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Hi All,

Could you recommend me accidental bonding fics? I was inspired by kyliselle's How High the Moon.
- Spock and Jim has to meld for a reason and because they have such compatible minds, a bond is formed
- one of them saves the other and a bond is formed
- or any other variation
What I'd like to see that they didn't plan this, weren't in a relationship, maybe didn't even like each other all that much or Spock was still dating Uhura. However, whatever was, now they have to figure out what to do. I prefer a happy ending.  :)
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Hey :-)

So I've been looking for a fic I read a long while ago now. It's a Kirk/Spock/McCoy pon farr fic. There are loads of them out there, but there's a specific one I'd like to find. If I remember correctly in this one Kirk, Spock and McCoy are stranded somewhere together when Spock goes into pon farr. McCoy and Kirk decide to take care of it, of course, and Spock bonds with them both. There's a nice follow up fic a few years down the line, when they're an established threesome and Spock goes into his second pon farr.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
Thanks! X
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I just love the Triumvirate as a whole and want to see them happy...But the masochistic part of me enjoys reading about the pain before the pleasure I guess.

I'm looking for any good endgame-Mcspirk fics in which two of them are together (or supposedly together, or are getting together) while the third pines from afar (or from a-near, I'm not picky on that front). Maybe the third is encouraging the two to get together? Maybe the established pair are actually also pining for their third to join them?? Maybe Mcspirk is already established but one (or more) of them starts feeling insecure???

I would love to read more pining!Kirk (please please please), since pining!Bones is already my jam (like jfc). And I can't say I've read any pining!Spock with McKirk (godddd) happening yet, but it's probably (hopefully) only a matter of time.

I've read some Mcspirk of the pining variety before, but only a few on AO3. Please help expand my search there, and across LJ/FFN. I'd really appreciate it.
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So this is a little bit of an unusual fic, I read it years ago on someone's personal website, I think? I know it wasn't lj, FF, Ao3, or Dreamwidth or anything. The pairing was Mccoy/OMC, with the OMC being a Vulcan. It might have been TOS Mccoy, I don't remember, all I remember is that the Vulcan specifically requested Mccoy help him try to find a cure/immunization against a type of Vulcan mental degeneration disease and Mccoy agreed, and moved to Vulcan to live there while they researched (I think it was something like, three years or so? I don't know, a long time). The other things I remember is that Mccoy and the Vulcan had to maintain a shallow mind-meld, in order to share ideas more clearly, which ended up accidentally bonding them; also that they managed to grow a plant that mimicked part of (or all of?) the Vulcan brain to try and figure out where the disease was attacking, but the plant turned out to be very unstable and would explode sometimes without warning. Mccoy ended up naming these pockets after something in a Carrol Lewis poem - Boojums and Snarks, I believe.

If anyone could help me find this fic again, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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1) I think Jim's sitting on a roof at the academy staring at the sky, possibly the remaining light from Vulcan's star, but I remember he was grieving the loss of the planet, feeling like Vulcan was his home because Spock Prime passed too much of his emotion through the mind meld...or something along those lines.

2) Jim getting mentally haunted and taunted by Kirk Prime after the mind meld, with Kirk talking about the differences between the two ships and how the command crew deserve a better captain than nu!Jim...etc. I also remember Jim ending up unconscious in medbay and McCoy realizing there's a second brainwave frequency running alongside Jim's own. I'm not positive but I think they're forced to do another mind meld to help Jim.

I'm pretty sure both are Jim/Bones, because it's pretty much all I read, with only an occasional other 'ship, but they could be gen Fic with no real pairings or 'ships.
Thanks in advance for any help.


EDIT: Second one found of course, right after I requested it.
His Worst Nightmare

EDIT 2: First found in comments.
Sing About Tragedy
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a fic that opens with Jim bragging to Bones about his relationship with Spock, except he can't remember the specifics of the sex. The reader later discovers, through a really hot, dub-con sex scene, that Spock has been manipulating Jim's mind so that Jim will become more submissive and desire Spock as the aggressor in their relationship. Spock then further manipulates Jim's mind so he doesn't remember the details, which is why Jim didn't actually know what he was bragging about. I'm pretty sure it's an AOS fic, although TOS is also possible.

