Jan. 2nd, 2017

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First let me say, Happy New Years. I'm looking for a fic I read years ago on ksarchive. I know the author actually took the fic down cause some people complained it was kinda similar to another fic but both and several others were answering a challenge so I disagreed. The challenge was Spock was de-aged during a mission and when he meets Kirk for the first time as a kid he knew Kirk was T'hy'la because of his smell, something about pheromones. Kirk and Spock were not a couple before he became de-aged but they get together after Spock becomes an adult again. I remember the story was completed and it was multi-chapter. I know there were several of these stories but does anyone remember one being taken down? Thank you in advance.
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I've not read much of any voyager fic at all
So my question is this --

Is there any AU fic out there of like a darker warrior scarred up and tired bamf voyager crew ? Who had their lives changed by being so far from home?
Something similar to battle star galactica maybe? The darkness from that show.
A crew who is darker, more willing to do the harder choices and their clothes are all leather and haphazardly put together from a lack of resources ?
Maybe even a fic where the crew eventually lost the voyager ship and had to get by with other haphazardly put together ships

And then when they finally do get home everyone's all shocked by how different they are ?


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