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I'm looking for a fic which I fear may have been deleted :(

It was a long fic detailing Spock dealing with the emotional and telepathic ramifications of the destruction of Vulcan. It was a long fic WIP that (to my knowledge) was last updated in December or January. It was posted on A03. Here's what I remember:

  • Spock begins having panic attacks whenever he's too far away from the Enterprise because he's basically replaced the bonds of Vulcan with bonds to the crew

  • At one point he and Jim are sparring, and he becomes aroused. He doesn't know what it is; Jim basically ends up having to give him a mini-crash course in Sex Ed. Spock ends up throwing up in the shower.

  • Spock and Jim are sort of bonded? As in, any time Spock tries distancing himself from Jim, he suffers. This eventually leads to a meltdown in a turbolift, and when Jim comes to help he strokes a gland on the back of Spock's neck that turns Spock to goo.

  • Spock enters pon farr. Jim locks them both in quarantine and lets Spock fuck him. Afterward, Jim is upset because he feels like he raped Spock, given that Spock wasn't capable of consent. Spock, meanwhile, is emotionally distressed because it feels like Jim is rejecting him.

And I believe that was the last chapter posted. If anyone has a link to this fic, I would adore you for forever. I cannot say how many times I've re-read it; I'll be heartbroken if it's gone for good. :(

Fic found here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/912684/chapters/1768915

"Not an Island" by Fourleggedfish
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Hey :-)

So I've been looking for a fic I read a long while ago now. It's a Kirk/Spock/McCoy pon farr fic. There are loads of them out there, but there's a specific one I'd like to find. If I remember correctly in this one Kirk, Spock and McCoy are stranded somewhere together when Spock goes into pon farr. McCoy and Kirk decide to take care of it, of course, and Spock bonds with them both. There's a nice follow up fic a few years down the line, when they're an established threesome and Spock goes into his second pon farr.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
Thanks! X
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In this AU Earth and Vulcan never became allies. By accident Kirk's ship passed through the neutral zone and was captured by Spock's ship. Spock is just at the beginnings of Pon Farr and tests Kirk's crew for a compatible mate. Discovers Jim and well.... Jim is let go after.

Some time later Earth and Vulcan have agreed to work together by having lottery to pick the command teams of their joint ships. Kirk ends up Captain with Spock as XO. There is tension and suspicion on the part of Kirk until it's all worked out.

Normally I run into this one all the time on AO3, but right now I have less than 10 minutes of internet every day, so I don't have the time to search and I can't find it. Thank you for all your help.
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So I can't remember if this fic was AOS or TOS sorry.

I think it starts with established Spock/Bones - I'm 90% postivie they're together at the start of the fic. Kirk and Spock get body swaped, but Spock goes into Pon Farr, and becasue of the body swap both Kirk and Spock are affected, with Bones having to get the both of them through it.

There was also a sequal, set once Kirk and Spock are back in their own bodies, where Spock goes into Pon Farr again, and Bones and Kirk help him through it. 
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Hi all!

I'm looking for a fic that I read forever ago. I think the basic premise is about the dark side of pon Farr. I can only remember bits of it like, Spock knows he's going to go through it soon and he can't get a professional to help him. Also, he has a female cousin that is giving Bones info on it but was a victim of a forced bond. I don't remember if it was ever finished but would love to find out! Thanks in advance for the help!!
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So, I'm not looking for a specific fic, as I haven't seen one like it before, but rather if anyone knows any stories like this, either TOS or Reboot: when T'Pring tries to make Jim fight on her behalf, Jim tries to challenge her on Spock's behalf instead.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
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I'm kinda new to the fandom so I'm probably asking about thing everyone knows, sorry.

There are a lot of pon farr fics around but most of what I already read goes like "it's pon farr, they have sex and everything is ok".
I want to read something where it's not ok. Where Kirk is hurt at least physically and not ok mentally too, angry/not angry because he knew what he subscribed to but anyway finds the prospect of repeating the experience disturbing. In short, lots of angst *after* sex happened. If it winds up with a happy ending, the better, but I'd take just about anything - as long as it is set in TOS universe.
Hope something like that exists and you point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance :)
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Hello! Looking for 2 Reboot/Abrams-verse K/S fics that I read a couple of years ago on AO3, but can't seem to find no matter how many times I've looked through my Reading History (and believe me, with the amount of fics I've read on AO3 since I established my account? Yikes!).

