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Do you know any fics with jim as a father taking care of a child? I want to read something where the kids werent born by anyone from the main pairing. Maybe he already had one before coming to the academy or he adopted one? Thanks!
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Hello! New to the community. I'm looking for a specific fic that my google-fu is failing to find and idk if anyone else has read it. It's an older one that I think is set in TOS instead of AOS, but I'm not sure.

Basically what happened was that Kirk and Bones are married, adopt a couple of children including a Vulcan girl who was emotional... and then Bones is kidnapped by Khan and Kirk has to go on a Quest(tm) to save him. I know, kinda vague, but I remember it not being on ff.net or AO3, so that might narrow it down (to being almost impossible to find, lol).

Thanks for any help!
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Hi, i'm looking for a really cute story where Spock's nephew is staying with him at the Academy( the kid's mother was working on another planet, i think). The child follows Kirk and study him, taking notes about him, because he thinks Jim could be a perfect mate for Spock. In the beginning Jim thinks that this all situation is really weird and feels stlaked, but he confronts the kid and when he brings him back to his tutor he meets Spock. The child keeps finding ways to make the two men meet and know each other better. They eventually fall in love.I hope that someone can help me, thank you :D

LF kidfic

May. 15th, 2016 09:15 pm
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I've read a lot of fic where Jim and Spock raise a Vulcan kid (either Spock's or adopted) and the kid quickly develops a familial bond with/are most interested in spending time with Jim while Spock have to work a bit to reach the same status.

Now I'm wondering if anyone knows of any fic where a kid belonging in some way to Spock/Jim (or Spock/Bones), human/Vulcan/otherwise favours Spock right away?
(If you have any recs of de-aged Jim preferring Spock's company I'll be happy to read those too!)

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Hi everyone, I've always loved Spirk de-aged and kid!fics and am wondering if there are any recent ones. I feel like I've gone through all the ones on AO3 and most of the big ones on KSArchive and so I just hope desperately for more. I am open to TOS and AOS. So thanks in advance for any reccs.
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FOUND: so much clearer (with your toothbrush by the mirror) by justalittlebit on AO3

Okay, this is not a fic I'd expect myself to be asking for help finding, but I think I'm missing some crucial tag or trope of something because I got nothing in my search for it.

Basically it was a Spock/Kirk meets Cheaper by the Dozen kid fic. They had a LOT of kids, I mean, a LOT. I think it was mostly one of those slice of life fics just focused on raising tons of kids. I remember that Kirk was older, and didn't want any more kids because he couldn't keep up. They had one daughter(?) that was a 'rebel' and they didn't know how to deal with.

The only other thing I can remember is that there was something about Kirk gardening and how that meant he was mad at Spock?

It was cracky, and hopefully someone else knows what it is.

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The fic starts with baby!Jim holding kid!Spock the first time they meet. Spock becomes kid!Jim's favorite person, while they were growing up. I think Jim's and Spock's families were living across the street from each other? Their families are friends, for sure.

I remember this particular scene: Spock wanted to concentrate in reading articles in his PADD, so he sneaks off to the attic or bathroom or somewhere while Jim is watching TV. When he comes back, Jim is crying and frightened, and that's when he resolved to never make Jim cry ever again. Super cute and fluffy.

They become eventual bondmates oyeah.

Oh, and McCoy is Spock's classmate! TinyJim becomes jelly and stakes his claim all over a bemused Spock, ugh, did I mention it's so cute?

The fic is in lj or ksarchive.

Thank you!
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So this ficlet doesn't have a pairing, I think, and if it did it would most likely be K/S. Anyway, here's what I remember:

After Spock's birth Sarek is wondering about what he passed down to his son. He sees all these traits from Amanda in Spock, but none of himself. One day though, Spock raises his eyebrow at Sarek and Sarek is struck with love/joy at passing this thing down to Spock.
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hi! I'm looking for a fic I can't find anywhere. I know it was an AOS fic, I think it was from before Into Darkness came out. It was Spock/Kirk and all I can remember is that the Enterprise finds a ship where there were some prisioners, some of them vulcan who I'm pretty sure had been exposed to trellium-d/something that made them feral. And there was a kid vulcan who may have been the only survivor and Spock and Kirk might end up adopting him?. And I don't remember much more about it, I think it was a pretty long fic but I may be wrong
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Does anyone have a copy of The Offspring by Ryann_Blackwood? The author deleted their journal. If it's allowed I'd really love to have a copy. It's a Kirk/Spock fic where Kirk has a romulan son, and at the begining of the story Spock doesn't like the kid very much.

Thanks in advance
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I'm trying to find this fic I read a while ago.

I think it started out (or maybe this was in the middle) with Kirk having Spock's baby (a boy?) on the enterprise (can't remember how he got pregnant in the first place) and trying to figure out what he was going to do with it (leave and raise it by himself, have it raised on earth without him or by the vulcans, etc). I think Spock (and maybe Uhura) were not supportive of or wanted nothing to do with it at first (not helpful during the pregnancy or birth). I seem to remember the baby was fussy and Jim would walk it around the halls of the enterprise at night. I think later Spock helped Jim with the baby and they got close and together by the end.