Anyone know the story I'm talking about?


EDIT: Found in comments by a lovely anon! Addicted to You by [livejournal.com profile] thehauntedpiano.
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Hello! Looking for 2 Reboot/Abrams-verse K/S fics that I read a couple of years ago on AO3, but can't seem to find no matter how many times I've looked through my Reading History (and believe me, with the amount of fics I've read on AO3 since I established my account? Yikes!).

This is what I remember for the first fic:
- I think Spock!Prime kinda screwed up the mind meld when he was trying to show Jim the events that led up to him being stranded on Delta Vega. It's affecting Jim mentally to such an extent that he's isolated himself in Iowa. Spock follows him and they spend what Jim thinks are his last few days alive together but not really talking?
- There are flashback scenes. One that remember is During one assignment, Spock put himself in the brig while Jim was unconscious in sickbay for disobeying orders not to rescue Jim. Once Jim wakes up and finds out about Spock, he makes a fuss and orders Chapel to take him to the brig (via some kind of wheelchair thing)to talk to Spock and essentially springs him coz the "disobeying orders" thing is a load of bull. Chapel laughs at them as she "wheels" Jim back to sickbay.
- Of course Jim and Spock figure out how to "fix" the screw up.

Second fic:
- I think it was part of a series.
- Uhura POV. She is on an away team with Jim.
- For some reason, he gets pissed off with the natives and she has to take away his communicator before he turns it into a bomb.

That's all I remember from both fics. I appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance!
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I saw this message below on Tumblr and am dieing for good McCoy Fics.

I want really some stories with really smart!competent! inventive! McCoy.
Nu! Movies, Academy, or TOS is fine. Slow builds for relationship and relationships that naturally develop. The longer the better, the plot-ier the better. (Switch would be a good example.)


Any recs ? :D

--------------------tumblr post by thealternativeisburning---------------

i think people forget that leonard mccoy is a genius too??

like yeah they’re always talking about the genius and incredible intelligence of kirk and spock but bones is up there with them

first of all he’s the cmo of starfleet’s flagship like he has more authority than the fucking captain so you know he’s a hella good doctor

he is a master surgeon and is an expert in biology, psychology, xenobiology, and god knows what else, not to mention he’s spock’s doctor–spock who is the literal first of his species, Spock whose whole being is entirely unique–meaning that bones is making shit up while he goes when taking care of spock

not to mention how inventive he is?? remember when they were sent to that faux old west place to act out the OK corral and he made a fucking tranquilizer out of some snake venom and other shit and put it in a sort of bomb thing?? like that isn’t crazy resourceful and ingenious?

mccoy is a fucking genius he has so much knowledge up in that head of his idk how he sorts through it all.

-----------end of post-----------------
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Hey guys, so I am looking for this Star Trek AOS Spirk fic and I really want to read it but I don’t remember what it is about, except the whole Spock Prime mind melding with Jim without explaining it first had consequences like a phobia of mind-melding and I think maybe he kept seeing flashes of TOS Enterprise and her crew in place of his own (but that could be a different fic altogether) and somehow he wound up being a lot less psi-null than he should have been.

Also, I think near the end he was in a hospital where they taught people to shield themselves from people and someone (a Vulcan scientist maybe?) abducted Jim and may or may not have experimented on him to make him telepathic or whatever in the first place.

Also, I know for a fact that it ended with Spock and Jim on a beach and Jim was upset about something and put up barriers to keep Spock out of his mind even though they were like probably bondmates or something but I don’t remember anything else. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Or even if it doesn't and you guys happen to know any really good fic about Jim being telepathic and/or having a phobia of mind-melding / telepathy because of Reboot or from some life-trauma and want to share them with me feel free because I am a loser and I love these things.
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Help! I know I should have this story, and yet I don't... I'm looking for an older story, set in TOS, in which Kirk asks Spock if he's ever melded for recreation, rather than duty. Spock accepts the offer, and they end up melding several times. Eventually they both start noticing physical after effects, and it turns out that they have begun having sex without realizing while melded. Anybody recognize this one?

