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Aug. 22nd, 2017 03:43 pm
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Looking for a story. Spock and Uhura in a relationship. Kirk on an away mission stumbles on an ancient alien temple that allows him to get pregnant with Spock's kids (boy and girl). Everyone wants him not to have them, but he says Vulcans need babies. Uhura mad with Kirk cause she think he should of let her have Spock's kids. End with Kirk and spock together.
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 Been looking for hours now, beginning to think I imagined this fic... Someone suggested asking here so I've got my fingers crossed!

Basic plot was KS go to New Vulcan after Sarek demands Spock come and Bond with a vulcan and procreate, and they arrive and Kirk sticks around because they are Together and he's upset about having to say goodbye. The Enterprise folks help out around New Vulcan, including a geological survey team. There's another half-vulcan there, a girl who is in a relationship with a female Vulcan. Kirk goes on a survey of an underwater reservoir with her and there's a cave in or something and he falls into cold water with another Vulcan and "dies" but Spock retrieves his body and he and Old Spock bring Jim back to life somehow, and they end up working it out that the girls can have the babies and the boys can take off for space again and no one has to bond with anyone they don't want to but everyone did their Vulcan duty and procreated.

There was also a side plot with "Cupcake" and his girlfriend and Kirk underestimating her and I'm pretty sure she reprogrammed his room replicator to give him special coffee on top of doing a lot of other things he didn't expect or know about.

I hope that's enough info... Thank you for any help you can give!

EDIT: Located it, Coming Home by Awarrington
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While I do not believe the fic is complete... I've managed to misplace it.

From what I can remember, Spock is Captain of the ISS Enterprise and Jim is transferred on. Jim fully expects to be used and abused by his new Captain. His old one had him whipped -- I believe -- before he was transported across to Enterprise. Jim also hadn't eaten in a few days, as that was how his old captain preferred it.

Spock finds out about the whipping and asks when Jim last ate. Jim is truthful, expecting scorn and possibly to be beaten again. Instead? Spock brings him a ration bar and tells Jim to eat and then -- I think -- puts Jim to bed in Spock's own bed and slips off to meditate.

Please tell me this rings a bell to somebody?
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Looking for fic where spock/mccoy are on a away mission. Mccoy gets bitten by bugs,has a bad reaction and Spock saves him by sucking said bug bites. Does anyone remember this one?

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In this story I'm looking for, Bones has needled Spock enough that Spock is willing to show/release his emotions, but only with Bones. Spock only seems to release negative emotions on Bones and tortures him (beats/rapes him). Bones is trying to hide this from Kirk, who's his best friend. Kirk finds out and saves Bones. And I think they end up together.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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Looking for a story? a specific Genre/Pairing? Remember something from a story, but you can't find it? Then you are in the right place!

Any questions about how this works? Want to affiliate with this community? Reply here :)
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Good news: It looks like all or most of the entries have successfully imported, so the Entries page is now nicely populated.

Irksome news: However, the comments aren't there yet. This takes a bunch of time even under normal circumstances, but under what may be pretty heavy load at this time, I'm guessing it might take another day or three.

Promising news: Membership there is ticking up gradually. I encourage everyone to consider joining the community there, too, even if you don't have a DW membership. You can do so under OpenID, much like you can here.

Happy fic-seeking, both here and at!
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For those migrating from [ profile] st_ficfinder, welcome to our Dreamwidth home! We are very much under construction, as the importation from LJ is going very slowly. I'm hoping that the comments from the LJ site will make it over here so that the work of finding and linking the fics people sought/are seeking is preserved.

While waiting for the import to finish, I'll do what I can to resurrect the site style we had over at LJ in between RL gigs during this very busy time. That said, if anyone has any ideas for a better site design that's also DW friendly, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Your Friendly Mod,
Blackbird Song
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I'm looking for a fic where homosexuality is prohibited on a planet. Chokov and Sulu are caught in a compromising position. Spock and Kirk then take their places as they are their superiors.
Thank in advance. :)
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Hi folks,

Given the new ToS that I've been forced to accept in order to post anything on LJ, including here, I've decided to import and mirror this community over on Dreamwidth.

There are several reasons for this, but first among them is that LJ is now operational under and subject to the laws of the Russian Federation, which means that any post viewed as favoring LGBTQ+ people or content may incur penalty and/or removal. Given some of the fic requests here, I view that as a threat to our community.

