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Do you know any fics with jim as a father taking care of a child? I want to read something where the kids werent born by anyone from the main pairing. Maybe he already had one before coming to the academy or he adopted one? Thanks!

5+1 Fic

Nov. 12th, 2016 11:23 am
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I'm pretty sure it was a 5+1 fic where Jim gets hurt or saves each of the crew but this is the scene I remember:
Chekov is trapped in a room on the enterprise that contains a poisonous plant that they can't risk opening the doors for but he only has like 2% oxygen left. Kirk knocks Spock down, who gets pissed, and get chekov out only to put himself in.
I think it was background Spock/Kirk and on ff.net
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Hey y'all. I am trying to find a fic that I read a long long time ago and now can not find it for the life of me. I know I read it on fanfiction.net, but if someone can find it on other platforms I will take that.

It has been a few years so the details are a little sketchy. I remember there was definite Bones/Kirk tones, although I can't remember if it was shipping or just all the friendship. It wasn't an excessively long fic, it was stand alone, not a part of a big story. Basics is that Kirk was being tortured by an alien race. I think he was in a glass tube or something and they were giving him a drug that made him see all the bridge crew die in front of him and all he could do was pound on the glass.

Potentially the same fic or a different one, same idea in that aliens made him see his crew die in front of him, but I am remembering (maybe) a scene in which they are all on the bridge and either the drug thing happens then or they replay/etc. their deaths and Bones has to grab Kirk to make him realize it is not true while the rest of the bridge watches (with surprise?)

Any help is appreciated, thanks so much!
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I'm looking for an old fic that I read years ago as a guilty pleasure and I have no idea where it went.
The story was an OFC who had telepathic like Spock. They grown-up together on Volcan, and they had more of a sibling relationship. They met up and she joined the enterprise.
Here are some facts that I remember from it:
A) There was a bar that OFC used to work at, and Spock protected her from a Wet-Tshirt contest.
B) It was Spock/Uhura and the OFC was going with either Kirk or Bones.
C) It was on fanfiction.net and it was more than 20 chapters.

I tried to find it on my own, but couldn't find it.

If someone knows of it or the location I would be so grateful.

Thank you!
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I'm looking for a ST:2009 fic where Kirk and his senior officers attend some kind of Federation conference, and Kirk consistently gets snubbed; other Starfleet higher-ups make job offers to Jim's officers, and Jim's lecture is scheduled opposite some other big thing. But Jim has a loyal crew; they politely decline the offers and show up en masse to his lecture.

I can't find this story ANYWHERE. Help!
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I can't believe I can't find any of them...but I'm looking for stories that involve multiple characters being tortured/interrogated, preferably used against each other? Any kind of torture/interrogation technique is okay, including rape/abuse/violence/etc. (Anticipating that those come with the territory.)

Got a hankering for those "Don't tell them anything!" *gets punched* "I'll tell you whatever you want, just leave him/her alone!" sort of stories.

(Preferably AOS, but TOS or other series are good too! I love TNG/Voyager)

Jim's Past

Jul. 27th, 2016 02:24 pm
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Looking for a specific fic...i only remember one scene. Jim was at home from shore leave (i believe the crew was there or at least bones and spock) and Jims brother Sam was there. I remember that sam took out a bottle of alcohol and jim had a bad reaction and thats how sam found out about the abuse. I believe it was a spirk fic as well.
Also, any fics where the crew meets Jims brother or where Jim sees Sam and Sam finds out everything Jim went through.
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Hey all! With ST: Beyond right around the corner, I've been re-reading old favorites but there's one in particular that I wasn't able to find. In the fic, Jim ends up in an alternate universe where he and Bones are married and Joanna is their daughter. At first, I couldn't remember the title or the author but now I'm pretty sure it's one of atomicskull's amazing fics. Does anyone happen to have it saved? And if someone does, I also wouldn't mind re-reading atomicskull's other K/Mc fics if those are available as well. Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help! :)
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Hey guys!

I'm looking for stories featuring Jim and Bones' friendship. It's hard to find one that shows the "brotherhood" so to speak. At least for me it has been. Only stories based off of the new movies please!

Thanks guys! Happy Weekend!
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Hi all!  I have gone through all the posts listed with Kirk adopting a Vulcan child, and I cannot find the fic that I am looking for.  In it, Kirk is on a team that board a ship.  The boy is hiding in the vents I think, jumps out at Kirk and forms a bond. I remember the bond being very intense, Jim being very protective. Spock was concerned that the child may be unintentionally manipulating Kirk with his emotions through the bond.  I think I remember something about the child being something of an anomaly due to blond hair, but I might just be mixing that with other fic.  I don't remember if K/S were together at the beginning of the fic, but they were definitely together later.