Found in comments! The comm comes through again!
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I'm looking for some fics that deal with Spock's Pon Farr and Nyota not being suitable for it. Either she isn't as compatible, (mentally), with Spock as everyone had thought and/or she isn't able to handle the intensity of Pon Farr.

That's when Jim steps in, in whatever way, but in the end he and Spock wind up together and not Spock and Nyota.

Anyone know any fics that fall into this category?
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I'm looking for some stories I read a while back before my computer decided to break and eat some of my bookmarks. I only remember a few details about some of them, but I do know that there is a good chance of them being on/ having been on ksarchive as that is where I read a majority of the stories I know. Here they are:

1) In this story, Kirk is in a wheelchair and Pike is captain. I remember Spock thinks that Pike and Kirk are together for a while because Kirk will not let anyone push the wheelchair except for Pike. The very ending lines have something to do with Spock coming back from a mission and Kirk waiting for him and asking him to push his chair.

2) In this second story all I remember is something that I'm pretty sure happens at the very end. For some reason Spock Prime had to enter into a meld with Nu Spock/ Kirk or something to that effect. The part I remember is that during that incident or after Kirk Prime contacts Spock Prime through their bond. Apparently he is in the Nexus but is aware of this fact and has been searching for Spock Prime for a while. The meld or whatever it was that Spock Prime attracted Kirk Prime's notice. I don't know if there was a sequel to this or not, but if so I would love to read it as well.

3) I'm relatively sure this is or was on ksarchive. It's an academy fic and the main thing I remember from it is that Kirk is pretty geeky. He uses really cheesy/ geeky pick up lines towards Spock that Spock does not understand. I'm pretty sure Kirk does this in front of Amanda and that is how Spock figures out that Kirk is flirting with him.

4) In this last story, Kirk is pregnant with an ex boyfriends baby. The ex left him but Kirk decided to keep the child. Spock and Kirk meet for the first time in a doctors office. I believe that Kirk asks Spock a question about the forms and Spock is a little confused about why Kirk is at that particular doctors office because the doctor specializes in non Terran species. Spock and Kirk hit it off and eventually get together.

I hope you all can help me. Thanks so much!
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Ok so i've recently stumbled across the Baseball series read by the fantastic SilverShadowKitsune only to find that the whole series has vanished from the net. At least as far as i can tell. The first four installments can be found on the audio archive but the last two are MIA. Would anyone happen to have a copy of the full six they'd be willing to share with me? I'd really appreciate it. This piece of work is FANTASTIC!

Thanks SO much!
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Hey, I'm looking for a fic posted on A03 that I read this past end of April/Beginning of May. The details get hazy, but here is what I remember. It starts out with Kirk waking up two weeks? after Star Trek: Into Darkness and Spocks- realizing his ultimate love for Kirk- been by his side the whole time. They start talking about wether or not Kirk is going to return to the enterprise and Kirks like " Nope never again." Anyway's Spock thinks that Jim and Carol are going on date after he gets the OK from Bones when actually it's Bones and Carol who are dating, but Spock doesn't realize this until Kirk is all "Dude when I was dying I totally wanted to say I love you." they get together. Kirk does agree to being captain of the enterprise again. This is when ish gets really jumbled up. Fast forward a bunch Jim's brother dies protecting this Orion chick he loved leaving behind her son who goes and lives with Kirks grandparents. Spock goes into Pon Farr, but is stranded on some planet with Uhura and is like " Kirk bro I won't go through this without you, I'd rather die." needless to say Kirk makes to Spock. Last part: Bones is dying and Spock is racing to find a cure without telling Kirk what he's doing so he won't give him false hope which leads to Kirk blowing up in a Spock's face and freezing him out. Spock finds the cure, Bones survives ,and Kirk apologizes for being an A-hole.
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I have recently found that I just love Amanda/Sarek stories.  I am looking for slow building stories that focus on the relantionship building and character exploration.  I like stories where it doesn't seem like they will just get together from the start.  there should be some learning about each other and conflit (but conflict that makes sense)

