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I'm looking for a fic where Jim, Bones and Spock are together. Bones gets very sick, dying even, i don't remember what happened to him, but Jim can't deal with watching him die and freaks out and even stops visiting Bones. Spock is the one who visits and takes care of Bones. Slowly he starts getting better (don't remember how) Christine makes it her mission to get him completely well and pushes Bones with his rehab, gets him past his depression,and his wanting to give up; she's awesome! Bones slowly starts to improve but Jim can't and won't face Bones or Spock either. I think at the end Bones seeks out Jim to confront him.

Any help in finding this would be greatlybappreciated. Thank you in advance.
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I'm looking for fic that has Spock and Uhura raising a kid, preferably theirs, and the kid is completely average. No complex maths at age 5, no brilliant genius artist skills, just plain old average kid, nothing special. How does Spock or even Sarek deal with this, how does the child live in a family of such overachievers and deal with the pressure? I'm looking for any genre.
Thank you.

LF kidfic

May. 15th, 2016 09:15 pm
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I've read a lot of fic where Jim and Spock raise a Vulcan kid (either Spock's or adopted) and the kid quickly develops a familial bond with/are most interested in spending time with Jim while Spock have to work a bit to reach the same status.

Now I'm wondering if anyone knows of any fic where a kid belonging in some way to Spock/Jim (or Spock/Bones), human/Vulcan/otherwise favours Spock right away?
(If you have any recs of de-aged Jim preferring Spock's company I'll be happy to read those too!)

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Almost a year ago I posted a request for our community to help me find a specific de-aged Kirk story. I'm still looking for it.

Okay the specific parts of the story line I remember are as follows: the story begins with Spock being called down to the transporter room where he finds a few other people and a deaged Jim who have just arrived a few minutes earlier from a planet's surface (I can't remember exactly how Jim was deaged). Up until this point, Spock has hated/disliked Jim because Nyota has told Spock that Jim was a horrible human being. Spock actually tells McCoy, who I believe is checking mini Jim out for medical issues, that Spock essentially thinks Jim is a horrible, immature person. (Spock continues to somewhat hold this belief for 1-2 chapters in the story.There is background Spock/Uhura in this story and Uhura actually hates it when Spock begins to spend time with mini Jim.) I believe Spock is told by McCoy that Jim's mother died as the Captain of the Farrugat when Vulcan was destroyed and that Jim is actually a hardworking and caring human being.

As the story progresses, mini Jim wants to spend, (and does spend!) a lot of time with Spock and does not like to be parted from him. Jim even manages to escape the person he was left with in the Medical Bay (nurse Chapel?)to go up to the bridge where Spock is talking to an Admiral. Spock gets yelled at by the Admiral and Spock then chastises Jim for seeking Spock out on the bridge. Spock, I believe, tells mini Jim and maybe Bones that children have no place on the bridge (echoing what the Admiral told Spock).

In the last two chapters of the story (the last time I saw it), Jim was kidnapped off the ship by Orion pirates/some other set of aliens who are capturing Vulcans and other beings off ships to be sold into slavery. Spock feels his parental instincts flair to life and, despite being informed that he should not leave the ship, he grabs a phaser and goes after his "child." He finds Jim being held by a Vulcan female who is attempting to keep the child warm as the area the hostages are being held in is cold. When Spock gets Jim back to the Enterprise, he refuses to leave Jim's bedside in the Medical Bay because he feels he has to "guard" his child. When Uhura comes in and attempts to talk to Spock about their relationship in front of a sleeping Jim. (Uhura still hates/dislikes Jim and makes statements about Jim would not be able to understand what she wants to talk to Spock about even if he was awake). When Spock refuses to talk in front of Jim as Spock sits in vigil next to the child, Uhura tells Spockthat he should just leave Jim in the Medical Bay to talk to her because she needs to talk to Spock. Spock states he will not and that they need to talk about their relationship at a later date.

Can anyone help me find this story? I last saw it on FF.net. (I know it isn't "You are my Sunshine.") It was, I believe, last updated in January or February 2013 or 2014 last time I saw it.

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FOUND: so much clearer (with your toothbrush by the mirror) by justalittlebit on AO3

Okay, this is not a fic I'd expect myself to be asking for help finding, but I think I'm missing some crucial tag or trope of something because I got nothing in my search for it.

Basically it was a Spock/Kirk meets Cheaper by the Dozen kid fic. They had a LOT of kids, I mean, a LOT. I think it was mostly one of those slice of life fics just focused on raising tons of kids. I remember that Kirk was older, and didn't want any more kids because he couldn't keep up. They had one daughter(?) that was a 'rebel' and they didn't know how to deal with.

The only other thing I can remember is that there was something about Kirk gardening and how that meant he was mad at Spock?

It was cracky, and hopefully someone else knows what it is.

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Looking for any and all fics where they have kids...You all have been so helpful in the past.  I promise to bookmark this time..

Thank you very much,

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Hey hi hello. Looking for a family/kidfic I read at some point in the past 6 months and lost. I've been through most of the kidfic tag on AO3 and there's no sign of it. The fic I'm looking for had a Vulcan or mostly Vulcan very young child (possibly Spock's by birth but maybe not). They key scene I remember was a parental bond forming between Kirk and the child, with the help of Spock. Possibly because Spock was already bonded to the child and therefore the child's sa-mekh, after this the kid called Kirk ko-mekh, because the new bond with Kirk had taken the place of the severed bond with the kid's birth mother. When Kirk found out the translation of Ko-Mekh, he was pretty embarrassed, but it all resolved itself quite happily. It was a very cute little scene, and I think it was part of a larger story, but don't quote me on that.

