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Hello :)
Im looking for a Star Trek Fic where Bones and Spock are in a relationship. Jim is hurt but doesnt want to be because he is happy for his friends. Then they are on a new planet and the people there have a festival of some sort where every member if the landing crew gets dressed in 3 different colours that represent who they are (like Guide, Protector?).At some point Jim takes a walk and hurts his feet. Later he is in a relatioship with Bones and spock who gave him some sort of necklace in gold (i think bones got one in silver) .

It would be wonderful if someone would recognize wich one this is. Thanks
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I'm looking for a WIP that was posted on strek-id-kink (I think). It was an au where Vulcans keep rescuing humans and keep them not so much as slave, but like beloved pets? The humans are confused and don't know what to make of this and tend to fight back (at least at first). Jim had had a hard time of it and when caught he ends up submitting because he thinks it's the only way he can get them to help Pike who was hurt.

There is a language barrier issue because Vulcan's don't speak English, Jim can't speak Vulcan, but Jim is thought to be clever because he does try.

There were lots of parts and even though I know it wasn't finished the last time I looked at it I think it had over 30 part, most likely more. I thought I had saved them, but can't find them and have rebuilt my computer since. Also it looks like the kink meme I found it was purged so while I find what look like links to it I can't actually find a page with it and I have no idea who actually posted it.

If someone knows where it might be archived or could point me in the right direction that would be great.
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Hi, does anyone know any Spock/Kirk fics where Spock is presumed dead and Kirk basically dies inside? It could be an established relationship but I'd love some pinning and angst.
There could be smut but if so, I'd prefer bottom!Kirk.
Thank you 💞
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I just love the Triumvirate as a whole and want to see them happy...But the masochistic part of me enjoys reading about the pain before the pleasure I guess.

I'm looking for any good endgame-Mcspirk fics in which two of them are together (or supposedly together, or are getting together) while the third pines from afar (or from a-near, I'm not picky on that front). Maybe the third is encouraging the two to get together? Maybe the established pair are actually also pining for their third to join them?? Maybe Mcspirk is already established but one (or more) of them starts feeling insecure???

I would love to read more pining!Kirk (please please please), since pining!Bones is already my jam (like jfc). And I can't say I've read any pining!Spock with McKirk (godddd) happening yet, but it's probably (hopefully) only a matter of time.

I've read some Mcspirk of the pining variety before, but only a few on AO3. Please help expand my search there, and across LJ/FFN. I'd really appreciate it.
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I am looking for the fic where Spock gives Jim a massage. Jim is wearing a robe after a shower and Spock pulls the robe down while Jim is setting at his desk. Later Spock uses the tie of the robe to restrain Jim.
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a fic that opens with Jim bragging to Bones about his relationship with Spock, except he can't remember the specifics of the sex. The reader later discovers, through a really hot, dub-con sex scene, that Spock has been manipulating Jim's mind so that Jim will become more submissive and desire Spock as the aggressor in their relationship. Spock then further manipulates Jim's mind so he doesn't remember the details, which is why Jim didn't actually know what he was bragging about. I'm pretty sure it's an AOS fic, although TOS is also possible.

Anyone know the story I'm talking about?


EDIT: Found in comments by a lovely anon! Addicted to You by [livejournal.com profile] thehauntedpiano.
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So the new STB trailer just came out, which contains even more hurt!Spock and spones, which, unfortunately, is exactly opposite to what I want......

So considering after its release the fandom will most likely be inundated with hurt!Spock and spones fics, I just wanna enjoy some sweet hurt!Jim featuring overprotective!Everybody before the whole world turned its back on me...

I already went through the hurt!Jim C2 on ff,  could you guys please rec me some more delicious hurt!Jim fics? It can be gen or slash, but if it's slash I'd prefer a bottom!Kirk.

Thanks in advance!
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Looking for a story where Bones lived across the street from Jim. At night Bones noticed that he could see Jim in his house from his window. He saw him solo and with someone. After Bones has fantasized about Jim. Jim comes over and tells Bones that he know he has been watching him. And of course hook up. Any help would be awesome. Thank you in advance.
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I'm looking a fic that must be on KS Archive. Kirk and Spock gets along well. They are even beginning to be friends. Then Kirk is kidnaped/captured by aliens and because of them he becomes gay for Spock.

If I remember correctly, this is a K/S pre-slash or a K/S friendship.

Thanks in advance !
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This one is going to be difficult to track, I have a feeling. I know this was part of a longer fic. It's almost a throw-away scene that I remember. I don't mean throw-away in the sense it wasn't well written or unimportant, but as in the scene wasn't vital to the overall plot.

