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Hi! Do you know any good fics with underestimated Jim? Maybe something where people think he is an idiot when in reality he is veeery intelligent? Or they think he sleeps around all the time and he doesn't? I would prefer if it was either m/m or without pairing (i've already read the 'Ingenious Idiot' on Ao3)
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Hello! First time posting here. There is a fic where Bones get caught in a cave in with Jim outside. He tells Jim that he is fine and to go on ahead back to the Enterprise. I think someone else was injured and Jim had to go back asap. The thing is that Jim asks if Bones is ok and the Doctor says he is perfectly fine, so Jim goes. Turns out he wasn't and Jim is pissed because they found him half dead and he had just LEFT Bones there. I was sure I had it saved but I don't know if I'm forgetting to do so, or if FFNet and Archiveofourown are deleting my favs. Anyone know the fic I'm talking about? I don't remeber if it's one fic or like a chapter of a whole. I think it was gen. Thanks in advance!
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Hello all! I am looking for Reboot fics where due to Jim & Crew

1)many more Vulcans were able to evacuate?

2) Or where Vulcan was damaged but not completely destroyed?

3) I remember a scene where many Vulcans were beamed aboard a ship, as well as I think it was a pride of le-matya?

4) Also A fic where Kirk worked/created on the Enterprise programming/design and the crew is surprised?

I would prefer Gen or Spirk stories please. Any suggestions please?
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Hi all,
I'm looking for any fics set during/after Star Trek Into Darkness that deal with the injuries Spock must have had after Khan tries to crush his skull. I'm looking for fics that deal with Bones discover and treating the injuries. Particularly a sucker for any fics that mention head/skull injuries specifically.
On a related request, I would love recs for any fics, AOS or original verse, where Bones has to perform surgery on Spock, particularly where it's a complicated procedure.
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Long time lurker here but you always seem to post such wonderful recs that I thought I would post.  I have to do something tomorrow that I am dreading and so am craving some nice H/C fics to look forward to when I get back.

Can anyone please rec me some fics that have either Kirk or Spock very upset and the other comforting them?  I read a fic recently where Kirk had been raped and had a panic attack on the bridge and Spock was just holding him and it hit me right in the feels. cos I'm sad like that So. Trauma, non-con, mental illness/depression, complete mental breakdown, anything goes as long as there are tears and hugs and it is at least vaguely well written/IC.  Bonus points for a meltdown in front of other crew members and extra bonus with chocolate sprinkles and my eternal gratitude if it is a long multi chapter fic.

Also I apologise for my woeful inability to tag.  I have done my best. Thanks in advance for any recs.

Anyone?  Anything?  
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I just love the Triumvirate as a whole and want to see them happy...But the masochistic part of me enjoys reading about the pain before the pleasure I guess.

I'm looking for any good endgame-Mcspirk fics in which two of them are together (or supposedly together, or are getting together) while the third pines from afar (or from a-near, I'm not picky on that front). Maybe the third is encouraging the two to get together? Maybe the established pair are actually also pining for their third to join them?? Maybe Mcspirk is already established but one (or more) of them starts feeling insecure???

I would love to read more pining!Kirk (please please please), since pining!Bones is already my jam (like jfc). And I can't say I've read any pining!Spock with McKirk (godddd) happening yet, but it's probably (hopefully) only a matter of time.

I've read some Mcspirk of the pining variety before, but only a few on AO3. Please help expand my search there, and across LJ/FFN. I'd really appreciate it.
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I'm looking for an old fic that I read years ago as a guilty pleasure and I have no idea where it went.
The story was an OFC who had telepathic like Spock. They grown-up together on Volcan, and they had more of a sibling relationship. They met up and she joined the enterprise.
Here are some facts that I remember from it:
A) There was a bar that OFC used to work at, and Spock protected her from a Wet-Tshirt contest.
B) It was Spock/Uhura and the OFC was going with either Kirk or Bones.
C) It was on fanfiction.net and it was more than 20 chapters.

I tried to find it on my own, but couldn't find it.

If someone knows of it or the location I would be so grateful.

Thank you!
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I'm looking for a ST:2009 fic where Kirk and his senior officers attend some kind of Federation conference, and Kirk consistently gets snubbed; other Starfleet higher-ups make job offers to Jim's officers, and Jim's lecture is scheduled opposite some other big thing. But Jim has a loyal crew; they politely decline the offers and show up en masse to his lecture.

I can't find this story ANYWHERE. Help!
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I can't believe I can't find any of them...but I'm looking for stories that involve multiple characters being tortured/interrogated, preferably used against each other? Any kind of torture/interrogation technique is okay, including rape/abuse/violence/etc. (Anticipating that those come with the territory.)

