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I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago where Pike is Jim's parent, and Jim is getting ready for his first day at the academy, and Spock joins them for breakfast in the morning to pick Jim up to go to school, and during breakfast, Pike wonders whether Jim and Spock have bonded yet. I know I read it on ao3, but I can't find it, thanks in advance!
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I read this on AO3 a while ago and it's about Spock transferring to the Enterprise, probably as First Officer, with Pike as captain. He has trouble making friends and the only one he does make friends with is Jim. Sooner or later he finds out that he's the only one who can see Jim and that he died in a transporter accident months ago. Spock then figures out that Jim somehow got stuck in the Enterprise and using the transporter's cacheing like system, and probably an ionic storm, Spock is able to get the transporter to spit out Jim.

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I'm looking for a WIP that was posted on strek-id-kink (I think). It was an au where Vulcans keep rescuing humans and keep them not so much as slave, but like beloved pets? The humans are confused and don't know what to make of this and tend to fight back (at least at first). Jim had had a hard time of it and when caught he ends up submitting because he thinks it's the only way he can get them to help Pike who was hurt.

There is a language barrier issue because Vulcan's don't speak English, Jim can't speak Vulcan, but Jim is thought to be clever because he does try.

There were lots of parts and even though I know it wasn't finished the last time I looked at it I think it had over 30 part, most likely more. I thought I had saved them, but can't find them and have rebuilt my computer since. Also it looks like the kink meme I found it was purged so while I find what look like links to it I can't actually find a page with it and I have no idea who actually posted it.

If someone knows where it might be archived or could point me in the right direction that would be great.
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Hi !

I'm looking for a story where Spock makes a mistake ans thinks he's supposed to give Kirk a blow job to apologize since one of his teachers a the academy taught him that was what he was supposed to do. Kirk and McCoy get very angry and Spock thinks he's done something wrong.

I'd also love any rec with that kind of situations where Kirk and/or McCoy (or even Pike) get very protective of Spock and Spock seems vulnerable in some way.

Thank you so much and please forgive my english !
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I recently read a story but can't remember the title. Jim is called before the admiralty questioning something he has done. Pike defends him and Archer says that they can't expect him to disagree with his grandson or something like that. Turns put Pike raised Jim and Archer raised Pike.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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I'm looking for an old AU fic where Bones is recruited to be a secret agent for a top secret organization. Jim is a secret agent too...I think the group is after terrorists. If I remember correctly, Pike is in charge of the group. Spock and Sulu are agents too.

Does this fic ring a bell for anyone. It was so good and I wish I'd bookmarked it.

Alien Kirk

Mar. 21st, 2016 12:55 am
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Trying to find a fic.

Spock was kidnapped by Klingons. Jim, a telepathic alien was in his cell with him. Enterprise rescues both of them. Spock teaches Jim spoken language. Bones, another alien, comes to play doctor. I can't remember the name.
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All I can remember about this story is a scene where Uhura is scheduling time for crew members to call home (for Christmas?) and Kirk doesn't have anyone to call so he sends her a message telling her to give his time to other crew members. I think Uhura is surprised/upset at this. Kirk may have ended up calling Pike. This might have been a crew-fic or Kirk/Spock. Thanks!
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So, there was this fanfic I can't find now.

It was about Bones wanting to meet with jim's family, and getting angry over Jim not wanting to introduce them. So, Jim tries to call his brother, in order to reconnect and give Bones what he wants, but it backfires pretty badly. Jim gets veeery drunk, and obviously, calls Pike. I seem to remember him saying something along the lines "it should be illegal to hate someone for saving the world".

Does that ring any bells?

EDIT: Found on my own, it's a story Of Stars and Their Spheres by Danibat.
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Anybody who's been following Don't Stop Believingby kianspo, after six long years it's finally finished!
Along with a short interlude that comes after, posted here
The interlude isn't linked on AO3, only on her LJ page.


Oct. 21st, 2015 04:42 pm
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Are there any fics where fem!Jim never went to Starfleet Academy but she still meets the others? And maybe a Kirk/Spock pairing? Another is, are there any fics where either Jim and/or Spock ran away from home (Spock due to the bullying and Jim for a reason) and when their families see them again, they're already together? or is that one just my wishful thinking again?
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Recently I've been seeing this awesome construction being done and it reminded me of an architecture k/s fic that I now really want to read. So here's a summary:

Jim just finished school and was hired to one of the best architecture firms in the country (he was one of two hired I think). His boss is Spock. One of his close co-workers, one that works in the same office as him, is Pavel Chekov. Anyway Spock throws projects at Jim and cuts him down for the frills he adds to his designs. Spock believes that the beauty of a building is not in the frills, but in the shape of the building. One of the projects that Jim works on with some help from Chekov is some building for Starfleet. Anyway some time later Jim finds out from Pike that the only reason he was hired was because of Spock.

