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I'm looking for a story, but I have very little details, I hope someone will be able to help me. All I remember is that it's a long story, reboot universe, slash and a first time, and one of those happy ending stories where everybody gets bonded / married at the end. Some of it is spent on the new Vulcan planet, and what I really remember most is that even Spock Prime ends up bonding to an original male character. I'm pretty sure it's Kirk/Spock pairing and that Bones ends up bonded with someone on the planet too.

Help please?

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1. Winona had killed Kodos and was in prison. Spock gets in contact with her. He wanted to learn about Kirk's past because he wanted to date Kirk. At one point Kirk and Spock are having dinner and when Spock makes a move on Kirk is hits him over the head. Spock wakes up in Sickbay.

2. This happens after Vulcan is destroyed. Bones and Galia are engaged. I believe that Spock and Kirk are bonded. Spock sends a note from the Vulcan embassy that he is going to end their bond. He wants to help rebuild Vulcan. Sarek and Old Spock try to change his mind. Jim is packing up their apartment because he is going on a 5 year mission. He puts all of the memento from his relationship with Spock in a b ox. Sarek comes to talk to Jim and he takes the box to Spock.
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So I read this fic a while ago (on AO3 probs). Spock was with Uhura and then he was with Kirk (idk if it was an affair or they broke up or something) but then Kirk was pregnant and Spock with like the full backing of the Vulcan High Council puts Kirk in a facility until he gives birth and then plans to raise the baby with Uhura. Spock Prime rescues Jim and they live with the baby on some backwater planet basically fugitives. Eventually Kirk comes back and Spock is less of a dick but I can't find this fic anywhere!!
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I'm looking for an older fic with Spock Prime and AOS Jim. It's sort of a creepy fic as I recall. Spock Prime and Jim are together and supposedly very happy, but then Jim begins to suspect something is very wrong. I think Spock Prime does something really evil, but I can't remember what. All I remember is the very last bit, it's Jim with a phaser in his hand aimed at Spock Prime asking him in a horrified whisper, "what did you do?"

I hope someone remembers this one, because it was very intense and well written and I'd like to reread it very badly.
Thanks in advance.
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I've read stories where Amanda is enthusiastic about K/S, but are there any stories in AOS where Sarek is accepting and/or pleased that Kirk and Spock are together? Maybe after discussion with older Spock?
Or alternatively, stories where Sarek rejects a Kirk/Spock relationship?
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This was a oneshot I read on ao3 what can't have been very long ago. Sometime last year. It was maybe 1000-3000 words or so?

Kirk is recovering from coming back from the dead after Into Darkness, and Spock Prime pops in for a visit. Spock Prime says what I'm sure were very nice things that likely boiled down to "hey its cool youre not dead and all". The part of the fic I remember most was Spock Prime taking Jim's hand and kinda getting touchy with it (I think with Jim being like uhhhhhhh what), but as that's happening reboot!Spock walks in and they quickly seperate hands. Jim starts blushing ALOT and I think Spock Prime has an air of mischief about the whole thing. Reboot Spock just kinda pointedly looks at Spock Prime in annoyance (raises an eyebrow probably) and moves on.

Also I'm like 80% sure it was rated teen audiances (with the other 20% being sure its gen) because that's where I troll for my fluff.

Something that may have happened in this fic too but I the more I think about it the more I'm positive I'm getting it confused with another fic is Reboot Spock chewing out Spock Prime because "you know he doesn't know what it means when you do that [touch hands] right" and Spock Prime being all "gurl, ask me if igaf". So if you recall a fic like that I'd enjoy that one too.

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My favorite thing to come out of the Kelvinverse is the potential for slash fic between Spock Prime and Nu Kirk. I especially love fic where aged Spock Prime looks upon young, handsome Nu Kirk and goes into a fit of pining for his lost t'hy'la. Or maybe Spock prime only loved Kirk Prime from a distance, never doing anything about it, and seeing Nu Kirk reminds him of lost opportunity. I love any iteration of this dynamic, really, even the purely chaste stuff.

I'm also always looking for more good fic of this sort, and thought I'd see what this lovely community might come up with!

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Thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] chon_fan for the help! The fic is Shine Like the Sun by [livejournal.com profile] kyliselle


I haven't really looked for the fic but RL has been a bit hectic...

Okay, here goes. I think its an AOS fic and not on AO3 or ff.net :? I could be wrong.

For some reason Spock's memories are reset to around the time of Jim's disciplinary hearing; he therefore dislikes Jim. And cannot for the life of him think why he bonded to the human and so resolves to have the bond removed/broken. All of this upsets Jim, who Spock had told that the bond can never be broken; Jim therefore agrees because Spock lied to him.

I remember:
- Spock Prime trying to talk Spock out of breaking their bond.
- Jim thinks about how Spock compared him to Vulcan's sun, and called him Las'hark.
- Eventually Spock changes his mind but Jim is adamant about going through with the procedure.