Got a hankering for those "Don't tell them anything!" *gets punched* "I'll tell you whatever you want, just leave him/her alone!" sort of stories.

(Preferably AOS, but TOS or other series are good too! I love TNG/Voyager)
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I'm looking for a specific Bones and Jim story set during the Academy era, where Jim is being abused by an instructor or something, and Bones is the one who eventually figures it out and helps Jim, and great personal/professional risk I think. I'm pretty sure they weren't close friends yet, and this is how they became close.
I'm looking for three types of fics in general as well:
1. Any Bones/Jim slash or friendship fics where Jim is severely injured or ill, and has a very long recovery under Bones care.
2. Any fics where Jim is disabled or has a chronic illness/condition of some kind.
3. Any stories that show Bones' prowess as a surgeon, either performing triage or surgery, particularly if it's on Jim or Spock.
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Hey guys!

I'm looking for stories featuring Jim and Bones' friendship. It's hard to find one that shows the "brotherhood" so to speak. At least for me it has been. Only stories based off of the new movies please!

Thanks guys! Happy Weekend!
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So I have a sudden craving for fics dealing with Spock's sense of isolation, whether loneliness, xenophobia, misunderstandings, whatever. Even better if somehow tied into the massive loss of bonds in the Vulcan disaster. TOS/AOS both loved! Or AUs. Bullying, hurt, exclusions, feeling of being an outsider, anything and everything and more. Any or no pairing is fine, but Kirk/Spock is preferred. Any ideas?

Thanks, lovelies <3

Old fic

Jun. 10th, 2016 12:03 pm
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I'm looking for a story (probably a pretty old one) where Bones fights to save Jim. They're on an some planet and Jim is hurt and if I remember right, Bones takes his place fighting some huge monster or animal. I don't really remember if it's gen or J/B. Any help finding this story would be appreciated.
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I'm new here, so I hope I'm posting this right. I forgot the name of a really fantastic fic and I hope you guys can help me.

In the fic Kirk and the bridge crew got captured and Kirk gets tortured. Kirk plans out how they will escape and keeps their captors occupied while strung up. I think he communicates with his crew via some sort of telepathy, but I might be confusing two fics. I know that the crew were separated into different cells and with force-fields or something and a lot of the fic focused on Spock's concern for Kirk. That being said, I'm pretty sure it was gen. Also, near the end the captors drug Kirk with a truth serum and McCoy says that fighting the truth serum nearly caused him brain damage/killed him. I think they were a lot of really great concerned!crew moments and people being impressed with Kirk's intelligence.

I remember it being really awesome and kinda similar to Make it Home by DeepBlueSomewhere.
If anyone can help me out that'd be great!! Also, if you know of anything similar feel free to mentioned it 'cuz I like these sorts of fics.
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Hi! I'm looking for good stories that take place during Kirk's recovery from being dead in the end of Into Darkness. Ones focused on him getting better, his relationship with the rest of the crew, how everyone heals and moves forward.

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Hello friends,

It is I again, asking difficult questions after years away :/

Looking for an old fic - not sure whether it was AOS or TOS, but I have a feeling it is the latter. Kirk and Spock are NOT in a relationship but they've been working together for years, and are as close as close can be. They have a thing where they introduce each other to cultural things once in a while, and this time Spock introduces Kirk to a vulcan delicacy which looks like small green cucumbers.

Cue seduction.

Then there's a problem because Spock feels embarrassed at his loss of control and Kirk shows him that everyone loses control during sex, and that it's perfectly normal and actually pretty hot. If I'm not mistaken, there's a moment where Kirk offers to leave if that's what Spock really wants, but Spock says no.

Desperately looking for this. Anyone?

EDIT: found in the links below! <3
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Okay, there are enough K,S,and/or M stories to last me my lifetime, but I can't ever find good Harry & Tom stories -- preferably H/C and epic-friendship stuff. Anybody got any good Voyager fics?
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Any pairing, slash or het. I just need some AOS fics where Kirk and Uhurs are bros, please.
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Hey fellow Star Trek-Fans,

I need your help~

I am looking for stories which are focusing on a certain scene in STID. Mentioned scene is the one in which Bones tells Jim that his "vitals are way off".
Do such stories exist? I sincerely hope so *fingers crossed* ^_~

Thank you so much for your help in advance~ <3
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I'm looking for TOS fics set before/around "Where no man has gone before" when Kirk just becomes captain of the Enterprise and focusing on how how friendships begin, how relationships start to build etc. It can be gen or K/S slash. Origins stories, sort of.
I've read everything by KCScribbler and it's not enough :)

Also if anyone can point me to a place (besides ksarchive) where I can look for episodes-related fics, whether slash or gen, I'd be very grateful.


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