This is what I remember for the first fic:
- I think Spock!Prime kinda screwed up the mind meld when he was trying to show Jim the events that led up to him being stranded on Delta Vega. It's affecting Jim mentally to such an extent that he's isolated himself in Iowa. Spock follows him and they spend what Jim thinks are his last few days alive together but not really talking?
- There are flashback scenes. One that remember is During one assignment, Spock put himself in the brig while Jim was unconscious in sickbay for disobeying orders not to rescue Jim. Once Jim wakes up and finds out about Spock, he makes a fuss and orders Chapel to take him to the brig (via some kind of wheelchair thing)to talk to Spock and essentially springs him coz the "disobeying orders" thing is a load of bull. Chapel laughs at them as she "wheels" Jim back to sickbay.
- Of course Jim and Spock figure out how to "fix" the screw up.

Second fic:
- I think it was part of a series.
- Uhura POV. She is on an away team with Jim.
- For some reason, he gets pissed off with the natives and she has to take away his communicator before he turns it into a bomb.

That's all I remember from both fics. I appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance!
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Probably a long shot but does anyone know any fics about ensign Vorik from Voyager? Preferrably ones that deal with what happens in the Pon Farr episode? I think I've read everything on AO3 but maybe there's something on LJ or other sites.
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I'm looking for some fics that deal with Spock's Pon Farr and Nyota not being suitable for it. Either she isn't as compatible, (mentally), with Spock as everyone had thought and/or she isn't able to handle the intensity of Pon Farr.

That's when Jim steps in, in whatever way, but in the end he and Spock wind up together and not Spock and Nyota.

Anyone know any fics that fall into this category?
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Does anybody know if "Fantasies" by Beverly Sutherland is available anywhere? It was originally published in Nome #8.
Many thanks
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Hey, I'm looking for a fic posted on A03 that I read this past end of April/Beginning of May. The details get hazy, but here is what I remember. It starts out with Kirk waking up two weeks? after Star Trek: Into Darkness and Spocks- realizing his ultimate love for Kirk- been by his side the whole time. They start talking about wether or not Kirk is going to return to the enterprise and Kirks like " Nope never again." Anyway's Spock thinks that Jim and Carol are going on date after he gets the OK from Bones when actually it's Bones and Carol who are dating, but Spock doesn't realize this until Kirk is all "Dude when I was dying I totally wanted to say I love you." they get together. Kirk does agree to being captain of the enterprise again. This is when ish gets really jumbled up. Fast forward a bunch Jim's brother dies protecting this Orion chick he loved leaving behind her son who goes and lives with Kirks grandparents. Spock goes into Pon Farr, but is stranded on some planet with Uhura and is like " Kirk bro I won't go through this without you, I'd rather die." needless to say Kirk makes to Spock. Last part: Bones is dying and Spock is racing to find a cure without telling Kirk what he's doing so he won't give him false hope which leads to Kirk blowing up in a Spock's face and freezing him out. Spock finds the cure, Bones survives ,and Kirk apologizes for being an A-hole.
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Hi guys

Right, so this one's really dark and twisted. Spock goes into Pon Farr and takes Jim as his bondmate but they didn't have an established relationship before and Spock is generally really horrid. And I don't mean "being kinda mean" sort of horrid, I mean "sending Jim off to -uh- service (gag!) other people" horrid. Jim finds all this demeaning, of course, but goes along with it to keep Spock (Jim was always nuts about Spock). The story is the sort that scars you for life. I'm not even sure why I'm looking for it. It was very well written and I might have read it on fanfiction. net. The issue is resolved at the end but, honestly, Spock's logic is very faulty, I thought. He was apparently "letting" Jim have sexual freedom since he thought Jim did not want to be tied down to him. If this sounds familiar to anyone, give a girl a hand, please. Thanks!
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I hope this doesn't sound strange, but I can only remember the sex scene clearly, so here goes...

I think that Jim and Spock accidentally bond and they fight against it. Of course, Spock ends up going into Pon Farr. Spock has to go back to [New] Vulcan, where Jim follows him, and they end up mating in what I remember to be an oasis. Marathon sex ensues. Like, to the point where Jim begs Spock not to enter him again, so frottage ensues. Oh, and a major point is that Jim can show no dominance during mating with Spock, or it could be seen as a challenge and Spock could end up hurting him, and possibly killing him.

When they return, Jim gets checked out medically and Bones thinks he's been raped because of how battered his insides are, but Jim tells him what really happened.

I recall the story titles having to do with "time." And the author's page on LJ having Merlin and Arthur in the header facing each over chalices.

