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Hey y'all. I'm trying to find a fic that I remember in which Kirk has to call someone (I think a pirate) while on the bridge. He has Uhura pull up the comm info and then says call them, then freaks out and says not to, and then has her call them before he says no again. I think the person was a pirate or someone, and they joke about how he had punched Kirk and that Kirk had left him for jail. Everyone on the bridge is kinda weirded out by the conversation and Spock asks all the questions after. Might have ties to Tarsus IV, I think Kirk was calling the pirate dude because he needed someone to get through an embargo or something similar to Tarsus, or the dude new about Tarsus, or something. I think it was a part of a longer fic but idk at this point. Any help is appreciated, thank you!!!
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Hey y'all. I am trying to find a fic that I read a long long time ago and now can not find it for the life of me. I know I read it on fanfiction.net, but if someone can find it on other platforms I will take that.

It has been a few years so the details are a little sketchy. I remember there was definite Bones/Kirk tones, although I can't remember if it was shipping or just all the friendship. It wasn't an excessively long fic, it was stand alone, not a part of a big story. Basics is that Kirk was being tortured by an alien race. I think he was in a glass tube or something and they were giving him a drug that made him see all the bridge crew die in front of him and all he could do was pound on the glass.

Potentially the same fic or a different one, same idea in that aliens made him see his crew die in front of him, but I am remembering (maybe) a scene in which they are all on the bridge and either the drug thing happens then or they replay/etc. their deaths and Bones has to grab Kirk to make him realize it is not true while the rest of the bridge watches (with surprise?)

Any help is appreciated, thanks so much!
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I am looking for a few type of stories all in the new Star Trek universe:
1) I am looking for any stories where Jim hears the last few moments of his father's life.
I prefer gen or slash

2) I am looking for stories where in the first Film (AU) Nero recognizes Jim when he is standing next to Spock on the bridge and perhaps mentions/hints at a relationship between Spock and Jim. Or any stories where Nero Recognizes Jim during that scene.

3)can anyone recommend any stories where Vulcan was warned due to Jim to evacuate asap? Or due to Jim's and the crews actions were able to save more Vulcans than shown in the films?

4) Also I read a fic where Kirk had a hand in building the Enterprise; programming, engineering, etc. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Please & Thank you for any help.
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I'm looking for a ST:2009 fic where Kirk and his senior officers attend some kind of Federation conference, and Kirk consistently gets snubbed; other Starfleet higher-ups make job offers to Jim's officers, and Jim's lecture is scheduled opposite some other big thing. But Jim has a loyal crew; they politely decline the offers and show up en masse to his lecture.

I can't find this story ANYWHERE. Help!
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I can't believe I can't find any of them...but I'm looking for stories that involve multiple characters being tortured/interrogated, preferably used against each other? Any kind of torture/interrogation technique is okay, including rape/abuse/violence/etc. (Anticipating that those come with the territory.)

Got a hankering for those "Don't tell them anything!" *gets punched* "I'll tell you whatever you want, just leave him/her alone!" sort of stories.

(Preferably AOS, but TOS or other series are good too! I love TNG/Voyager)
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hi all :)

Can u plz suggest me some Star trek fanfics? I've read many but now I cant find what to read!!
I ship Spirk but love Jim/Bones friendship.. I really like loooong fics, mostly includes Enterprise crew, (My favs are Atlas, Veritas, So wise we grow and War games etc etc) and the fanfics in which Jim is shown as intelligent rather than just a playboy!! That said, I can read pretty much everything, except too much rape and its aftermath thingy. If its mentioned or just focused on 1 chapter, that's okay :( Please recommend me lots of fics!!

and I'm looking for littlebirdtold's fanfic Animus.. Author hadn't updated that one on AO3. :( If anyone can provide me its copy, I'll be really grateful ^^

Thank you :)
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Hey guys!

In particular I am looking for (I'm pretty sure it's TOS and a classic) fic where Jim is serving aboard a Vulcan vessel, bonded to Spock. Jim wears concealing clothing. He wears a mask. The crw thinks its because Kirk is beautiful, and in order to stay faithful to his mate he hides himself. None of the crew (except Spock and the Healer) know that Jim is actually a human. I think this was pre-Contact setting, and there's a barrier of some sort. A Fed ship does make it through and Jim knows some of the officers aboard and Spock uses Jim's knowledge of Standard to be able to communicate? I know after they meet up, Bones suggests to Jim that he might want to find a woman, years of being amongst aliens and all -- and Spock mentally pulls back, willing to let Kirk go if that is what he wishes. Kirk stays with his bondmate, content to be so.