That's about all I remember. I'm not sure if I found this on AO3 or KSArchive, but it was definitely one or the other. Thanks for the help.
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Hello! I've been thinking of this star trek fic which I read a long long time ago, and it's maddening to realize that I just can't remember its title or author! It's set in a sort of...perverted mirrorverse, I suppose you'd call it, and is mostly from McCoy's pov. Basically, he meets Jim on the shuttle looking all bruised and banged up, as Jim always does, and when they arrive Pike is on the ground waiting for them, and Jim immediately drops to his knees and snuggles up to Pike, which has everybody smirking at Jim in disdain. Jim saves Chekov from being groped by some random dude at lunch, and McCoy drops the dude with a hypospray. There's a scene where McCoy hears that Jim has been called to Pike's office and everybody coming out of the office is just saying how messed up it looks, which gets McCoy worried and rushing to rescue Jim, only to find out that Jim is sleeping against Pike's legs and Pike is all 'he trusts me he is so weird but I can't bear to wake him up' and on the way back Jim pukes which makes everybody think that Pike really did something bad to him. There's also a scene where Uhura comes to talk to Jim and she has specific finger-shaped bruises on her face and when someone asks her about her lover she has this secretive smile and says something like 'he knows I have no interest in anybody else'. And Jim borrows McCoy's clothes to go to on a date with Pike, only Pike misunderstands and walks Jim back to McCoy's room, only to have McCoy set him straight that they aren't banging (yet). It was...a strangely adorable mirrorverse, mostly because everybody seemed so baffled by how nice a person Jim was. I feel that it was in a livejournal called wetwings or whiteangelwings or something - if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be incredibly grateful!

ext_591110: (Default)
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I'm looking for any recent fics (written in the last 12 months) in which Pike is either Jim's biological or adoptive father. I have just re-read Western Skies which has prompted me to look for any new additions to this theme. To be honest, I don't mind any links to the older fics as I neglected to bookmark them (apart from Western Skies and Tangled Destinies).
I would prefer slash: Kirk/Spock or Kirk/McCoy, but I will take anything.

I have only done a brief search of this comm so I apologise if I have overooked similar requests.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm looking for some stories I read a while back before my computer decided to break and eat some of my bookmarks. I only remember a few details about some of them, but I do know that there is a good chance of them being on/ having been on ksarchive as that is where I read a majority of the stories I know. Here they are:

1) In this story, Kirk is in a wheelchair and Pike is captain. I remember Spock thinks that Pike and Kirk are together for a while because Kirk will not let anyone push the wheelchair except for Pike. The very ending lines have something to do with Spock coming back from a mission and Kirk waiting for him and asking him to push his chair.

2) In this second story all I remember is something that I'm pretty sure happens at the very end. For some reason Spock Prime had to enter into a meld with Nu Spock/ Kirk or something to that effect. The part I remember is that during that incident or after Kirk Prime contacts Spock Prime through their bond. Apparently he is in the Nexus but is aware of this fact and has been searching for Spock Prime for a while. The meld or whatever it was that Spock Prime attracted Kirk Prime's notice. I don't know if there was a sequel to this or not, but if so I would love to read it as well.

3) I'm relatively sure this is or was on ksarchive. It's an academy fic and the main thing I remember from it is that Kirk is pretty geeky. He uses really cheesy/ geeky pick up lines towards Spock that Spock does not understand. I'm pretty sure Kirk does this in front of Amanda and that is how Spock figures out that Kirk is flirting with him.

4) In this last story, Kirk is pregnant with an ex boyfriends baby. The ex left him but Kirk decided to keep the child. Spock and Kirk meet for the first time in a doctors office. I believe that Kirk asks Spock a question about the forms and Spock is a little confused about why Kirk is at that particular doctors office because the doctor specializes in non Terran species. Spock and Kirk hit it off and eventually get together.

I hope you all can help me. Thanks so much!
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Does anybody know of some good fics about Spock's early days at Starfleet Academy? Preferably as a cadet, and I enjoy seeing him meeting Pike for the first time, and the development of the relationship between them (not necessarily a romantic involvement).
My favourites have been Don't Stop Believing by kianspo, Home Also I Cannot Go, by soonanemone, and currently reading The Risk of Winter by jouissant. As you can see, they tend to continue beyond the Academy, which is fine.
If anybody's familiar with these fics and knows of any similar, would be much appreciated.

On a separate topic, if anyone can tell me how to make a link from a title - ie, how to type Don't Stop Believing and have it link to the fic, that would be very welcome. I'm trying to follow the not-very-clear instructions on LJ's help page, and I just can't do it!
EDIT - this second part has been solved for me, thanks.
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I read a fic recently which was where the Kirk from the reboot universe kind of ended up in different verses, one of them being the Original Series- does anyone know where it is, a link maybe??
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I was wondering if there were any fem!kirk fics were she is T'Hy'La with Spock and if there were any Academy fics with Kirk (male or female) was with Spock and the Vulcans came to visit the academy and discover Spock was dating Kirk?
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I'm looking for a specific story I'm fairly certain I read on lj. Jim is pregnant with Frank's baby (12-14 years of age) and enters a clinic/hospital/ (due to some rare genetic thing)++ where Bones works and is the doctor that finds out they've got a severe sexual abuse case where theres really no way to deny what has happened. There's complication and he has to have an emergency C-section (premature baby as Jim was). (Pike is involved and Winona as well have a part to play). In the end both survive, Frank goes to jail (except for the obvious he's not really an important character - low rating) and the baby gets adopted (Joanna) and at the end they meet up (... after the event in Reboot)... or something like that. Help?
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Hi all,
I'm looking for any nutrek fics where Pike interacts with Bones in any significant way. Like, we hear Pike's reaction to Bones friendship with Jim, or Pike realizes how good a doctor Bones is, or Pike meets Bones for the first time. I'm looking for Kirk/McCoy type fics, with gen interaction with Pike-not Pike/Bones slash, thanks.
Also, anything that has people remarking on how good a doctor Bones is would be great : )


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