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Nov. 12th, 2016 11:23 am
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I'm pretty sure it was a 5+1 fic where Jim gets hurt or saves each of the crew but this is the scene I remember:
Chekov is trapped in a room on the enterprise that contains a poisonous plant that they can't risk opening the doors for but he only has like 2% oxygen left. Kirk knocks Spock down, who gets pissed, and get chekov out only to put himself in.
I think it was background Spock/Kirk and on ff.net
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Hi, hoping you can hel me find this fic.

It's an AU Scotty/chekov fix where Scotty is a repair man who repairs fem!pavels (I think she was polina) washing machine. They fall in love and she leaves her not very nice husband to be with him. It's set during the Cold War.

Another one. Same pairings and gender as above set on the ship with Chekhov wearing the small dress and trying to flirt with Scotty who is tribe really hard not to think about her that way.

And any others with at pairing (fem!Chekov optional) thank you all!
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It's been a long time since I've read much in the Star Trek fandom, but I've been dipping my toes back in lately and ... I seem to remember, not anything very particular, but reading several different fics where Chekov was dealing with the fact that he'd "let" Amanda die ... lots of angst, but maybe hurt/comfort in the end? If anyone could rec me something along those lines, I'd be ever so grateful! But any other Chekov hurt/comfort recs welcome, too!


Oct. 21st, 2015 04:42 pm
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Are there any fics where fem!Jim never went to Starfleet Academy but she still meets the others? And maybe a Kirk/Spock pairing? Another is, are there any fics where either Jim and/or Spock ran away from home (Spock due to the bullying and Jim for a reason) and when their families see them again, they're already together? or is that one just my wishful thinking again?
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Recently I've been seeing this awesome construction being done and it reminded me of an architecture k/s fic that I now really want to read. So here's a summary:

Jim just finished school and was hired to one of the best architecture firms in the country (he was one of two hired I think). His boss is Spock. One of his close co-workers, one that works in the same office as him, is Pavel Chekov. Anyway Spock throws projects at Jim and cuts him down for the frills he adds to his designs. Spock believes that the beauty of a building is not in the frills, but in the shape of the building. One of the projects that Jim works on with some help from Chekov is some building for Starfleet. Anyway some time later Jim finds out from Pike that the only reason he was hired was because of Spock.

That's about all I remember. I'm not sure if I found this on AO3 or KSArchive, but it was definitely one or the other. Thanks for the help.


Oct. 2nd, 2015 01:20 am
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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good stories where Winona is serving on another ship and comes into contact with the Enterprise i.e. she's head engineer on a ship and gives the Enterprise a hand after their battle with Nero. I don't mind what her relationship with Jim is or if they are on good or bad terms. I would prefer gen or Kirk/Spock but I'm not too bothered about pairings. Any help would be fantastic :D.
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I'm looking for a fic where McCoy, Chekov and some secondary crew members are held hostage. McCoy is injured and Chekov tries to take care of him. I think they are found because their captors buried the other crew members outside and the Enterprise can tell the earth was recently disturbed. Chekov ends up sleeping my McCoy's bed after they are rescued because McCoy is very anxious when they are apart.
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I'm looking for a fic, probably Kirk/McCoy but the bit I remember was that Sulu was in a relationship and Chekov was feeling left out so he tried to split them up I think,but was found out and Sulu was mad and Chekov ended up friends with Scotty. I think this was just a small part of a larger story

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Hi I am looking for the best and longest BAMFy crew fics. Like Harnessing Starfire by Sherza, Tangled Destinies by Keira Marcos, the Illogical (√π233/hy7) series by Waldorph, and Atlas by Angelbaby.

Any pairings are acceptable, het, slash, or gen. Anything goes as long as it's well written! I am partial to Kirk/Spock and Kirk/McCoy and Kirk/Spock/McCoy, though.

I'd prefer no drastic (i.e. historical, all human, modern) AUs. Crossovers are cool.

PLEASE no character bashing.

AO3 links preferred, but everywhere else is good too!


(AN: I THINK I got the tags right, but apologies if there's a mistake!)
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I feel bad asking again, but I just remembered another did I would love to reread and I can't find it. It's Christmas time and Jim is depressed, Nyota was bing a bitch to him, Spock was ignoring and avoiding him. Bones was upset about his daughter. Scott records Jim's drunken ramblings and replays it to the rest of the command crew. Sound familiar to anyone?

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Ok so i've recently stumbled across the Baseball series read by the fantastic SilverShadowKitsune only to find that the whole series has vanished from the net. At least as far as i can tell. The first four installments can be found on the audio archive but the last two are MIA. Would anyone happen to have a copy of the full six they'd be willing to share with me? I'd really appreciate it. This piece of work is FANTASTIC!

Thanks SO much!
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Ok so I read a fic probably a few years ago now that was based of Star Trek 09 (the reboot) at least mostly. I may be mixing some stories up in my head but the main plot thing that I remember is that Kirk somehow git sucked into what was essentially Star Fleet's Special Ops group...Their name was something dog related I think. Also there was a bit at the first where Kirk and some of the other surviving senior Cadets take over teaching some of the classes and helping out around the academy. I'm fuzzy on the specifics cause like I said it's been quite a while since I read it, I think it was Kirk/Spock eventually and at one point the spec ops people are trying to kill Kirk. I think it was pretty long, if I"m remembering right it was REALLY long. The title was somehting to do with "Dogs of War" maybe? I can't remember at all where it was posted...I wanna say LJ or FF.Net...maybe AO3 but I can't remember. I swear I had it bookmarked but damned if I can find it now. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hello all.