The import is going slowly, but the comm name over there is I'd suggest giving it some time before checking it out because even if I don't have to restart said import, I still have to finish setting up our profile and it is past time for me to turn into a pumpkin and sleep tonight.
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Hello :)
Im looking for a Star Trek Fic where Bones and Spock are in a relationship. Jim is hurt but doesnt want to be because he is happy for his friends. Then they are on a new planet and the people there have a festival of some sort where every member if the landing crew gets dressed in 3 different colours that represent who they are (like Guide, Protector?).At some point Jim takes a walk and hurts his feet. Later he is in a relatioship with Bones and spock who gave him some sort of necklace in gold (i think bones got one in silver) .

It would be wonderful if someone would recognize wich one this is. Thanks
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So, I've been trying to find this fanfic for a while now. What I remember:

- 2009 Star Trek fanfic
- Kirk has scars from Tarsus.
- He doesn't want to go home, and leaves the ship.
- He fights on a prison planet, managing to beat an alien that was hard for humans to beat single-handedly. He also wins a male Orion slave at some point but gives him to one of the guardians of said planet?
- He leaves the planet, and lands on another and becomes one of their leaders. He brings peace to the warring tribes by killing a high ranking official.
- Something happens and he's picked up by starfleet and gets his scars removed.
- CEO of a company that makes wheat? so the Tarsus massacre doesn't happen again
- among a whole bunch of other stuff but...

Does this ring a bell for anyone? Heeeeeelp...
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I recall reading this fic shortly after Star Trek Beyond premiered. My google-fu has failed me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Read more... )

Many thanks to [ profile] judybrowneyes54.

The story is:

Holding Pattern by Shoreleave
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Hi! Do you know any good fics with underestimated Jim? Maybe something where people think he is an idiot when in reality he is veeery intelligent? Or they think he sleeps around all the time and he doesn't? I would prefer if it was either m/m or without pairing (i've already read the 'Ingenious Idiot' on Ao3)
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I'm trying to find this one fic again where it's a Spock/McCoy one and Spock is avoiding McCoy because he's afraid of getting attached to him and hurting him. I don't remember a lot but I remember Spock turning on McCoy and demonstrating what he would do to him in Pon Farr in an attempt to scare McCoy away, spoiler alert doesn't work lmao. I also remember the line 'he felt her love through the bond until the last moment' in reference to McCoy speaking to Spock's father about how Vulcan/human traditions and bonds actually work. help!
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Hey, I remember reading this fic maybe three years ago now about a new crew member or Kirk's friend or something along those lines essentially sexually harrassing Spock? I don't remember it too well so apologies on the shoddy details. I think it was probably spirk but idrk. Many thanks!
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I'm looking for a fic which I fear may have been deleted :(

It was a long fic detailing Spock dealing with the emotional and telepathic ramifications of the destruction of Vulcan. It was a long fic WIP that (to my knowledge) was last updated in December or January. It was posted on A03. Here's what I remember:

  • Spock begins having panic attacks whenever he's too far away from the Enterprise because he's basically replaced the bonds of Vulcan with bonds to the crew

  • At one point he and Jim are sparring, and he becomes aroused. He doesn't know what it is; Jim basically ends up having to give him a mini-crash course in Sex Ed. Spock ends up throwing up in the shower.

  • Spock and Jim are sort of bonded? As in, any time Spock tries distancing himself from Jim, he suffers. This eventually leads to a meltdown in a turbolift, and when Jim comes to help he strokes a gland on the back of Spock's neck that turns Spock to goo.

  • Spock enters pon farr. Jim locks them both in quarantine and lets Spock fuck him. Afterward, Jim is upset because he feels like he raped Spock, given that Spock wasn't capable of consent. Spock, meanwhile, is emotionally distressed because it feels like Jim is rejecting him.

And I believe that was the last chapter posted. If anyone has a link to this fic, I would adore you for forever. I cannot say how many times I've re-read it; I'll be heartbroken if it's gone for good. :(

Fic found here:

"Not an Island" by Fourleggedfish
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Do you know any fics with jim as a father taking care of a child? I want to read something where the kids werent born by anyone from the main pairing. Maybe he already had one before coming to the academy or he adopted one? Thanks!
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Hi! I kept this fic on my computer about five years ago. Is is a longish McCoy/Kirk, one of my so loved favourites but so many years after I forgot the author's name, and... It was on LJ, for sure, Groundhog AU, and I ask you - help me, please!

Here's the head and some part from the story...

Pairing: McCoy/Kirk
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: yeah, I wish I owned a tiny part of this franchise....
Wordcount: 31.568
Warnings: major character death (spoilerish info in white follows: it's a Groundhog Gay story, he will be back, promise!), angst, heavy d/s, orgasm denial

///and the first sentence. )


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