If nobody can find this, I'll also take any other recommendations where Kirk and Spock adopt a Vulcan kid, as it is my absolute favorite trope and I've read most of the really well-known ones on AO3.

Thanks for any help!
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Everyone was so helpful last time, so I'm hopeing that you all will be able to help me with this fic.

I'm looking for a Kirk/Spock Pregency Fic where Kirk is down on a planet and meets a future!Spock. He is then impregented with an artifical womb and a child. Spock is the father, but he doesn't know because Kirk won't tell him. He only finds out after he touches Kirks stomach and forms a telepathic connection with the child. Happy ending for everyone, except possibly Bones, but that's Bones.

Any help would be wonderful.

Thanks Everyone!!
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Hey looking for stories where they have kids.

Also, looking to read your favorite K/S story...

Thank you,
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I'm looking for this fic I read a while ago. It was a Spock/Jim at the academy fic, where Uhura has a crush in Spock and comes to his apartment for "tutoring," she finds Jim and is confused and angry, I think. She thinks he had seduced Spock, I think, not quite sure. Anyway, Kirk is quietly drawing in the kitchen while they are at the kitchen table going over language stuff and Uhura asks what Jim's drawing. He says he's drawing his and Spock's son. Uhura is heart broken or something. Anyway, I really love this fic but I can't find it! Any help would be appreciated!
[identity profile] ousoonerfan.livejournal.com

Had great results last time thought I go for it again...

1st) Kid-fic  All I can remember is that Jim and Spock have a daughter named T'Lem.  She is around 3 or 4 (I think).  She is  all over the place, Jim/Spock and SpockPrime are walking through the ship and she is running around going crazy.  Jim and SpockPrime indulge her and Spock doesn't.  I can remember thinking it was the cutest story ever.  I know that isn't much to go on but I will save it if I can ever find it....or any other kidfics, I'd love to read them..

2nd) I love De-Aged fics.  I love where they are an established couple or just fall in love while taking care of the other one..


Thank you in advance for your help :)

FOUND: A Chance To Walk in Dreams  Thank you, C
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I am looking for a fic I don't remember much but the scene that sticks out is that Kirk and Spock are on Vulcan with their daughter who is being guarded by "officer cupcake". The daughter is playing with some Vulcan children and punches one in the nose, it turns out to be the son of Selek(?)the kid that Spock punched when they were younger. I think it was from the bodyguard's perspective.

Sorry not much info, but does it sound familiar?

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Read this one a while ago and apparently forgot to save it.

Here's what i remember:
1.Jim was permanently deaged
2.Spock/Uhura raise him.
3.Spock and deaged growing kirk were seemingly closer emotionally then Spock/Uhura
4.Pretty sure it ends up Spirk.

Thanks so much in advance for your help!
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I am having a bit of RL bullshit go down. I am hoping to combat that with some awesome fluffy Kirk/Spock kid fics.

Can be pretty much anything--either/both de-aged, them as actual-for-real-first-time-around kids, their own children (mpreg, adopted, test tube, surrogate, transporter-malfunction-resulting-in-tiny-combination-of-the-two-of-them-that-they-now-have-to-raise kids. Any kind!) 

I just ask that it be happy (at least at the end--angst is always cool as long as it's not forever) and complete. (I am mostly a fan of Reboot for fics, but I wont turn down TOS ones!)

Thank you so much :)


fic search

Apr. 27th, 2012 08:14 am
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I am looking for a fic that is Jim/Spock and they have a vulcan or partial vulcan kid (I forget if the kid was adopted or biological). Jim is taking the kid out for Halloween. The kid is dressed as a vampire. Jim feels like something is wrong the entire time. Towards the end he is carrying his kid trying to get to where Spock is working as fast as possible without freaking out. Anyone know where to find it?

thank you for the help
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I am looking for kid fics. I want fics where Spock or Kirk have a kid and have to raise them, NOT a fic where spock or kirk are the kid and have to be raised by the other or the crew, which seems to be what I find when I checked the community tags.

I read As Wise We Grow, which made me want more of these. AWESOME FIC, if you haven't read it go now and do so.

And I was wondering if the Awesome members of the community could point me towards any more?
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Hey guys!

So, I'm looking for this Kirk/Spock reboot fic where they find a ship with lots of Vulcan life signs on it, but too late to save them, as they're too weak to survive -- all Bones and his team can do is make them comfortable as they die on the ship that had them prisoner... I think it may have been an Orion slave ship? Anyway, they find that there's still one life-sign that's hidden, and Kirk finds it -- it's a Vulcan child who throws himself out of his hiding place and knocks Kirk unconscious by initiating a parental bond with him. Later a bond is initiated with Spock, but the bond with Kirk makes him extremely protective as the child is afraid of being taken away or of Jim leaving... I think it was a WIP, but I seem to have forgotten to bookmark it, so any help would be hugely appreciated, guys!

Thank you so much!


ETA: Found by [livejournal.com profile] jenna_marianne ! Thank you everyone!
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I'm looking for fics (slash) that has either Jim or Spock as a father.

The pairing could either be spock/mccoy or spock/kirk.

Thank you


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