I seem to remember reading it on AO3 and I think I remember a few pencil drawing of kirk and the baby in a couple of the chapters...

I hope I;m not mixing stories together! Any help at all would be great!!??

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Hey! I've been trying to find this fic for ages, I'm starting to think I dreamt about the whole thing. It's a fic where Jim and Spock accidentally have a daughter (I guess they fell into some sort of alien lake and the baby just... appeared). They're not together and I guess it was a pre stid fic? I remember Winona was in the fic, taking care of the baby. I'm almost sure I read that on livejournal.
It's the first time I post here so I'm sorry for any mistakes. Thank you!
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Can someone please help me find these two fics? I'm going absolutely insane.

The first is a reboot version of Turnabout Intruder. Here are the details I remember: In Janice Lester's body, Kirk tries to fist himself "for science." Still in her body, he and Spock have sex in the brig. Rand is on security duty and turns a blind eye. Janice gets pregnant during this encounter and in the end Kirk and Spock keep the baby.

The second fic: Either Kirk or Spock gets swapped with their mirror counterpart. In both universes, Kirk and Spock fall for and have sex with the other's mirror counterpart. Both couples are together in the end and I think toward the end mirror!Spock and mirror!Kirk have sex in a cave? Somebody's tied up?

Please god let me know if you recognize these. Thank you!!!
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So I've been searching through my bookmarks and can't seem to locate this one story that I'm really desperate to reread. I don't remember the title of it, but here's what I do remember:

The pairing is Spock/Kirk, but there's also Kirk with a Vulcan female. Kirk and the Vulcan Female meet when Kirk is studying abroad on Vulcan (I believe) and they end up in a relationship that results in a kid. For some reason, I think she dies(?), but the Vulcan female is no longer around.

I think the story is posted to LJ originally, but maybe has also been cross-posted to AO3 in the recent years.

So yeah, it's not much to go on, but I'd really appreciate any help I can get.

Anyways, Thank You all in advance!
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I read this adorable fic, A Chance Encounter, and since then I've been dying for some more fics with TOS Spock and/or Kirk as kids.
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I read a story a while back where I want to say spock and kirk were retired from work or it was an alternative universe where Jim was pregnant with Spock's child and they already had abother son and Spock was teaching him how to care for his future mate.

It was really funny and cute and at one point Jim had befriended their neighbor but Spock didnt like him, and was acting like a jealous school girl. At the end I remember their son asking Jim not to get pregnant again because taking care of Jim was tiring.
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Hi, I know I've read these at some time in the past, and not imagined them. My imagination is not that good!

1. Young Spock visits relatives (grandparents?) on earth who live next door to Kirk and and his stepfather. Jim and Spock become friends. I seem to remember Jim receiving a gift of clothes and maybe a blanket from Spock's grandmother (aunt?), that his stepfather destroys in this story.

2. Young Spock visits relatives (grandparents) on earth, who live next door to Jim. Jim is living with a foster family. I can't remember too much about this one, except Spock's parents aren't on earth, and Spock spends a lot of time working on a school project. Spock's grandfather is a mechanic, and Jim helps him in the garage once in a while. I think the guys are a little older in this one.

Sorry it's not much to go on. Any help would be appreciated!
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Hello I'd really love to see some Fics that follow the events of the recent movies but with a Kirk/Spock pairing.

I'd also love some recs for good, long, intense reads, the absorbing plot driven, filled with character development Fics that suck you in and don't let you go until they're finished. Don't care if they are a hundred words, a hundred thousand or more, I'd just love some good Fics right about now.

Would love any Kirk and Spock end up with a kid, mpreg, adoption whatever. Anything goes apart from rape please. X

Feel the need to read a few Into Darkness Fics that focus on the crews feelings when they heard Kirk was dead, what went through their minds before they realised they could save him, happy endings only though please, not in the mood for heartbreakers. ^_^ xxx
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Hello dears!
I´m searching fic for a friend (she´s keeps bugging me with it for days ;))  I read it too but don't remember much of it.

Its AU with Jim and Bones. Bones is single Dad and raising Johanna on his own who´s a really gifted child. He´s meeting Jim at the school or kindergarten where Johanna goes and Jim´s teacher there.

I hope somebody know what fanfiction I mean and thanks in advance. :)

~FOUND~ See comments below
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Hi, does anyone here know about a fic where Kirk got de-aged and cannot be reversed back to adulthood? He then proceeded to trust only Spock (he may warm up to other members of the crew too, but Spock is the only one he completely trusts) and Spock takes custody of him, and is extremely protective. Then he eventually grows up and fall in love with Spock???
Happy ending please? (K/S of course)

It would be great if it has some NC-17 scenes with bottom Kirk, and Spock is his first time (but if not then it is ok as well)

Thank you!


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