Anyways, the one scene I can remember is one of Sarek's house goes into Pon Farr, and both he and Jim are meditating in the gardens. They come upon one another unexpectedly. Jim recognizes the signs and does not move, staying very still, understanding exactly what is going on. Somehow things end up with Jim under the vulcan and just allowing things to progress.

Afterwards, either Spock or Sarek come across Jim and help him back to the house. Jim isn't so much upset by what happened more worried that the other guy will be all right. Either Spock or Sarek are amazed that Jim isn't freaking out over more or less being attacked with no chance of getting out of the situation. I know Jim is actually thanked for what he did, as to refuse could have gotten him killed, or led to the death of the relative.

** Found! **
"What is Kohlinar" by Leloli ~ http://archiveofourown.org/works/865589?view_adult=true
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Hello everyone ;)
So I've just finished all beamirang's fic and a fic called "What Sulu Sees", and it just dawned to me that how much I love this kind of fic, namely, Kirk being the central character and strong crew-as-family ties feeling and some delicious hurt!Jim and a healthy dose of grumpy Bones!
So I was wondering is there any fic like this?
Or maybe it doesn't have to look like this, just a good Kirk!centric fic will do. I'm thirsty for any kind of great kirk!centric fic! It can be set in any time (academy era or the movie era), can be gen or slash (though if it's slash I can only read bottom!kirk), as long as it features Kirk as the centre and the story evolves around him. Bonus if it contains some hurt!Jim (mental or physical or emotional)!

Hopefully I can get some good rec here, thanks in advance!
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Hello! I've been thinking of this star trek fic which I read a long long time ago, and it's maddening to realize that I just can't remember its title or author! It's set in a sort of...perverted mirrorverse, I suppose you'd call it, and is mostly from McCoy's pov. Basically, he meets Jim on the shuttle looking all bruised and banged up, as Jim always does, and when they arrive Pike is on the ground waiting for them, and Jim immediately drops to his knees and snuggles up to Pike, which has everybody smirking at Jim in disdain. Jim saves Chekov from being groped by some random dude at lunch, and McCoy drops the dude with a hypospray. There's a scene where McCoy hears that Jim has been called to Pike's office and everybody coming out of the office is just saying how messed up it looks, which gets McCoy worried and rushing to rescue Jim, only to find out that Jim is sleeping against Pike's legs and Pike is all 'he trusts me he is so weird but I can't bear to wake him up' and on the way back Jim pukes which makes everybody think that Pike really did something bad to him. There's also a scene where Uhura comes to talk to Jim and she has specific finger-shaped bruises on her face and when someone asks her about her lover she has this secretive smile and says something like 'he knows I have no interest in anybody else'. And Jim borrows McCoy's clothes to go to on a date with Pike, only Pike misunderstands and walks Jim back to McCoy's room, only to have McCoy set him straight that they aren't banging (yet). It was...a strangely adorable mirrorverse, mostly because everybody seemed so baffled by how nice a person Jim was. I feel that it was in a livejournal called wetwings or whiteangelwings or something - if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be incredibly grateful!

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Are there any fanfics where Jim is an omega- you know like the A/B/O Verse? Preferably where Spock is his Alpha? Anything like that would be great, thanks in advance!!
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Hey guys, I want all your fav McKirk fics, bottom!kirk only though please!

Also, nice long plotty fics, gen or mckirk, or mckirk friendship is good!

Also any fics with Kirk's brother in them?

Thanks in advance for any recs!
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Does anybody know if "Fantasies" by Beverly Sutherland is available anywhere? It was originally published in Nome #8.
Many thanks
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OK, OK, I know, second post in one week... please forgive my thirsty for Jim/Bones pariring!!! And I wouldn't bother you guys if I'm not desperate!!!

Here's the thing, I tried to google my way into some good stuffs, I used bottom!kirk and Mckirk as my keywords, and what did google do!!!????? It feeds me with all these bottom!McCoy results and I was like asgha;;sldgs;klasdaWTF!!??

