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So I read this fic a while ago (on AO3 probs). Spock was with Uhura and then he was with Kirk (idk if it was an affair or they broke up or something) but then Kirk was pregnant and Spock with like the full backing of the Vulcan High Council puts Kirk in a facility until he gives birth and then plans to raise the baby with Uhura. Spock Prime rescues Jim and they live with the baby on some backwater planet basically fugitives. Eventually Kirk comes back and Spock is less of a dick but I can't find this fic anywhere!!
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Hello. Are there any stories that address the fact that Spock and Uhura are teacher and student/cadet? I'm aware that cadets being assigned to ships was an unusual situation specific to the first Star Trek AOS film, and perhaps that is why Uhura can demand re-assignment from the Farragut to the Enterprise from Spock.
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I'm looking for fic that has Spock and Uhura raising a kid, preferably theirs, and the kid is completely average. No complex maths at age 5, no brilliant genius artist skills, just plain old average kid, nothing special. How does Spock or even Sarek deal with this, how does the child live in a family of such overachievers and deal with the pressure? I'm looking for any genre.
Thank you.
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I am looking for two fics.

A) A Spock/Uhura fic, where it is AOS, and the crew gets a distress call. Uhura investigates and finds T'Ping. She rescues T'Ping and there is a big trail as to the reason why she rescued T'Ping even t hough she is bond to Spock.

B) It was a Sarek/Amanda story from the STXI kink meme.
The story is that by accident Amanda found Sarek's porn's collection. It is all about the fingers. So to tease Sarek, she purposely spills lemonade on her hand and does a show. She gets sun burned along the way.

I will appreciate if you can help me find those two fics!

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I'm looking for a story I read a long time ago. Kirk and Uhura have a platonic relationship at the begining. They are captured on an away mission, and kirk is injured. I think the majority of the story was from his POV but I think it does switch to Uhura a couple of times.

Uhura has been taking care ofn Kirk while he goes in and out of conciousness. He notices a bruise on her face from where the capturers hit her and gets really protective. They are resuced by another group of aliens who have a beef with their capturers. Whilst traveling with the new group they end up having sex because their unaware that the food their eating is an aphrodisac. They get really conflicted because Uhura is still with Spock, and and they both feel guilty but it's a happy ending.

Please Halp!
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A few months ago I read a spirk fic where there was some type of contest among crew members to get the most points in an official game of kissing people. I believe Kirk was worth 100 points and Spock 200. I also vaguely recall a scene where Uhura explains this to Spock in a turbolift. It might have been holiday-centered and/or involved mistletoe?

pls help I have been googling progressively stranger things for at least a week
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Looking for a fic where jim joins the linguistic club at the academy to annoy uhura and ends up falling for spock.

Thank you!!
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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a story that involves a vampire Uhura. She kind of owns this club? and she sees as Spock enters. After observing him, she tells Gaila to stop what she's doing and to bring him to her. Some banter and sex ensue. I think I originally found it on livejournal.

Any help would be appreciated!
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I'm looking for a ST:2009 fic where Kirk and his senior officers attend some kind of Federation conference, and Kirk consistently gets snubbed; other Starfleet higher-ups make job offers to Jim's officers, and Jim's lecture is scheduled opposite some other big thing. But Jim has a loyal crew; they politely decline the offers and show up en masse to his lecture.

I can't find this story ANYWHERE. Help!
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I have a vague memory of reading something along these lines, but no idea where to look for it: Uhura and Spock offer Kirk a threesome and he turns it down. I'm not even sure if he turns it down permanently or if they manage to convince him, I just remember that he says no and they are surprised. Help?
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I'm looking for an older story that I read where Jim is with Carol Marcus and she's dies during the Sept 11 tragedy. Jim is left with baby David. I remember he lives in an apt. And I think Bones is his neighbor and they meet through the tragedy. Spock, Nyota, and Gaila are his friends.
Does any one remember this fic? I remember that it was a pretty long fic.
Thank you.
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All I can remember about this story is a scene where Uhura is scheduling time for crew members to call home (for Christmas?) and Kirk doesn't have anyone to call so he sends her a message telling her to give his time to other crew members. I think Uhura is surprised/upset at this. Kirk may have ended up calling Pike. This might have been a crew-fic or Kirk/Spock. Thanks!
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I've read this fic sometime ago.. but I can't remember it much.. It can be those 5 +1 fics.. or otherwise...
I only remember the following bit : In the academy, Jim n Nyota had some study together, and Nyota really dunno about Jim being George's son.. So she asked about his parents.. Jim thought she did that on purpose!!
Sorry.. if its not too much.. TT So if anybody can help, thaanxx!!
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Any pairing, slash or het. I just need some AOS fics where Kirk and Uhurs are bros, please.

j/s series

Oct. 27th, 2015 08:15 pm
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Hi was wandering if anyone remembers a story where jim end up on vulcan for a cultural exchange and ends up starting a cult following where they dye their hair blond and wear jeans?

sorry I don't remember much.


