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Hi Everyone!

I wonder if anyone recognises this story? I'm reasonably sure it was on Ao3 and I think was a reboot story. Behind a cut due to adult themes:

Read more... )

The second fic was inspired by the scene in beyond where the alien attack commences, Kirk orders everyone to their posts and Spock escorts McCoy, with a phaser. It really brought out my love of protectiveness, so does anybody know of any fics where Spock does just that? Saves McCoy, takes the lead in a dangerous situation, pushes McCoy to the rear, or chides him for putting himself in danger?

Thanks in advance!
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Long time lurker here but you always seem to post such wonderful recs that I thought I would post.  I have to do something tomorrow that I am dreading and so am craving some nice H/C fics to look forward to when I get back.

Can anyone please rec me some fics that have either Kirk or Spock very upset and the other comforting them?  I read a fic recently where Kirk had been raped and had a panic attack on the bridge and Spock was just holding him and it hit me right in the feels. cos I'm sad like that So. Trauma, non-con, mental illness/depression, complete mental breakdown, anything goes as long as there are tears and hugs and it is at least vaguely well written/IC.  Bonus points for a meltdown in front of other crew members and extra bonus with chocolate sprinkles and my eternal gratitude if it is a long multi chapter fic.

Also I apologise for my woeful inability to tag.  I have done my best. Thanks in advance for any recs.

Anyone?  Anything?  
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Hi !

I'm looking for a story where Spock makes a mistake ans thinks he's supposed to give Kirk a blow job to apologize since one of his teachers a the academy taught him that was what he was supposed to do. Kirk and McCoy get very angry and Spock thinks he's done something wrong.

I'd also love any rec with that kind of situations where Kirk and/or McCoy (or even Pike) get very protective of Spock and Spock seems vulnerable in some way.

Thank you so much and please forgive my english !
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I am looking for a series of stories that focus on Garak and Bashir.   The stories use to have their own website.  There were a variety of stories on the site but the ones I am looking for deal with mpreg.  Garak gives birth to their first child and Bashir gives birth to their second child.  While pregnant with their second child, Garak was accused of a crime he did not commit and the real killer was a Bajoran woman.  There was also a story where Bashir went blind and another story where Bashir was kidnapped on his wedding day.

Hope that is enough information to help someone find these stories.  I would really appreciate any and all help.  Thank you in advance.
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I can't believe I can't find any of them...but I'm looking for stories that involve multiple characters being tortured/interrogated, preferably used against each other? Any kind of torture/interrogation technique is okay, including rape/abuse/violence/etc. (Anticipating that those come with the territory.)

Got a hankering for those "Don't tell them anything!" *gets punched* "I'll tell you whatever you want, just leave him/her alone!" sort of stories.

(Preferably AOS, but TOS or other series are good too! I love TNG/Voyager)
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I’ve used ST-ficfinder a handful of times but I’m still struggling to find the themes I’m looking for. I’ve been searching for more hurt Spock fics lately and it’s been hard to come across them. I’d like to read some stories that focus on Spock being either injured, abused, ill, enslaved, captured and hurt, depressed, anything like that! I know this is rather vague but I’m not picky! I’ve read some really good ones and I know they’re out there, it’s just a matter of finding them! Hopefully you can recommend some for me.

It’s a bonus if you can find some where Jim is protective over Spock, does anything he can to save him, or takes care of him in the process. Or even Jim just being dominant while Spock is fairly submissive. My favorites are Spirk but I also don’t mind McCoy being the one to help Spock. Spones is perfectly accpetable! I’d prefer Abrams Universe but that’s not a requirement! Thank you so much in advance and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to rec stories. Anything that you feel is remotely close to the themes is welcomed! 
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I believe was aos, but I could be wrong. It was also fairly long.

It started off with Kirk going down to meet McCoy in sickbay for the first time, and as soon as he sees him he decides he wants him.... )
Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.
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Any good stories where Jim is hurt. Sexual/Physical/Mental, I don't care.

Any stories where Jim is in an abusive relationship

Any good AU stories, but the couples above are the only ones I'll read

And good stories where someone cheats on Jim. Everyone always has him cheating, but I want it to be the other person

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So a while back I read a story, I don't believe it had a ship, but if it did it was likely McKirk, it starts out I believe in a bar, and I think Jim protects McCoy from getting rapes, but no one knows it. Until later when the enterprise receives a call saying the suspects may have had a run in with someone aboard and they need said person to be a witness, or something. Then everyone finds out its Jim.

