spock are in a relationship, kirk is falling in love with Spock but doesn't know what Spock is feeling. Bones hates the relationship because he thinks Spock is cold and distant and kirk could do better. Spock breaks kirks Heart, I think he thinks kirk has cheated on him or he believes rumours about kirk. Spock quickly moves on to uhura. I think the last scene is when kirk is brought up on charges for cheating spocks stimulation.

Anybody remember this one?
I was sure I read it at archiveofyourown but can not find it
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I am looking for a specific fic Jim becomes pregnant and Spock doesn't believe it is his, Jim ends up back on Earth I think because he is removed from his post by starfleet. The Baby is Spock's. I did look through the Mpreg Tag on here but didn't find anything.

Thank you
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Hey guys,

A couple days ago I read this awesome fic: To Hunger for Mercy by Jeanne Marie Sosa - and now I'm searching all the net for fanfics where Kirk is in realtionship with somebody, but Spock wins him by the end.

Anyone knows fics like that? :)
[Crossposting from kirkspock, hope it's ok]
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I only have a small scene from the fic but I am hoping someone can help. It is near the end of the missions and Kirk emails Bones about not having his papers to re-up and Bones attaches a job offer on earth and sends it back. Kirk replies saying good luck and that the stars won't be the same without him. I think they are in a relationship but not getting along and this is Bones way of breaking up?


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