Thanks in advance!
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I have recently found that I just love Amanda/Sarek stories.  I am looking for slow building stories that focus on the relantionship building and character exploration.  I like stories where it doesn't seem like they will just get together from the start.  there should be some learning about each other and conflit (but conflict that makes sense)

Also I like Smart! Amanda and difficult/annoyingly logical Sarek.  The longer the FIC the better and complete, if possible.  I love how "the native" has such strong background characters; I felt so invested in the whole cast and the world just came alive.

SO, thought I'd share two RECs and see if you wonderful people got any others!  <3

Fics Like these!

The Native by Startrekfanwriter


Gratified By Your Company by starfleetdream
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Hello :)

This is getting ridiculous and anyway, I really should know this one. It was a pon farr fic which started out with Spock and Nyota in an established relationship but when pon farr hits, Spock becomes violent and hurts Nyota so Jim steps in. Er, to help with pon farr, that is. He also might have saved Uhura. I don't remember a lot of the details but I do remember that it was more violent than Nyota was expecting and I think Spock broke her collarbone or ankle or possibly both. The name of the story is just at the tip of my tongue, I swear! Please help, if you can. Thanks :)

PS: I bet this is a super popular one everybody knows by name
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Not 100% sure of all the details but here is what I remember:
- T'Pring got her betrothed bond with Spock officially broken while he's on Earth and (not long after?) Spock Spock's link with T'Pring has failed and he's on Earth when he starts going into Pon Farr. He's resigned to dying alone in his apartment (and almost glad there's nobody to witness this indignity?).
- But he starts feeling attracted to a compatible mind in the city, without knowing who it is (I think he kinda lets his telepathy wander because he's desperate and finds Jim's mind by accident).
- Jim is in a bar, gearing up to prostitute himself for the first time because he's (young and left home and has no more money?).
- Spock follows his tentative link to Jim's mind to locate him in the bar and brings him back to his apartment.
- Pon Farr happens.
- Later, I think we hear about Gary Mitchell, who is Spock's ex-boyfriend and broke his heart (and stole his money / emotionally blackmailed him?).
- Amanda is alive and visits later too.
- I think that, at some point, someone (a xenophobe?) attacks their apartment and burns it at least partially.

I hope someone recognizes it. Thanks!

Edit: FOUND in comments
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Hello again!

There was this fic where Spock was going into pon farr while he was still a professor at the academy and I can't remember why but he was only drawn to Jim for some reason. They really didn't like each other at first (and Bones dutifully loathed Spock, as Jim's over-protective friend) but Jim went for it because he was into D/S (because, you know, messed up childhood and stuff). I think. Um, anyway, there was this cousin of Spock's who had two kids, she was a widower. She ends up with Bones, if I remember right. In all honesty, I really don't remember much at all, but I do remember that Spock and Jim go to a club that was attached to the Orion Embassy... which ends up in a fight with some Orion dude Jim used to see.

Serious lack of info, I know. I do apologize. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks :)
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I am looking for a long (but not epic I think) in which Jim is the only human crew member on a Vulcan starship.

Sarek is the Captain and I think that Spock works in the scientific department, but I am not sure. Sarek warns multiples times Spock of the risk of involving himself with a human.

Jim is ostracized because of his humanity, which is seen as obscene and decadent. His emotional emissions are alluring, and Jim himself is so fascinating, so exotic. Spock is intrigued instead of repulsed but he holds himself in check. I think Jim initiates contact by sitting down to eat with him but I am not really sure either.

Then there is the most amazing pon'farr scene I have ever read. (The fic isn't about pon'farr, it's a slow build love story.) I clearly remember that Spock calls Jim his little temptress, and his perfect fucktoy and is clearly fascinated by his humanity, by the mere fact that he is human and acts human. Everything is glorious to him - Jim's baby blue eyes, his smile, his hair, his skin, his intelligence (because humans are not as smart are Vulcans but Jim is), his ears, etc... It's gorgeous.

I hope someone knows this fic, because it's really amazing and it deserves to be well-known!

FOUND: It's Treasures by yeaka. Thank [livejournal.com profile] sforthewicked!
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I am looking for a story I read about 4 years ago.  It was an established fic, it was time for Spock to go into Pon Farr, he won't let Jim help him for fear of hurting him.  He leaves the ship for 2 weeks, he bonds w/a female vulcan, he returns to the ship and all the angst begins.  I know it was multi-chapers.  I remember around 26 or so chapters.  It was a gut-wrenching story.  I cried several times throughout, but they eventually ended up together, after a much fought emotional battle.

I appreciate any help at all, C

One more thing for some reason I think it has one word in the title ex-Heat or Desert...

Found: The Edge...Thank you


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