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Hello everyone, I am new to this. So pardon me if I make mistakes. I have combed the internet over the last few months for long (like really long 50k-800k) stories revolving around Spock, particularly if he is hurt/injured/sick/depressed/abused (I'll take anything. Explicit violence and sexual content do not bother me.) So if you have any recs, I'd be grateful if you could share them here.

Also since I love angsty Spock centric fics, I started writing one too. If you are interested, check it out. It is called 'Finding Spock'. This is the link on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9820079/chapters/22049192
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I'm looking for anything, (AOS preferred, but really any series) relating to one of the characters having an eating disorder related to poor self-esteem; like feeling they don't deserve to eat or something.

My phone won't let me tag this, if someone wants to, great, if not, I'll get to it when i get to a computer tonight.
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I'm looking for a fic where Bones is a Mer but no one on the ship knows because he hates water and his Mer self. He gets sick or he's already sick when he and Jim go on away mission to a water planet. He can be cured but only if he can shift to a Mer in the water. If I remember correctly this fic is a pre STID fic, so it's an older one.

I hope someone remembers this one, I'd love to reread it. Thanks in advance.
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So this is a little bit of an unusual fic, I read it years ago on someone's personal website, I think? I know it wasn't lj, FF, Ao3, or Dreamwidth or anything. The pairing was Mccoy/OMC, with the OMC being a Vulcan. It might have been TOS Mccoy, I don't remember, all I remember is that the Vulcan specifically requested Mccoy help him try to find a cure/immunization against a type of Vulcan mental degeneration disease and Mccoy agreed, and moved to Vulcan to live there while they researched (I think it was something like, three years or so? I don't know, a long time). The other things I remember is that Mccoy and the Vulcan had to maintain a shallow mind-meld, in order to share ideas more clearly, which ended up accidentally bonding them; also that they managed to grow a plant that mimicked part of (or all of?) the Vulcan brain to try and figure out where the disease was attacking, but the plant turned out to be very unstable and would explode sometimes without warning. Mccoy ended up naming these pockets after something in a Carrol Lewis poem - Boojums and Snarks, I believe.

If anyone could help me find this fic again, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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I’ve used ST-ficfinder a handful of times but I’m still struggling to find the themes I’m looking for. I’ve been searching for more hurt Spock fics lately and it’s been hard to come across them. I’d like to read some stories that focus on Spock being either injured, abused, ill, enslaved, captured and hurt, depressed, anything like that! I know this is rather vague but I’m not picky! I’ve read some really good ones and I know they’re out there, it’s just a matter of finding them! Hopefully you can recommend some for me.

It’s a bonus if you can find some where Jim is protective over Spock, does anything he can to save him, or takes care of him in the process. Or even Jim just being dominant while Spock is fairly submissive. My favorites are Spirk but I also don’t mind McCoy being the one to help Spock. Spones is perfectly accpetable! I’d prefer Abrams Universe but that’s not a requirement! Thank you so much in advance and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to rec stories. Anything that you feel is remotely close to the themes is welcomed! 
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I'm looking for a specific Bones and Jim story set during the Academy era, where Jim is being abused by an instructor or something, and Bones is the one who eventually figures it out and helps Jim, and great personal/professional risk I think. I'm pretty sure they weren't close friends yet, and this is how they became close.
I'm looking for three types of fics in general as well:
1. Any Bones/Jim slash or friendship fics where Jim is severely injured or ill, and has a very long recovery under Bones care.
2. Any fics where Jim is disabled or has a chronic illness/condition of some kind.
3. Any stories that show Bones' prowess as a surgeon, either performing triage or surgery, particularly if it's on Jim or Spock.
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I'm looking for two specific Kirk/McCoy NuTrek fics:
1. An AU where Bones is a Vampire, and Jim is a latent Fae I think. I remember it's unusual that Jim has no apparent magic, and Pike(who is married to number one?) wants Bones to bond with Jim to protect him. There's a couple scenes in a bar, with Bones being protective, and eventually Jim's magic manifests somehow. I remember Jim is some kind of cop and Chekov is really small-like Jimmy Cricket?-and his partner or something.
2. A lot more vague, but Bones hasn't seen Joanna in years, and either after the Narada or during a holiday Jim surprises Bones with seeing his daughter again. I remember it was a scene at the end of a quite long fic, and Joanna runs down a corridor towards Bones or something.
Also, more generally I was looking for Kirk/McCoy fics where:
3. Jim has some kind of long term disability or illness, or is just really badly injured, and Bones acts in a caretaker/Doctor role. Basically, I'm looking for fics where Jim is in need of some form of handson/constant-ish medical care and Bones is the one providing it. AUs, post STID, Slash, Non-slash, anything is good.
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Hi! I'm looking for good stories that take place during Kirk's recovery from being dead in the end of Into Darkness. Ones focused on him getting better, his relationship with the rest of the crew, how everyone heals and moves forward.