I checked bottom!kirk tag entries but most of them are k/s. And I came across with isolda_mondragon's delicous page with bottom!kirk and kirk/mccoy pairing, but there're like only 15 bookmarks, which only made me craving for more... _(:з」∠)_
So I sincerely hope that you guys can rec me with some McKirk fics, I only have one request:
Bottom!kirk (and no switches too, I can really only read bottom!kirk)

Please please pleasse please!!! Though the longer the better, the more the merrier, anything, anything is OK.
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Hello guys!
So recently I've read some fics with, basically this jim-hurts-and-bones-comforts theme, like Perfect Strangers, Recovery, Leonard H. McCoy's Guide to Keeping a Friend, Twenty-six and Legend, etc, etc, and I just love those stories!!!! And now I'm craaaaaaving for more!
So can you rec me more fics like that? they just need to be/have:
1) Jim!centric, cuz otherwise I won't be able to finish the story... what can I say, I love that kid captain.
2) Hurt!Kirk, either mentally or physically... well or both (yummy!); sickness, injuries, tarsus iv, whatever.
3) Bones! Bones is the best! I wanna bones as the comforter, or as one of the comforters. Overprotective!Bones would be great!
Bonus if it's Acedemic era and bones trying to get close with that stupid blond kid who obviously hides some damage from past behind his smirks. Geez I love chiches. Cheers!
I prefer gen or pre-slash fics but slash also will do (bottom!Jim only please!).
Oh, and I've read most fics of shoreleave and mijan. They're great!

Also any good McKirk fic with kick as the bottom please? After reading quite some Jim!centric h/c fics on FF I then searched Kirk/McCoy fics on AO3 but came across lots of bottom!bones fic and I just... I can't _(:з」∠)_
I know there're fics like Switch and Firefighter(?) and I know they are great fics,too; but they all seemed a little bit McCoy!centric to me (and I think they also have top!Kirk? at least some switching) So every time I see people rec those fics I feel this agony... I have same problem with some great epic Sprik fics, too. I know it's stupid but really can't help it!

So please just rec me some goodies!!! I do hope they exist...? Thanks in advance!
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I can't believe I did not put a tag of this fic! Somebody please please helpppp!

1. It was basically the bridge scene from ST:Reboot where Jim emotionally compromises Spock. The story is pretty much same up until mad Spock chokeholds Jim up against the console while everyone is watching. However, the twist starts from here I think. Instead of emotionally compromised Spock simply hands over captaincy right after that, dub!con smut starts.

Spock says some similar line of 'I am the captain', and starts manhandling and fu***** Jim on the captain's chair. At the end of the fic, hurt!Kirk walks away from Spock as a acting captain of the Enterprise. That's pretty much what I remember.

The point is, it was basically emotionally compromised Spock angry f*** the daylight out of Kirk while on the bridge.
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I hope this doesn't sound strange, but I can only remember the sex scene clearly, so here goes...

I think that Jim and Spock accidentally bond and they fight against it. Of course, Spock ends up going into Pon Farr. Spock has to go back to [New] Vulcan, where Jim follows him, and they end up mating in what I remember to be an oasis. Marathon sex ensues. Like, to the point where Jim begs Spock not to enter him again, so frottage ensues. Oh, and a major point is that Jim can show no dominance during mating with Spock, or it could be seen as a challenge and Spock could end up hurting him, and possibly killing him.

When they return, Jim gets checked out medically and Bones thinks he's been raped because of how battered his insides are, but Jim tells him what really happened.

I recall the story titles having to do with "time." And the author's page on LJ having Merlin and Arthur in the header facing each over chalices.

Thanks in advance!
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Hope I posted this right...
I'm rather new in the fandom. Although I know there're some awesome places to look for fics, it seems like I'm having some troubles finding the certain type of fic I wanna read... I watched the new films first, but then I watched TOS series, and I just can't help but fall for the Captain... so I wish you can rec me with TOS fics :)

So here's what I'm looking for:

1. Any hurt!kirk centred long fic?? I just finished reading Lost and Found by UKJess on ksarchive, and I really hope that fic can be a little bit longer!!!  Or any fic that showing the vulnerable, insecure side of kirk; or he's been through some kind of physical and/or mentally trauma, or... something like this, I'll try to put 'em in the tag. Bonus if it also has protective!spock or protective!bones.

2. Any bottom!kirk long fic out there? I'm going through the ksarchive with the bottom!kirk trope, but it seems like any long fic that has a bottom!kirk trope, they also has a bottom!spock trope too.... and I really can't read bottom!spock, I just can't! So please, any long fic featuring only bottom!kirk? I actually don't really mind the pairing, as long as kirk is the bottom.

Any fic has both a hurt!kirk and a bottom!kirk would be awesome!
I actually don't really mind if there's a explicit sex scene or not, but if the story does have some NC-17 scene, I can only accept kirk as the bottom…… so PG and Gen or Pre-slash stories are welcome, too, as long as they're kirk-centred.

Please throw me with your recs!! Thanks in advance! 


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