Edit (thought of a few more things that might help narrow it down) : Jim was the only known human on Vulcan because of the barrier. Because he is human and looks "odd" to vulcans, his ability to sweat has him likened to a pale burrowing worm on Vulcan. This reminder is made again when Jim meets with the Federation ship's crew -- because he hasn't seen himself in years. He wonders how Spock can stand it, when he feels slightly nausiated by the sight of the humans -- his own species.

I believe he was also friends with a friend of Spock's who was a vulcan prostitute. It was normal for the society and he was willing to accomadate Jim as a friend, not as a duty. This person, or the healer, may have been the one to bring Jim to Spock when the other man went into pon farr but rejected any except for Jim.

Found!!   http://archiveofourown.org/works/1600082 ~ Eye of the Beholder by raynewton.

There is also a sequel!! https://archiveofourown.org/works/1867161 ~ Second Contact by Fiona James


I also know there's a fic out there where something goes wrong on Enterprise. Something big to the point that Jim cannot and will not serve as her Captain. He feels the crew has betrayed him and requests and recieves a transfer to a Delphine (I think) class exploration vessel. He also meets two new crewmembers who become friends. I think an Alternate Alternate Enterprise pops up at some point and the small ship and her crew are distrustful of them -- because they are the same people that hurt *their* Captain.

Found!!  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/10480306/1/Prologue ~ A New Start series


I will also take any story where Jim Kirk is on another ship -- even if it's just a brief secondment while Enterprise is doing refits. I prefer him with Spock, but I will also gladly take Spock!Prime.

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So I have a sudden craving for fics dealing with Spock's sense of isolation, whether loneliness, xenophobia, misunderstandings, whatever. Even better if somehow tied into the massive loss of bonds in the Vulcan disaster. TOS/AOS both loved! Or AUs. Bullying, hurt, exclusions, feeling of being an outsider, anything and everything and more. Any or no pairing is fine, but Kirk/Spock is preferred. Any ideas?

Thanks, lovelies <3
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There are two fics I'm looking for.

First : Jim is worried because new people aren't joining/applying for the Enterprise crew, thinking it's because he's a bad captain, but it just turns out that when the crew talk to cadets at the Academy, they're stressing that you have to be the best of the best, etc. I think this was Spock/Kirk, but it may have been Gen or McCoy/Kirk.

Second: Some psychologist(or someone who is there to observe and cast judgement on the Enterprise and the command team of Spock/Kirk) is brought to the Enterprise. This is likely a Spock/Kirk, because I remember that when the guy organizes some kind of paint ball/laser tag/team game, Spock initially refuses to be on the opposite team to the captain. That's the most concrete part that I can remember in this fic, though if I recall correctly, the guy gets insanely frustrated with Jim and Spock during interviews of some sort? I think I remember in the interviews, one of the main questions asked of all those he talked to was if Person A and Person B were hanging off a cliff (one of them being the captain, I think) who would you save. And everyone asked said they'd save the other person, because Spock would save the captain.

I'm, also, almost certain I read both of these on AO3.

That's all I got and hopefully this is enough to track them down. I'm going slightly crazy over here. :P

Thank you so much for your help in advance, I appreciate your time. :)
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I'm new here, so I hope I'm posting this right. I forgot the name of a really fantastic fic and I hope you guys can help me.

In the fic Kirk and the bridge crew got captured and Kirk gets tortured. Kirk plans out how they will escape and keeps their captors occupied while strung up. I think he communicates with his crew via some sort of telepathy, but I might be confusing two fics. I know that the crew were separated into different cells and with force-fields or something and a lot of the fic focused on Spock's concern for Kirk. That being said, I'm pretty sure it was gen. Also, near the end the captors drug Kirk with a truth serum and McCoy says that fighting the truth serum nearly caused him brain damage/killed him. I think they were a lot of really great concerned!crew moments and people being impressed with Kirk's intelligence.