Hurt Spock

Nov. 8th, 2015 08:04 pm
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Hello! I think I asked a couple years ago for some hurt spock fics. I figured it's been a while and hopefully there would be a few new ones out there for me to indulgen in! B Hello! I think I asked a couple years ago for some hurt Spock fics. I figured it's been a while and hopefully there would be a few new ones out there for me to indulge in!

 Basically I'm looking for any kind of 'hurt' Spock stories. This could mean sick, injured, abused. I’m up for anything at all as long as it includes some kind of vulnerability! I’d prefer K/S but again I’m not picky. asically I'm looking for any kind of 'hurt' spock stories. This could mean sick, injuried, abused 
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Hello everyone and thanks for reading my request.

I have forgotten the name of this fic.  It was def on A03.  It was McCoy/Kirk pairing.  It was told from McCoy's POV.  It followed them through cadet days, Narada, and its after math.  McCoy refers to himself as Leo in this fic.  It is quite a long fic-- epic even.

Some scences:
Jim and McCoy take a self defense class together, led by cupcake is a terrbile person and Jim takes over the class and teaches everyone including McCoy. They end of wearing pink shirts as a symbol for story reasons.

Jim runs off because Star Fleet wants to parade him out on the anniversay of the attack/birthday.  Jim does not tell anyone where he is going but McCoy finds hims.

Jim hacks into the room sorting and gets McCoy a gaint bed.  Jim sometimes sleeps there but he won't be with Bones because Bones will only do a relationship.

McCoy own a black statllion.

McCoy at one point gets infected by a disease he is studying, because his graduate aide made a mistake.  He gets put in the hosptial.

Sound familar to any one?
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Does anybody have any copies of fics by Beverly Sutherland, or Mary Ann Drach (same person) that they're willing to share? Or know if any are available online (I haven't been able to find them if they are).
I own Broken Images (and have it in a lovely Word document if anyone would like it, or else it's available on K/S Archive) but would like to read anything else she has written.
Fics I'm aware of are Medical Mind (as Mary Ann Drach) originally published in "Nome" #11 and "Maine(ly) trek #2 - I'm not sure of the year, I think around 1988 but I could be wrong - and Resting Place (as Beverly Sutherland) originally appeared in "Another K/S Zine" in 1982.
There may well be more I'm unaware of - I would love to read any that are available.
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I'm looking for a specific story I'm fairly certain I read on lj. Jim is pregnant with Frank's baby (12-14 years of age) and enters a clinic/hospital/ (due to some rare genetic thing)++ where Bones works and is the doctor that finds out they've got a severe sexual abuse case where theres really no way to deny what has happened. There's complication and he has to have an emergency C-section (premature baby as Jim was). (Pike is involved and Winona as well have a part to play). In the end both survive, Frank goes to jail (except for the obvious he's not really an important character - low rating) and the baby gets adopted (Joanna) and at the end they meet up (... after the event in Reboot)... or something like that. Help?
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Hi all,
I'm looking for any nutrek fics where Pike interacts with Bones in any significant way. Like, we hear Pike's reaction to Bones friendship with Jim, or Pike realizes how good a doctor Bones is, or Pike meets Bones for the first time. I'm looking for Kirk/McCoy type fics, with gen interaction with Pike-not Pike/Bones slash, thanks.
Also, anything that has people remarking on how good a doctor Bones is would be great : )
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I'm looking for a post Narada fic.  It is set during the crew journey back to Earth.  Jim in the Sick bay and starts to read the casualty list for everyone who died over the comm system.  Spock comes down at the end and takes the mic from him and tells him "that's quite enough".

Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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I`m looking for a Kirk/McCoy Academy Era fic. I remember that McCoy is having problems with one of the fight classes. During the classes, he finds that the instructor is having some kind of medical trouble, but the instructor doesn't want to believe it because she thinks that McCoy is only trying to get pay back for his bad grades. It could be one of Mijan's works, but I can not find it.

Thanks for the help.
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I've been looking for this reboot au fic where Jim saves Vulcan and is regarded as a hero by the Vulcan people; they insist on giving him medical treatment for his extensive physical injuries and mental trauma sustained as a prisoner on the Narada. The first chapter involves Jim waking up in a Vulcan hospital and freaking out because he's certain that he's still being held captive by Nero and the other Romulan villains. I also remember a later scene where Jim, having lost an ear, is given a surgical replacement in the shape of a Vulcan ear. There's another scene where Spock Prime meets him in the gardens of Spock's family home and tries to meld with him, causing a breakdown, and a scene towards the end where Kirk is given honorary Vulcan citizenship. Kirk has pretty vivid night terrors, if I remember correctly. I'm pretty sure it's K/S, Spock acts as his caretaker when he's released from the hospital. I can't remember the title or the author, but I'm pretty sure it was posted on either lj or an independent site. Does anybody have any ideas?
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Hi everyone! I'm looking for a McKirk academy fic that I vaguely remember reading. All I can remember is that Jim is in a shuttle accident and Bones has to operate on him and he uses a device that hasn't been approved for use by Starfleet to save him. I know there is a hearing about him using the device and it ends up being ok (I think...?) because Jim had Bones as his emergency contact -  is this ringing any bells? Really wish I could remember more for you guys, but that's all I've got!

Thanks in advanced! :)
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Hey there,
Does anyone remember a fic where McCoy goes on loan to a space station to attempt to cure a disease. The federation didn't really care about the disease until they opened a new trade agreement that would be affected by said disease. Anyways an admiral sneaks aboard something of value that he knows is wanted by some Klingons and switches it for the virus leaving the virus in the docking bay. McCoy has to sneak out into the docking bay to retrieve the virus so it isn't spread throughout the entire station while the Klingons are attacking. Kirk receives the distress signal and is freaking out. He has to relinquish command to Spock because he is too compromised. McCoy is a general badass and saves the day while almost dying in the process.
Anyone know?
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I know I have read this fic. It's after the 2009 movie . Spock comes to McCoy and asks privately to remove some scars he has. Spock was considered an oddity on Vulcan and took the only way out and off of Vulcan, as an assistant to some official. He did his professional duties but also agreed to be physically and sexually abused.  He has scars in various places all over his body and now that he's fully intrenched in Stafleet he wants them removed. McCoy agrees to help him and learns about Spock and himself.  Eventually they become friends and a couple.

I can't remember the name or the author. I've searched on AO3 and ff.net. It's not there or I missed it somehow.

Help? O.o

Thanks for any assistance given!

!FOUND!  I kept looking around and came across it. It's "The Opposite of Expediency" by ewinfic. http://ewinfic.livejournal.com/40154.html

Thanks all!
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I was wondering whether there are stories, in which McCoy solves a difficult and mysterious medical case (Dr. House-like). Please tell me if you happened to read something like that.


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