If you could help me find this story I'd really appreciate it.
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Ok i know it's pretty impossible but i hope someone will know this story. It's a pretty old one...all i remember is a scene where Paris, Janeway (and someone else) are in an alien prison and to get the antidote Paris has sex with a couple of guards (bordeline non con). He get the antidote and i think he makes a remark about the prison he was in New Zealand. I think it's a short story with no pairing thanks in advance
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The search further down reminded me: are there any fics where one of the triumvirate rapes another (like Kirk rapes Spock or Spock Bones or whatever) that are more of a realistic nature?

By realistic I mean fics where
- the victim doesn't halfway through realize that they've always wanted the rapist and they live happily ever after
- no aliens made them do it, no sex pollen or fuck or die fic
- not mirrorverse, roleplaying or slave fic

I'd just like to see e.g. a pon farr fic where it's actually RAPE and someone's hurt and traumatized afterwards. Does this exist?
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Bones is my favorite character, so I am looking for fics focusing on him (or told from his POV).

-Any Bones pairing welcome (not a fan of Kirk/Spock but K/S/M is a-okay).
-Whump (physical, mental, sexual abuse or illness) and angst is wonderful. Hurt/Comfort is my favorite genre. No character death though!
-Gen is welcome.
-AUs are cool as long as Bones centric (or in case of pairings, focused on Bones)!

Just your favorite McCoy fics.
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Hi guys

Right, so this one's really dark and twisted. Spock goes into Pon Farr and takes Jim as his bondmate but they didn't have an established relationship before and Spock is generally really horrid. And I don't mean "being kinda mean" sort of horrid, I mean "sending Jim off to -uh- service (gag!) other people" horrid. Jim finds all this demeaning, of course, but goes along with it to keep Spock (Jim was always nuts about Spock). The story is the sort that scars you for life. I'm not even sure why I'm looking for it. It was very well written and I might have read it on fanfiction. net. The issue is resolved at the end but, honestly, Spock's logic is very faulty, I thought. He was apparently "letting" Jim have sexual freedom since he thought Jim did not want to be tied down to him. If this sounds familiar to anyone, give a girl a hand, please. Thanks!
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Hope I posted this right...
I'm rather new in the fandom. Although I know there're some awesome places to look for fics, it seems like I'm having some troubles finding the certain type of fic I wanna read... I watched the new films first, but then I watched TOS series, and I just can't help but fall for the Captain... so I wish you can rec me with TOS fics :)

So here's what I'm looking for:

1. Any hurt!kirk centred long fic?? I just finished reading Lost and Found by UKJess on ksarchive, and I really hope that fic can be a little bit longer!!!  Or any fic that showing the vulnerable, insecure side of kirk; or he's been through some kind of physical and/or mentally trauma, or... something like this, I'll try to put 'em in the tag. Bonus if it also has protective!spock or protective!bones.

2. Any bottom!kirk long fic out there? I'm going through the ksarchive with the bottom!kirk trope, but it seems like any long fic that has a bottom!kirk trope, they also has a bottom!spock trope too.... and I really can't read bottom!spock, I just can't! So please, any long fic featuring only bottom!kirk? I actually don't really mind the pairing, as long as kirk is the bottom.

Any fic has both a hurt!kirk and a bottom!kirk would be awesome!
I actually don't really mind if there's a explicit sex scene or not, but if the story does have some NC-17 scene, I can only accept kirk as the bottom…… so PG and Gen or Pre-slash stories are welcome, too, as long as they're kirk-centred.

Please throw me with your recs!! Thanks in advance! 
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Hi everyone! So, I'm pretty new to this fandom. Just watched Star Trek Into Darkness a few months ago at the request of a friend of mine (of course we watched the 2009 beforehand) and...I fell in love. Hard.

Since that time I've watched all the TOS shows, and movies, and now I've moved onto fanfiction. (sorry harry potter fandom, I've left thee behind :(

I'm still getting used to the different sites that host fanfiction other than FF.net, so I'm coming here for this request, because it's pretty narrowed down and I find the aspect of searching for something like this quite daunting. So, here goes the request:

I just got done watching "The Shawshank Redemption" with my boyfriend (he looooves movies like that. I think we've watched The Green Mile a thousand times...) and, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if Spock or Kirk were to land in prison for some reason or another? I know Kirk goes into a Klingon prison in that TOS movie with the Klingons, can't remember which movie that was right now; but what I really want to read is a prison!fic that explores the more angsty side of being in prison; much like "The Shawshank Redemption." Only, with our star trek boys! I want something that has a rich story, and preferably with one of those two characters spending a considerable time there. The angstyier, the better. Graphic violence doesn't bother me. In fact, I'd be disappointed if it didn't have those things since we all know what happens in prison, and to me, to do an angsty prison fic properly, you need the violence... Please, no fics where kirk or spock just spend like a day or a month in prison. I would like to see something a little more fleshed out.
Also, if possible, I would really like to see this in the reboot universe, but TOS is fine as well.