Oct. 21st, 2015 04:42 pm
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Are there any fics where fem!Jim never went to Starfleet Academy but she still meets the others? And maybe a Kirk/Spock pairing? Another is, are there any fics where either Jim and/or Spock ran away from home (Spock due to the bullying and Jim for a reason) and when their families see them again, they're already together? or is that one just my wishful thinking again?
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I'm looking for a post Narada story. The first two chapters are overviews of Kirk and Spocks lives up through the first movie. It then goes on about their two week trip back to Eart and interviews where every one gathers in Uhura's room to watch other testimony.  Later the crew is sent to negotial to have the Klingonsjoin the Federation. I got thay far when my computer crash ans I did not have it book mark. I think it was on Ao and a WIP.

Thanks for any help.

Found. Link in the comment.
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A few months ago I posted a request for a specific de-aged Kirk story. I'm still looking for it.

Okay the story is Jim is de-aged by either the transporter or something down on a planet (I can't remember how exactly) and Spock finds out when he comes down to the transporter. Up until this point, Spock hates Jim because Nyota told Spock that Jim was a horrible human being. Spock actually tells McCoy in the story that he essentially thinks Jim is a horrible, immature person. Spock continues to somewhat hold this belief for 1-2 chapters in the story. (There is background Spock/Uhura in this story and Uhura actually hates when Spock begins to spend time with Jim.) Spock is also told by McCoy that Jim's mother died as the Captain of the Farrugat when Vulcan was destroyed.

As the story progresses, Jim spends time with Spock and does not like to be parted from him. Jim even manages to escape Nurse Chapel (who Jim was left with) to go up to the bridge when Spock just so happens to be talking to an Admiral. Spock chastises Jim for doing this and says children have no place on the bridge (echoing what the Admiral told Spock).

The last two chapters of the story (the last time I saw it), has Jim getting kidnapped off the ship by Orion pirates/some other set of aliens who are also holding Vulcans. Spock feels his parental instincts flair to life and goes after his "child." He finds Jim being held by a Vulcan female who is attempting to keep the child warm. When Spock gets Jim back to the Enterprise, he refuses to leave Jim's bedside. When Uhura comes in and states that he should just leave Jim, Spock states he will not and that they need to talk about their relationship.

Can anyone help me find this story? I last saw it on FF.net. (I know it isn't "You are my Sunshine.")

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I'm looking for a fic I read awhile back that has Kirk visiting Gaila's headstone at the cemetery on Earth. He runs into Spock and Uhura, and she makes a remark before she see that another headstone has Winona's name on it. This causes Spock to see Kirk in a new light, especially considering the fight on the Bridge.

Any help is appreciated!

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Hello! Looking for 2 Reboot/Abrams-verse K/S fics that I read a couple of years ago on AO3, but can't seem to find no matter how many times I've looked through my Reading History (and believe me, with the amount of fics I've read on AO3 since I established my account? Yikes!).

This is what I remember for the first fic:
- I think Spock!Prime kinda screwed up the mind meld when he was trying to show Jim the events that led up to him being stranded on Delta Vega. It's affecting Jim mentally to such an extent that he's isolated himself in Iowa. Spock follows him and they spend what Jim thinks are his last few days alive together but not really talking?
- There are flashback scenes. One that remember is During one assignment, Spock put himself in the brig while Jim was unconscious in sickbay for disobeying orders not to rescue Jim. Once Jim wakes up and finds out about Spock, he makes a fuss and orders Chapel to take him to the brig (via some kind of wheelchair thing)to talk to Spock and essentially springs him coz the "disobeying orders" thing is a load of bull. Chapel laughs at them as she "wheels" Jim back to sickbay.
- Of course Jim and Spock figure out how to "fix" the screw up.

Second fic:
- I think it was part of a series.
- Uhura POV. She is on an away team with Jim.
- For some reason, he gets pissed off with the natives and she has to take away his communicator before he turns it into a bomb.

That's all I remember from both fics. I appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance!


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