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So, I've been trying to find this fanfic for a while now. What I remember:

- 2009 Star Trek fanfic
- Kirk has scars from Tarsus.
- He doesn't want to go home, and leaves the ship.
- He fights on a prison planet, managing to beat an alien that was hard for humans to beat single-handedly. He also wins a male Orion slave at some point but gives him to one of the guardians of said planet?
- He leaves the planet, and lands on another and becomes one of their leaders. He brings peace to the warring tribes by killing a high ranking official.
- Something happens and he's picked up by starfleet and gets his scars removed.
- CEO of a company that makes wheat? so the Tarsus massacre doesn't happen again
- among a whole bunch of other stuff but...

Does this ring a bell for anyone? Heeeeeelp...
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Hello! I was wondering if there are any recs that involves Jim being touch starved - being lonely at the academy, through his position as Captain, weird alien ritual, anything at all really. Reboot preferred, though TOS is also awesome. Any other recs with Jim feeling the downsides of his captaincy are also welcome! Mods: n00b here, so let me know if I've made any mistakes :(
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Spock/Jim fic where Jim has been missing for about a year and Spock was the new captain. They recieve a transmission and find him but he was turned into an infant. Eventually we find out that he was never really found and was still captured by the enemy and the kid Jim was a hologram. It was complete.
Thank you!!
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SO, I was wondering if you guys know of any fics in which Kirk and any of the Enterprise crew know each other from before Starfleet? Like, they could have been together in Tarsus, or they could have met up somewhere else...
I have read fics of this sort with Spock and Kirk and very, very rarely, some with Kirk and Kevin Riley.
I'd really like to read fics someone other than Spock, though those are okay too.
It can gen, slash, het... I'm not picky.

Thanks a lot!
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I'm looking for a fic I remember really liking but I can only specifically remember one scene: Spock (and Kirk?) went back in time and to Vulcan to when Spock was about 10, and Spock went to his family's house to see Amanda and told her that he was a student on Earth, and said he was studying the human practice of small talk, which Amanda thought was hilarious. Amanda talked to Spock about her son who had a birthday coming up and showed him the roses in her garden. I'm 80% sure it was on Ao3. Sorry I can't say any more for sure but I've been searching for ages, so if this jogs anybody's memory you'd be a lifesaver!
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Hello, lovelies! I'm looking for a specific Reboot fic. The fic was a character piece that explored how many times in Jim Kirk's life he has found himself precariously hanging off of steep ledges, describing multiple, specific times this had happened to him (such as the time Kirk, as a child, jumped out of the car in the first Reboot film and narrowly avoided falling down a cliff with it, or when Nero was taunting Kirk, as an adult, as he hung from a ledge in the same film), and what it said about Jim Kirk's connection to fate that he always, always -- both metaphorically and physically -- defied the odds and found ways to drag himself back up from difficulties and onto solid ground again.

I think the fic was written before Into Darkness was released, but I'm not entirely sure?? Also, I'm pretty sure (but not 100% sure) that it was in the format of a "5 Times" fic. I remember thinking it was gorgeously written, and I'm so sad to have lost track of it! I'd be so grateful if anyone here could help me out. Thank you in advance!!
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Hey guys. I'm looking for this Fem!Kirk fic I read on AO3 a year ago (ish) and I thought I bookmarked it but it's not there. I'm hoping its not purged. A few events: Frank was an asshole child molester guy, Uhura got jealous and drunk at one point, Kirk saved some kids from another dimension, TOS!Spock likes Kirk a lot but was totally surprised to find her a her. Also something about apples and chocolate? Thanks :-)
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The fic starts with baby!Jim holding kid!Spock the first time they meet. Spock becomes kid!Jim's favorite person, while they were growing up. I think Jim's and Spock's families were living across the street from each other? Their families are friends, for sure.

I remember this particular scene: Spock wanted to concentrate in reading articles in his PADD, so he sneaks off to the attic or bathroom or somewhere while Jim is watching TV. When he comes back, Jim is crying and frightened, and that's when he resolved to never make Jim cry ever again. Super cute and fluffy.

They become eventual bondmates oyeah.

Oh, and McCoy is Spock's classmate! TinyJim becomes jelly and stakes his claim all over a bemused Spock, ugh, did I mention it's so cute?

The fic is in lj or ksarchive.

Thank you!
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Hi, i'm looking for a story where some Vulcans delegates go on Earth's schools to select children to bring with them on Vulcan where they will be paired with their Vulcan Mate. Jim ends up with Spock and they grow up together. I'm sorry but i can't remember anything more, please help me if you can :D


Oct. 21st, 2015 04:42 pm
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Are there any fics where fem!Jim never went to Starfleet Academy but she still meets the others? And maybe a Kirk/Spock pairing? Another is, are there any fics where either Jim and/or Spock ran away from home (Spock due to the bullying and Jim for a reason) and when their families see them again, they're already together? or is that one just my wishful thinking again?
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I looking for a story I'm pretty sure I read on the KSArchive (but I might be wrong). In the story Star Fleet didn't exhist and the Vulcan Empire were benevolent rulers of Earth and may other worlds. One of the things they do is search schools for intelligent children of a specific age to come to Vulcan and be educated. Those chosen are actually found to be good possible matchs for unbounded Vulcan children. Kirk is of course found to be a perfect match for quess who- Spock!! Hehehe.

All sorts of things happen as they grow including Jim getting stuck in the dessert with his brother Sam when a flyer crashes. Jim being brainwashed into a failed attempt to kill Spock (who is the ruler of his clan).

Ringing Bells for anyone?