BONUS POINTS: if it's Spock that's in prison instead of Kirk. Not only do I prefer hurt!spock over hurt!kirk, but something just seems oddly appealing with the idea of Spock being put in a situation like that, given that logical, non-violent brain of his. however, Kirk is perfectly fine with me as well!
BONUS POINTS: if it's K/S as the main pairing. I don't have a problem with K/M or even S/M, but I'd really prefer K/S.
MORE BONUS POINTS: If this fic is going to make me cry. I cried like a baby in the green mile, and shawshank redemption (at the end).
EVEN MORE BONUS POINTS: If it's looooooong. I've got a hard on for long, detailed fics. and by long, I mean something over 50k please, but...i'll take what I can get.

WIP are more than welcome as long as the author is at least updating consistently. If it hasn't been updated in a year, then please don't rec it. I hate getting invested into a fic and then having it stop on me ***cries***

Thank you in advance guys!!! I really appreciate any help I can get!
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I know I have read this fic. It's after the 2009 movie . Spock comes to McCoy and asks privately to remove some scars he has. Spock was considered an oddity on Vulcan and took the only way out and off of Vulcan, as an assistant to some official. He did his professional duties but also agreed to be physically and sexually abused.  He has scars in various places all over his body and now that he's fully intrenched in Stafleet he wants them removed. McCoy agrees to help him and learns about Spock and himself.  Eventually they become friends and a couple.

I can't remember the name or the author. I've searched on AO3 and ff.net. It's not there or I missed it somehow.

Help? O.o

Thanks for any assistance given!

!FOUND!  I kept looking around and came across it. It's "The Opposite of Expediency" by ewinfic. http://ewinfic.livejournal.com/40154.html

Thanks all!
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Looking for an old K/S fic where Kirk and Spock enter a relationship and because of the nature of Pon Farr it has to be a D/s one. Kirk agrees to submit.

4 Scenes I remember:
1. While being adventurous they invite McCoy to join them. Bones is put off by by Jim's submissive roll in the relationship. His response upsets Jim. When Spock finds out he fixes it by adjusting McCoy's memory (off screen). There a later conversation between Jim and Bones in sick bay after Jim is recovering from on assault where Jim was going to mention a detail about him kneeling and then remembered that McCoy's knowledge of their relationship had been removed.

2. During a visit to Vulcan Spock and Jim are visiting Sarek. Sulu calls Kirk. Spock gets pissed off at Kirk for talking to other people. Sarek chews Spock out for punishing his bond mate for things that are out of his control. I think Spock and Sarek were sitting at a table while Kirk was kneeling on the floor.

3. Kirk is sexually assaulted by another Vulcan.

4. When Kirk would get restless, Spock would send him out to other partners. Spock viewed it as indulging Kirk's taste for variety. Kirk viewed it as a punishment. They found out about the dichotomy in one of the last scenes in the fic.

Does anybody know what story this is?
FOUND: On a side note, I'd forgotten how much of this fic was just porn.
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I know the title and I've looked everywhere, but I can't find it. Can someone kindly help me? It's from a kink meme... Basically Kirk is drugged/drunk and the male characters pass him around at the table they sit at. No one realizes that Kirk is being raped because it just looks like he's dancing and it's dark. For some reason, it is impossible to find! Thanks beforehand!
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An admiral comes on board the enterprise and it's found out that he took advantage of Bones at the academy. Bones is behaving oddly and the abuse happened over a number of weeks when Jim was away on a survival course or something. Everything comes to a head when bones finds the admiral making moves on checov.

I think it was in the delicious links for the Star Trek kink meme but I can't find it!

Also, any other fics in a similar genre would be appreciated. Someone taking advantage of Bones, be it his doctor skills, or anything at all and basically treating him like crap after, so he feels worthless, and followed of course by fluff with Jim and Spock.
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I am looking for an AU story, possibly posted at Fanfiction.net perhaps in 2009-2010, various chapters, where Spock is kidnapped by a Romulan General. The Romulan General rapes/bonds with Spock.

Somehow Kirk, through a connection he still has with Spock is able to connect/talk/sense that Spock is still alive.

The Romulan General falls in love with Spock, and Spock also develops some feelings for him. Kirk is able to negotiate for Spock's release.

Kirk is jealous of the fact the General has been with Spock, the jealousy is also due to the fact Spock is scantily dressed. The negotiations to get Spock back are tense, possible battle ensues, Spock is released and I believe something happens to the General. Possibly death???

It was a WIP.

Does anyone remember this story?


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