I am desperately trying to find a long story about what happens to the bridge crew (mainly the bridge crew) after the Narada incident. It was written a long time ago, and it is a longer story. I can't remember the author or the title. I do remember a few parts from it that I will detail:

--Leonard recognizes his sister's voice in the crowd when they first disembark from the shuttlecraft, and pulls her (and his daughter) out to be with them.

--While waiting for something (to be debriefed, I think) Joanna talks to Spock about the loss of his planet, and she equates the word "implode" to a pup tent.

--There's a picnic scene where the whole Enterprise crew is in attendance

That's all I can remember at the moment, but I will add more if I think of it.

Any help anyone can give is terrifically appreciated!

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Help! I remember reading this fic years ago but haven't been able to find it again.

Set after the Reboot movie (2009), Kirk and Chekov are both de-aged while inspecting an 'abandoned' station. Chekov is a child (I think 4?) and Kirk is about 14. Neither of them remember their adult lives. Kirk has only recently been rescued from Tarsus IV and is still dealing with the medical and mental implications. He is also shocked and angry that 'adult Jim' joins Starfleet.

In the end it turns out that the 'de-aged' Kirk and Chekov are actually clones. They don't survive.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me find this!

Found! "The Reminders of Yesterday" by Nibelethe
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I can't remember much of this fic, what I can remember is that Kirk is a genius/very intelligent and he has a competition against Chekov about who can solve a maths question the fastest. The rest of the crew place bets on who's going to win. In the end Chekov completes it first but then Spock goes up to Jim and calls him on writing slower than usual and letting Chekov win.
Any help you can give me would be fantastic!
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Hi.  I've been looking for a fic I read at least a year ago now and haven't been able to find it.  I remember that it was set after the 2009 film and there was some sort of battle during which Spock was hurt near the beginning as his console exploded?  There was another starfleet ship there which had a female Captain.  Jim was smart and competent and I remember a scene (in the medbay? I think Jim was sitting by spocks bed) when he is told that the other captain is there and wants to talk to him.  They talk in McCoy's office? She is surprised that Spock was unconscious for the whole thing as they thought he was in charge/telling Jim what to do the whole time and he has a huge rant at her (she is patronising/condescending?)  Spock walks in at one point to back him up.  There was also a great Chekov bit that I remember where they did a sort of exchange of crew members and he saves the day on the other ship by doing something cool with the transporters and saving some peoples lives after running through the ship and shoving people out the way?  He is surprised when everyone else is surprised at what he had done.  He says he was just doing his job and apologises for the shoving by saying that on Enterprise they know to get out of his way?  This may have been a series of stories?

Really hope someone knows what I'm on about!


Found! Home and Speculation by Lanaea Thankyou very much [livejournal.com profile] obsessionality :)


Aug. 21st, 2013 08:15 pm
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Hi, I'm looking for a remix for 'Making a Living Out of Hope' by casspeach. It's is here (friend locked): http://gblvr.dreamwidth.org/694626.html
But I don't have a DW account, and I don't know the author so I don't think she would friend me even if I had a DW account. Does anyone know if its posted anywhere else? I really liked casspeach's story and would love to read the remix
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I've been trying to find this fic I read a few years ago (probably in 2009) that was basically a giant alternate universe meeting. It was a long fic with maybe 4 parts to it. The three universes were TOS, Reboot, and Mirror, and they all somehow end up switching crew members.

Here's what I remember:
-At first nobody recognizes the crew member switches and they happen for a steady period of time
-As they get closer and closer to the (space anomaly? time/space tear?) crewmembers start switching in and out randomly and they all start knowing what's going on
-Mirror!Checkov sleeps with other! (I forget TOS or Reboot) Scotty to get the command codes to conquer the other Enterprise
-I think the universes were referred to as Prime, Alpha, and Mirror but I don't quite recall

Anyway, hope this sounds familiar to somebody!! Thanks for help in advance <3
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So embarrassing that I forgot to bookmark this fic when I was reading it last month!

It was a WIP, a Kirk/Spock au. I believe it borrowed the setting of a popular vampire universe. Kirk was a cop, Spock a vampire. Uhura was a waitress at a bar run by Scotty, and she had a kind of empathetic power. She lived with Kirk and his mom. Checkov was there, too, as a rookie cop training with Kirk.

Kirk managed to get tangled up with Spock's character, and he was put on probation after a certain character (trying not to spoil too much) was murdered. That murder was linked to a run of other violent murders.

Any help much appreciated!
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This is definitely an older story, from early on in the reboot fandom. Not sure if it's a short chapter in a longer fic, a side story/sequel in a series, but it definitely had chekov and sulu seconded to another ship for some goodwill/PR/cross training. There was an away mission and Chekhov ended up hacking the con to manage to beam up sulu (irradiated soil and somehow beaming them back not irradiated?) and the captain was all "this is a normal day for you?" and learned respect for those upstart kids. Not sure if it was gen, pre slash or slash but it's been bugging me for days now...

any ideas? I'm almost positive it was one of those longer stories everyone read back in the day (lol) but definitely not Atlas =) thanks!

Found! It's speculation by Lanaea, link in comment below. Thanks!


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