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So I read this fic a while ago (on AO3 probs). Spock was with Uhura and then he was with Kirk (idk if it was an affair or they broke up or something) but then Kirk was pregnant and Spock with like the full backing of the Vulcan High Council puts Kirk in a facility until he gives birth and then plans to raise the baby with Uhura. Spock Prime rescues Jim and they live with the baby on some backwater planet basically fugitives. Eventually Kirk comes back and Spock is less of a dick but I can't find this fic anywhere!!
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Hi I'm looking for a fic where Jim is pregnant. He was raped by his step-father and goes to the hospital where he meets Bones. They help him deliver and its totally angsty. But in the end he ends up giving the child to Bones and his wife and thats Joanna.

Any help please thnx
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Hi Everyone!

I wonder if anyone recognises this story? I'm reasonably sure it was on Ao3 and I think was a reboot story. Behind a cut due to adult themes:

Read more... )

The second fic was inspired by the scene in beyond where the alien attack commences, Kirk orders everyone to their posts and Spock escorts McCoy, with a phaser. It really brought out my love of protectiveness, so does anybody know of any fics where Spock does just that? Saves McCoy, takes the lead in a dangerous situation, pushes McCoy to the rear, or chides him for putting himself in danger?

Thanks in advance!
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I am looking for a series of stories that focus on Garak and Bashir.   The stories use to have their own website.  There were a variety of stories on the site but the ones I am looking for deal with mpreg.  Garak gives birth to their first child and Bashir gives birth to their second child.  While pregnant with their second child, Garak was accused of a crime he did not commit and the real killer was a Bajoran woman.  There was also a story where Bashir went blind and another story where Bashir was kidnapped on his wedding day.

Hope that is enough information to help someone find these stories.  I would really appreciate any and all help.  Thank you in advance.
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I'm looking for a fic where Jim is pregnant for his brother's wife. He meets Spock during his pregnancy, and they fall in love but they aren't really together for some reason. I think Jim has some reservations about having sex carrying anothers baby.

Also, another fic - all I remember about it is that Spock asks his mother about "a second head near the abdominal area" referring to what someone says about thinking with their dicks or something similar.

Thank you guys!
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Hello. I'm looking for a fic, I think Kirk and Spock weren't in a relationship but somehow Kirk ends up pregnant and then Spock becomes possessive and the fic contains a scene where Kirk, Spock, and an Andorian Ambassador and his three-ish wives are in a hot tub/spring and one of the wives reaches for Kirk's baby belly and Spock kind of freaks a little on her and end up rubbing himself off against Kirk's back in a dominance type display. I know, I always remember the weirdest things from fics. We had a thunderstorm and I lost it before I could finish so any help would be great.
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I hope you can help me because it is slowly driving me crazy. I'm looking for a story where Jim surrogates for his bother and his wife. When he meets Spock he is already pregnant. I think the story plays in LA and Jim shows Spock around, who just started as a cardet. They decided to wait with any kind of relationship until Jim has givien birth. Help please?
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Its driving me crazy but I remember reading this work in progress mpreg fic where the crew are negotiation on this planet where the aliens find children and childbearing to be extremely important. Through some misunderstandings they think that Kirk and Spock are together and sadly can't have kids so they intervine. Cue roofie-nanites and pregnant Kirk. If anyone can help me out I'd be really grateful.
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I'm trying to find this fic I read a while ago.

I think it started out (or maybe this was in the middle) with Kirk having Spock's baby (a boy?) on the enterprise (can't remember how he got pregnant in the first place) and trying to figure out what he was going to do with it (leave and raise it by himself, have it raised on earth without him or by the vulcans, etc). I think Spock (and maybe Uhura) were not supportive of or wanted nothing to do with it at first (not helpful during the pregnancy or birth). I seem to remember the baby was fussy and Jim would walk it around the halls of the enterprise at night. I think later Spock helped Jim with the baby and they got close and together by the end.

I seem to remember reading it on AO3 and I think I remember a few pencil drawing of kirk and the baby in a couple of the chapters...

I hope I;m not mixing stories together! Any help at all would be great!!??