Thanks for any and all help,

Found The Companion by Fiona James
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Hi I'm looking for a story where Jim and Spock accidentally meet at the Vulcan embassy on earth. Jim ends up staying with them (Winona can't handle Jim) and kirk/Spock fall in love. Sarek finds out and kicks out kirk who joins starfleet early. Spock leaves the embassy to join starfleet too. Sarek and Spock are estranged.

I also remember a story where Spock is angry at kirk that they chose to leave his parents as Spock has to work a crappy stressful job while kirk is just bumming around.

General young or kidfics are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)

PS. Also looking for cadet/prof recs.... Preferably no or little uhura.
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Hi, I know I've read these at some time in the past, and not imagined them. My imagination is not that good!

1. Young Spock visits relatives (grandparents?) on earth who live next door to Kirk and and his stepfather. Jim and Spock become friends. I seem to remember Jim receiving a gift of clothes and maybe a blanket from Spock's grandmother (aunt?), that his stepfather destroys in this story.

2. Young Spock visits relatives (grandparents) on earth, who live next door to Jim. Jim is living with a foster family. I can't remember too much about this one, except Spock's parents aren't on earth, and Spock spends a lot of time working on a school project. Spock's grandfather is a mechanic, and Jim helps him in the garage once in a while. I think the guys are a little older in this one.

Sorry it's not much to go on. Any help would be appreciated!
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I'm looking for a specific story I'm fairly certain I read on lj. Jim is pregnant with Frank's baby (12-14 years of age) and enters a clinic/hospital/ (due to some rare genetic thing)++ where Bones works and is the doctor that finds out they've got a severe sexual abuse case where theres really no way to deny what has happened. There's complication and he has to have an emergency C-section (premature baby as Jim was). (Pike is involved and Winona as well have a part to play). In the end both survive, Frank goes to jail (except for the obvious he's not really an important character - low rating) and the baby gets adopted (Joanna) and at the end they meet up (... after the event in Reboot)... or something like that. Help?
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Hey, I'm looking for any fics about Jim having a criminal past.
I'm really not picky, any AU, any pairings or any crime: drugs, petty theft, prostitution or y'know, stealing step-dads car and driving it off a cliff!
Whether it be the crew finding out or an AU where Jim's the bad boy of the school, hit me up!!
oh and I don't mind if it's reboot or original
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I've been looking around for awhile for something I read ages ago.  A woman reporter is out to interview Winona on the anniversary of the Kelvin (?) and notices that she's really not coping.  Rather than get a story, she helps out (and maybe loses that job?) which starts the trend of reporter lady in Jim's life... the story continues through his life, she's the one who helps him after Tarsus (?), until after he gets a ship, and I think at one point Spock had been in a relationship with Pike, but Pike was ashamed and they were keeping it a secret?  And then in the end Spock and Jim get together.

Am really keen to read this again, and am totally planning to bookmark it this time


Found, so quick too!
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Hi awesome poeople!

I remember only one part of this fic. May have been slash or gen. The clear part I was sure was in it is with (Jim remembering back or simply) kid!Jim. Winona played the "if you are tall enough to reach the doorframe you can ask for something" game with Sam. Kid!Jim finally got tall enough, and was all happy - but Winona didn't care.

Rings any bells?

+Any awesome (preferably slash) neglected!Kirk fics are welcome
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Hi, first time poster to this community so sorry if I mess something up, not sure if I did the tags right. I'm looking for a fic I read recently. It was focusing on Spock being the first Vulcan to join Starfleet. I remember a scene where he gets off the shuttle and is met by some high ranking members of Starfleet, a scene where he's in the defense class on a run and the instructor purposely trips Spock and Jim defends him and something about the top Starfleet people thinking that if Spock is able to make it then other aliens will want to join as well.

I can't remember if it's in the reboot verse or if it was a WIP but it was a very good read and I would very much like to read it again, help is appreciated! Thanks :)

Any similar fic recs appreciated as well!
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I'm looking for a specific fic where Spock and Jim grow up as brothers. It was AOS and quite long.To be more specific Jim was raised on Vulcan after something happened in Iowa, the Romulans came and burnt down his house or something. And me made his way to Vulcan and Sarek and Amanda adopted him. And at one point Jim and Spock reprogramed the Learning Bowls to annoy one of the students that had been bullying Spock. There was also McCoy in it, he picks them up hitchhiking across the States? It caught up to the film from what I remember and it was on either ff.net or livejournal.
Thank you guys! I've been thinking of this fic for ages and can't find it so find me my miracle!

FOUND! link in the comments.
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1) Sulu/Chekov + Kirk
they're sharing a hallucination/dream/trance forced upon them by an alien race, whose only info on human begins comes from 1950s style sitcoms, which is what they put the three Starfleet officers into. So it was very stereotypical, nuclear family; Sulu was the father who worked 'in the city', and Chekov was the mum who stayed at home and baked pies (crossdressing, I think he was referred to with female pronouns as well, but nothing about his body was altered). Kirk was their son who appeared to be around seven y/o (I think). They had hallucination!friends who came over for BBQs on the weekends and stuff. It was all very angsty when the Enterprise saved them and they woke up. I think Sulu tried to avoid the other two, but Chekov still thought of Kirk as his baby and mothered him, and eventually the three of them came together again as a family. Anyway, I didn't bookmark it but it was really good and I'm craving it.

2) Sulu/Chekov, corporate au
Sulu was a CFO or shareholder/partner/owner of a large corporation merging or doing a deal with the company Chekov worked for. I think Chekov was an analyst? Anyway, they had sex in the offices before an important meeting. I think there were other parts to it too, it might have been a series. It was an ongoing affair, not a one-off. There were gratuitous 3-piece suits :D

I've searched for them both but I read them such a long time ago and I will offer much love to anyone who finds them or anything similar. I prefer Sulu to top most of (if not all of) the time. Thanks in advance!


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