Any and all help is appreciated! ♥
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Hey guys. I'm looking for this Fem!Kirk fic I read on AO3 a year ago (ish) and I thought I bookmarked it but it's not there. I'm hoping its not purged. A few events: Frank was an asshole child molester guy, Uhura got jealous and drunk at one point, Kirk saved some kids from another dimension, TOS!Spock likes Kirk a lot but was totally surprised to find her a her. Also something about apples and chocolate? Thanks :-)
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The fic takes place at the end of the 2009 movie. There was a scene never filmed where Spock Prime showed Spock a hologram message from Kirk Prime and in the fic, this message was the reason that Spock stayed on the Enterprise. I believe that Jim and Spock had a relationship sometime later but i could be wrong but i know that at some point Jim finds the hologram and confornts Spock over it, asking him if that was the reason he satyed in starfleet. Spock replies that it was and does not understand why it upsets Jim so much until he speaks to Spock Prime about it.

Hopefully somebody can help me find this.
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I was POSITIVE I bookmarked this fic cause I liked it so much, but I can't find it anywhere.

In it, there is something wrong with Reboot!Kirk...I don't recall if it was a disease, or an injury, or what, but McCoy (and Spock?) took him to Spock Prime for help. Spock Prime ended up giving him...basically like his Kirk's memories? He was like, "I have a print of my Kirk's brain cause we were closer than hell, so I can either paste that over this Kirk's missing childhood memories, patch over the hole (basically leaving him without childhood memories) or kinda merge my Kirk's memory of his good father over this one's memory of his shit stepfather" and he does and basically the point was like 'hey cool he's like TOS!Kirk now' which seriously scratched an itch for me.

Ring any bells? I remember it being quite short, if that helps....


Oct. 21st, 2015 04:42 pm
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Are there any fics where fem!Jim never went to Starfleet Academy but she still meets the others? And maybe a Kirk/Spock pairing? Another is, are there any fics where either Jim and/or Spock ran away from home (Spock due to the bullying and Jim for a reason) and when their families see them again, they're already together? or is that one just my wishful thinking again?
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Hi everyone, I've been looking for a fic I lost for AGES- the main problem being I can't remember what site I even read it on. Anyway, basic premise was Spock Prime takes Jim back to New Vulcan and has him under his influence b/c of the mind meld. I believe he's trying to recreate the relationship between him and Kirk in TOS. I know he sexually assaults Jim, although Jim at the time does believe it's consensual, because he doesn't know that Spock Prime is controlling him. I know he's eventually saved. Very vague I know, but has anyone heard of it?? Thanks so much!
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Prime!Spock finds McCoy after Nero destroys Earth.  He tells McCoy that things would have been better if Kirk had joined Starfleet.  Prime!Spock sends McCoy back in time days before Jim mets Pike.  McCoy is suppose to convince Jim to join Starfleet.  When McCoy and Jim met they have sex.  McCoy ends up staying with Jim and they have sex several times.  McCoy finally tells him why they met and Jim leaves and doesn't come back.  Suddenly time jumps forward again to after the first movie.  McCoy now has memories of when Nero destroyed Earth and when it was saved.  Jim asks him if he remembers everything now and they get together.
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I'm looking for a spock/kirk fic
In which Spock feels that Jim can't really love him
Because of SpockPrime,
Imcan't remember whether he felt less suitable to Jim,
Or thought the two had bonded...
Anyway in the end Jim tells him that his perception is totally wrong
And he only loves him..

Anyone read anything like that?
I can't dind the fic anymore.

I hope you can help me, thanks
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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for fics (TOS or REBOOT) where some gods or mysterious clouds (or may be too smart computers) are playing big role in the plot. I'd like K/S but gen will be good too.

Also could you remember any fics about V'Ger (also K/S or gen)?

I'll be happy with any suggestions
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After what we found out yesterday, I need a bit of Spock!Prime loving- any fics were he gets nu!Spock/nu!Kirk together or stuff like that?? Any will do!!
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I'm looking for a fic I read awhile back. There was one scene in particular that I remember somewhat clearly, which I'll try to describe. Kirk and Spock were in a museum or a similar building, and as Kirk walks into a different room he sees Spock Prime. Still believing that Spock can't know about his older counterpart, he hurriedly pushes Spock back into the first room and asks him if he trusts him. When Spock replies that he does, Kirk covers his eyes or tells him to close his eyes, and then tries to lead him sneakily out of the building. Spock Prime spots him, so Kirk starts running. They get outside, and Kirk runs into a force field or something because he hasn't returned the key to get in. Spock Prime comes up, and Kirk finds out that Spock already knew about Spock Prime.
Anyway, I may have a few details wrong, but if anyone knows which fic this is, please let me know! Thank you.
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I'm looking for a fic where Kirk suffers amnesia. I don't remember how (suspect evil beings were involved).

Spock melds with Kirk and finds the memories are really gone. So Spock and McCoy contact SpockPrime to see if he can help.

And SpockPrime offers to put back the memories he has of his Jim...

The end is like : Jim is back, but he is a quieter and steadier Jim, more like JimPrime...

It's not a long fic.

I hope someone can help me find it : I'd love to read it again.


ETA : found it. It's "Timelines Try to Repair Themselves" by WeirdLittleStories (it's on AO3).
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I read a fic recently which was where the Kirk from the reboot universe kind of ended up in different verses, one of them being the Original Series- does anyone know where it is, a link maybe??


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