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Hey, I'm new here. I'm looking for this particular Kirk/Spock fic that I lost.
These are the things that I remember:

1. This was set in the Academy era, and Spock was already a professor.
2. Something about T'Pring cheating on Spock with Stonn and worrying that she'll get pregnant, so she brings herself and Spock to this clinic or whatever to be artificially inseminated with Spock's DNA, but Kirk was also there and Kirk ends up being the one who gets impregnated.
3. Spock could smell Kirk's pheromones and so he gets obsessed with Kirk because Vulcans are overprotective of their pregnant mates.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! :)
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Are there any fanfics where Jim is an omega- you know like the A/B/O Verse? Preferably where Spock is his Alpha? Anything like that would be great, thanks in advance!!
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Everyone was so helpful last time, so I'm hopeing that you all will be able to help me with this fic.

I'm looking for a Kirk/Spock Pregency Fic where Kirk is down on a planet and meets a future!Spock. He is then impregented with an artifical womb and a child. Spock is the father, but he doesn't know because Kirk won't tell him. He only finds out after he touches Kirks stomach and forms a telepathic connection with the child. Happy ending for everyone, except possibly Bones, but that's Bones.

Any help would be wonderful.

Thanks Everyone!!
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I read a story a while back where I want to say spock and kirk were retired from work or it was an alternative universe where Jim was pregnant with Spock's child and they already had abother son and Spock was teaching him how to care for his future mate.

It was really funny and cute and at one point Jim had befriended their neighbor but Spock didnt like him, and was acting like a jealous school girl. At the end I remember their son asking Jim not to get pregnant again because taking care of Jim was tiring.
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Hello I'd really love to see some Fics that follow the events of the recent movies but with a Kirk/Spock pairing.

I'd also love some recs for good, long, intense reads, the absorbing plot driven, filled with character development Fics that suck you in and don't let you go until they're finished. Don't care if they are a hundred words, a hundred thousand or more, I'd just love some good Fics right about now.

Would love any Kirk and Spock end up with a kid, mpreg, adoption whatever. Anything goes apart from rape please. X

Feel the need to read a few Into Darkness Fics that focus on the crews feelings when they heard Kirk was dead, what went through their minds before they realised they could save him, happy endings only though please, not in the mood for heartbreakers. ^_^ xxx
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Hi Everyone!

I am looking for a Kirk/Spock Mpreg fic... The only details that I can remember is that Jim is on New Vulcan, staying with Spock Prime because Spock won't acknowledge that the baby is his.  Any ideas?  I've tried going through my bookmarked fics but it is eluding me.
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I'm looking for a specific story I'm fairly certain I read on lj. Jim is pregnant with Frank's baby (12-14 years of age) and enters a clinic/hospital/ (due to some rare genetic thing)++ where Bones works and is the doctor that finds out they've got a severe sexual abuse case where theres really no way to deny what has happened. There's complication and he has to have an emergency C-section (premature baby as Jim was). (Pike is involved and Winona as well have a part to play). In the end both survive, Frank goes to jail (except for the obvious he's not really an important character - low rating) and the baby gets adopted (Joanna) and at the end they meet up (... after the event in Reboot)... or something like that. Help?
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Looking for a kind of long fic where Kirk ends up pregnant with spocks kid. They end up leaving the enterprise eventually and getting a real ocean ship where they research some ocean life type people. Sometime in the fic Jim ends up meeting the hawaiian god maui only he doesn't know who it is and Q has to tell him who it is. Also, Q and picard join Jim's crew after also leaving starfleet--but this is much later in the fic (series?).

Please please help me find this fic. I've been looking for it forever now.
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I am a huge fan of McCoy/Kirk like you wouldn't believe! But, I sorely hate the whole Spock/Kirk/Bones polygamy thing some people write.. with that in mind, here is what I'm looking for:

1. Fics where Kirk is an omega, or even an alpha.

2. Kirk is pregnant with McCoy's child.

3. Female!Kirk/McCoy pairing. (Long story, or has a sequel).

4. Fics where people keep catching McCoy/Kirk going at it like bunnies.

Please and thank you! <3

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Had great results last time thought I go for it again...

1st) Kid-fic  All I can remember is that Jim and Spock have a daughter named T'Lem.  She is around 3 or 4 (I think).  She is  all over the place, Jim/Spock and SpockPrime are walking through the ship and she is running around going crazy.  Jim and SpockPrime indulge her and Spock doesn't.  I can remember thinking it was the cutest story ever.  I know that isn't much to go on but I will save it if I can ever find it....or any other kidfics, I'd love to read them..

2nd) I love De-Aged fics.  I love where they are an established couple or just fall in love while taking care of the other one..


Thank you in advance for your help :)

FOUND: A Chance To Walk in Dreams  Thank you, C
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I'm new to the fandom and would love some Kirk/Spock recs, especially some academy era Fics or MPEG please. X


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