Also, I am looking for a Spock/Bones fic in which Bones says that Spock reminds him of a hedgehog.  Actually, I am just looking for that author. It has been a couple of years, so I hope her journal is still around. She wrote a lot of amazing fic, and it has been a couple of years since I read it.
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for fics where Spock meets Frank or Winona under less than auspicious circumstances. Basically I'm looking for fics where Frank or Winona have been bad parents and they show up (preferably post 2009 movie) looking for Jim for whatever reason. I'd like Spock to be with Jim when they appear and for the confrontation to turn nasty and Spock or Jim's protective sides show. I've read:

1. Family is Not Blood
2. Walk With Me
3. Atlas

Anything recs that feature a Frank/Spock/Winona scene like the ones in the fics above would be awesome!
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I love the new movies, but any true Trekkie knows you can't get to Vulcan from Earth in a day, even at warp 9 and you can't been from Earth to Klingon space and it most certanly take more than a day to get to the Empire's home planet.

With that in mind and with the new movie coming soon, does anyone know any good stories that have explanations for the incredible increase in the level of technology between TOS and AOS univeres.

Also, I;m looking for a story I read ages ago before Into Darkness came out. For some reaseon Sam and I think Winona arrive on the Enterpriese. It might have been due to emergency evacuation. But they are always badmouthing Kirk to anyone who will listen. The crew finally have enough and confront them. The conforntation is in the mess hall I think.

Any help would be wonderful
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I'm looking for two specific Kirk/McCoy NuTrek fics:
1. An AU where Bones is a Vampire, and Jim is a latent Fae I think. I remember it's unusual that Jim has no apparent magic, and Pike(who is married to number one?) wants Bones to bond with Jim to protect him. There's a couple scenes in a bar, with Bones being protective, and eventually Jim's magic manifests somehow. I remember Jim is some kind of cop and Chekov is really small-like Jimmy Cricket?-and his partner or something.
2. A lot more vague, but Bones hasn't seen Joanna in years, and either after the Narada or during a holiday Jim surprises Bones with seeing his daughter again. I remember it was a scene at the end of a quite long fic, and Joanna runs down a corridor towards Bones or something.
Also, more generally I was looking for Kirk/McCoy fics where:
3. Jim has some kind of long term disability or illness, or is just really badly injured, and Bones acts in a caretaker/Doctor role. Basically, I'm looking for fics where Jim is in need of some form of handson/constant-ish medical care and Bones is the one providing it. AUs, post STID, Slash, Non-slash, anything is good.
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Hi! I'm looking for good stories that take place during Kirk's recovery from being dead in the end of Into Darkness. Ones focused on him getting better, his relationship with the rest of the crew, how everyone heals and moves forward.

[identity profile] tolieawake.livejournal.com
Hi all, I'm searching for an old fic called 'When Dads come home' by Rose Aislin. All the links I've found go to her journal - which has been deleted. I was hoping someone had another link to it? Or had a saved copy they'd be willing to share?

It's a Jim/Bones fic where Bones takes Jim with him to visit Jo, and Jo and her friend assume that Jim and Bones are totally dating. I believe it was a fill for the kink meme - if that helps.


(I'd also be happy with any fics by Rose Aislin if anyone has or knows where to find any others - but this is the one I was craving to reread tonight and couldn't find)
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I'm looking for fics where George is either resurrected or pushed to the future somehow after the Kelvin was destroyed.

I've gone through all the fics tagged with 'George Kirk' and can't quite find what I'm looking for. I'd like either gen or Kirk/Spock, completed or WIPs that are updated at least fairly regularly, and well written fics that stick to basic spelling or grammar. One's that spell McCoy's name as 'Lenard' are definitely a no-no ;D. I'd also like to see some George confronting Winona over her less than stellar (or outright neglectful) parenting and some Kirk family feels.

I apologise if this is too specific and if a fic like this doesn't exist then that's okay. I just figured if it was out there then the wonderful people in this community would be able to help find it!
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Okay, there are enough K,S,and/or M stories to last me my lifetime, but I can't ever find good Harry & Tom stories -- preferably H/C and epic-friendship stuff. Anybody got any good Voyager fics?
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FOUND: so much clearer (with your toothbrush by the mirror) by justalittlebit on AO3

Okay, this is not a fic I'd expect myself to be asking for help finding, but I think I'm missing some crucial tag or trope of something because I got nothing in my search for it.

Basically it was a Spock/Kirk meets Cheaper by the Dozen kid fic. They had a LOT of kids, I mean, a LOT. I think it was mostly one of those slice of life fics just focused on raising tons of kids. I remember that Kirk was older, and didn't want any more kids because he couldn't keep up. They had one daughter(?) that was a 'rebel' and they didn't know how to deal with.

The only other thing I can remember is that there was something about Kirk gardening and how that meant he was mad at Spock?

It was cracky, and hopefully someone else knows what it is.

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I hope you can help me because it is slowly driving me crazy. I'm looking for a story where Jim surrogates for his bother and his wife. When he meets Spock he is already pregnant. I think the story plays in LA and Jim shows Spock around, who just started as a cardet. They decided to wait with any kind of relationship until Jim has givien birth. Help please?
[identity profile] ousoonerfan.livejournal.com

Looking for any and all fics where they have kids...You all have been so helpful in the past.  I promise to bookmark this time..

Thank you very much,



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