I remember it being really awesome and kinda similar to Make it Home by DeepBlueSomewhere.
If anyone can help me out that'd be great!! Also, if you know of anything similar feel free to mentioned it 'cuz I like these sorts of fics.
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Hi! I'm looking for good stories that take place during Kirk's recovery from being dead in the end of Into Darkness. Ones focused on him getting better, his relationship with the rest of the crew, how everyone heals and moves forward.

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I am looking for any fics where we see kirk/spock through the eyes of another character. That can be Uhura, Bones, an original character... basically anyone. Just no deathfics please. Thanks!!
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Okay, there are enough K,S,and/or M stories to last me my lifetime, but I can't ever find good Harry & Tom stories -- preferably H/C and epic-friendship stuff. Anybody got any good Voyager fics?
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Pretty sure this isn't on AO3 and it's definitely not Crown of True Kings. Anyway, here's what I remember:

Enterprise and two, maybe three, other ships are on shore leave or some sort of group training. This leave happens every few years lead by an Admiral. The Admiral brings them to this planet that has magic. Apparently the people of this planet are the descendants of the witches and wizards of Earth. Anyway, on this planet there's this Triwizard Tournament kind of thing happening. One member from each ship is picked to compete. From all the other ships the captain is selected, for the Enterprise, Spock is selected. It's a shock to the Enterprise crew and Kirk is a bit jealous/offended/something. At the end of the fic the reasoning for picking those people from the ships is that they feel like they don't fit in/belong/have prove themselves to their crew, and that was why Spock was chosen instead of Kirk. Oh, and this may be reboot, most likely reboot.
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I'm looking for a post Narada story. The first two chapters are overviews of Kirk and Spocks lives up through the first movie. It then goes on about their two week trip back to Eart and interviews where every one gathers in Uhura's room to watch other testimony.  Later the crew is sent to negotial to have the Klingonsjoin the Federation. I got thay far when my computer crash ans I did not have it book mark. I think it was on Ao and a WIP.

Thanks for any help.

Found. Link in the comment.


Oct. 2nd, 2015 01:20 am
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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good stories where Winona is serving on another ship and comes into contact with the Enterprise i.e. she's head engineer on a ship and gives the Enterprise a hand after their battle with Nero. I don't mind what her relationship with Jim is or if they are on good or bad terms. I would prefer gen or Kirk/Spock but I'm not too bothered about pairings. Any help would be fantastic :D.
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Hello everyone ;)
So I've just finished all beamirang's fic and a fic called "What Sulu Sees", and it just dawned to me that how much I love this kind of fic, namely, Kirk being the central character and strong crew-as-family ties feeling and some delicious hurt!Jim and a healthy dose of grumpy Bones!
So I was wondering is there any fic like this?
Or maybe it doesn't have to look like this, just a good Kirk!centric fic will do. I'm thirsty for any kind of great kirk!centric fic! It can be set in any time (academy era or the movie era), can be gen or slash (though if it's slash I can only read bottom!kirk), as long as it features Kirk as the centre and the story evolves around him. Bonus if it contains some hurt!Jim (mental or physical or emotional)!

Hopefully I can get some good rec here, thanks in advance!
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Hi I am looking for the best and longest BAMFy crew fics. Like Harnessing Starfire by Sherza, Tangled Destinies by Keira Marcos, the Illogical (√π233/hy7) series by Waldorph, and Atlas by Angelbaby.

Any pairings are acceptable, het, slash, or gen. Anything goes as long as it's well written! I am partial to Kirk/Spock and Kirk/McCoy and Kirk/Spock/McCoy, though.

I'd prefer no drastic (i.e. historical, all human, modern) AUs. Crossovers are cool.

PLEASE no character bashing.

AO3 links preferred, but everywhere else is good too!


(AN: I THINK I got the tags right, but apologies if there's a mistake!)
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I feel bad asking again, but I just remembered another did I would love to reread and I can't find it. It's Christmas time and Jim is depressed, Nyota was bing a bitch to him, Spock was ignoring and avoiding him. Bones was upset about his daughter. Scott records Jim's drunken ramblings and replays it to the rest of the command crew. Sound familiar to anyone?

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I'm looking for two type of fic today, thank you :) Gen, het or slash.

1. AOS fics that focus on the crew of the Enterprize, or feature them in a major way. The different people on the ship, not just the main bridge crew, etc. Love love love if they show how the rest of the crew feel about the command team, but not necessary.

2. Probably a long shot, but are they any AOS fics out there that are crossovers with DS9?


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