Also I like Smart! Amanda and difficult/annoyingly logical Sarek.  The longer the FIC the better and complete, if possible.  I love how "the native" has such strong background characters; I felt so invested in the whole cast and the world just came alive.

SO, thought I'd share two RECs and see if you wonderful people got any others!  <3

Fics Like these!

The Native by Startrekfanwriter


Gratified By Your Company by starfleetdream
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Ok, I am new here and really happy to have found this place. I am looking FICs that focus on the early building of Jim and Spock's relationship.

1) Relationship has rocky or unsure or antagonistic start but they learn over time how to relate and get along (and maybe that they love each other)
2) So I love slash Kirk/Spock but this is not a requirement--the friendship/pre-slash building is the important part
3) TOS or AU is fine
4) The longer the FIC the better
5) Slow builds own my soul

Examples of this would be like
TOS Progression by KCS Friendship non-slash (a 5 times/1 time story)


AU Observations by Anon-J-Anon
This FIC is like over 400 k words and the first 120k are pure relationship building and its so wonderful.

BONUS Points: If there is smart! kirk (but not super!), protective!ness, and awesome bridge crew, & Spock narrator

PLEASE NO uhura bashing! (love how its handled in Observations)

Much love and thanks for your time and energy! 
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I'm looking for a Kirk/Spock fic, it might be pretty old (at least a few years), and it had Kirk getting attacked with a mind meld-ish thing by an alien diplomat on a planet they were visiting; it happened in a garden, on a bench, I think. Then Spock finds them, and beats the over-eager assaulter off. Then he has to help heal and coax Captain Kirk, who's retreated into his own mind out of defense.

I remember it well and and fondly, but I just can't find it! I would SO APPRECIATE if anyone knows where I can find it.

found! http://www.ksarchive.com/viewstory.php?sid=260
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I Am Seeking a Fic. It dealt with a unconscious bond having been formed between Spock and Kirk. Spock is unaware of its existence but it is affecting Kirk, he continues to try befriending the Vulcan, to no avail. It begins Spock/Uhura, and ends Spock/Kirk.

Parts I Recall#1: The bond at one point takes the form of a kitten? Causing Kirk to reach out to it?!

Parts I Recall#2: Jim, Bones, and Spock take shore leave and bunk together. Spock makes a scathing remark when he walks in on Kirk and Bones playing around.

Parts I Recall#3: Kirk hooks Bones up, introducing one of his lady friends to Bones. A line about him being a Doctor is involved, and Bones lays it on with his Southern accent.

Other things: Kirk has an off-screen one-night stand with an alien, Orion I think, Bones is not pleased because they’re dangerous…? Phermones?

…And there’s a scene where a female Kirk’s flirting with makes a remark about not realizing he had a Vulcan boyfriend? Spock makes an appearance.

Can someone please help me?
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I just got done reading a Harry Potter one-shot and I'm wondering if there is anything like this in the Star Trek fandom.  Basically I would love to see a fic where Jim changes things about himself because he thinks it is the only way to keep Spock with him or happy.  All of the changes makes Jim miserable but he thinks it is worth it if Spock stay in a relationship with him.  Hopefully with a happy ending of Spock finding out and setting things right.

KS Fic

Jun. 14th, 2013 09:25 pm
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Hey again, so the fic I'm looking for is a K/S pairing and in the fic Kirk ends up initiating a mind meld with Spock after spock is hurt on an away mission, and kirk breathes for Spock. I can't remember anything elae, I just remember that Kirk used his breathing rythm through the mind meld to breathe for Spock.

Halp pleaseeee


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