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I'm looking for a WIP that was posted on strek-id-kink (I think). It was an au where Vulcans keep rescuing humans and keep them not so much as slave, but like beloved pets? The humans are confused and don't know what to make of this and tend to fight back (at least at first). Jim had had a hard time of it and when caught he ends up submitting because he thinks it's the only way he can get them to help Pike who was hurt.

There is a language barrier issue because Vulcan's don't speak English, Jim can't speak Vulcan, but Jim is thought to be clever because he does try.

There were lots of parts and even though I know it wasn't finished the last time I looked at it I think it had over 30 part, most likely more. I thought I had saved them, but can't find them and have rebuilt my computer since. Also it looks like the kink meme I found it was purged so while I find what look like links to it I can't actually find a page with it and I have no idea who actually posted it.

If someone knows where it might be archived or could point me in the right direction that would be great.
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does anyone knows of a McKirk fanfic from AO3 where Jim gave Bones a caduceus (medical insigna) gift of some sort? He gave Bone both the caduceus and the Rod of Asclepius since he wasn’t sure which is the right one.

i think it’s kind of an au, but i’m not really sure. hope someone could help me! :DDDDD
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Let me start by saying that I am familiar only with the original Star Trek episodes so I have no idea how much of this story follows canon and how much of it is strictly AU.

I remember several parts of the story clearly, but not the title, or author, and I have a vague feeling it was incomplete. I also think it was probably a Sentinel fusion, with Kirk and Spock as the S/G pair, but I could be wrong about that. If it was a fusion, I likely read it on Keira Marcos' Rough Trade site, but I've looked through the links posted for past stories on that site and didn't find it. (But, not all authors post links to their work once the site is cleared for a new challenge.)

It begins shortly after the Enterprise has been involved in evacuating a large number of Vulcans from their planet (that was, I think, subsequently destroyed in some sort of attack.) At least one other Federation ship was destroyed, most of that crew perished, in the course of the events that led up to or were involved in the evacuation/rescue.

The Enterprise has been sent back to Earth, (or whatever planet the Academy is on) and Kirk offers the use of his private home to Spock and Spock's parents who are on the Enterprise with them. Kirk's home was previously owned by a Vulcan ambassador and Kirk had never changed many of the aspects that had made it Vulcan-friendly such as having a meditation room, and having Vulcan menu items in the kitchen automation.

Kirk and Spock undergo a hostile Review Board inquiry about the destruction of the other ship. One of the members of the Board lost a close relative (son? grandson? nephew?) who was part of the crew, and wants to blame his death on Kirk and Spock's actions.

One part that I distinctly remember is that Kirk discusses with Spock some gossip Spock had been told about how badly Kirk had ended a relationship with a girl in the past, but Kirk explains he dumped her when she tried to lie about using birth control in order to get "accidentally" pregnant by him, when he'd made it clear he wasn't looking for that type of relationship.

I hope this is enough information that someone recognizes it, and could point me where to find it.
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In this AU Earth and Vulcan never became allies. By accident Kirk's ship passed through the neutral zone and was captured by Spock's ship. Spock is just at the beginnings of Pon Farr and tests Kirk's crew for a compatible mate. Discovers Jim and well.... Jim is let go after.

Some time later Earth and Vulcan have agreed to work together by having lottery to pick the command teams of their joint ships. Kirk ends up Captain with Spock as XO. There is tension and suspicion on the part of Kirk until it's all worked out.

Normally I run into this one all the time on AO3, but right now I have less than 10 minutes of internet every day, so I don't have the time to search and I can't find it. Thank you for all your help.
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I'm looking for a fic where Bones is a Mer but no one on the ship knows because he hates water and his Mer self. He gets sick or he's already sick when he and Jim go on away mission to a water planet. He can be cured but only if he can shift to a Mer in the water. If I remember correctly this fic is a pre STID fic, so it's an older one.

I hope someone remembers this one, I'd love to reread it. Thanks in advance.
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So this is a little bit of an unusual fic, I read it years ago on someone's personal website, I think? I know it wasn't lj, FF, Ao3, or Dreamwidth or anything. The pairing was Mccoy/OMC, with the OMC being a Vulcan. It might have been TOS Mccoy, I don't remember, all I remember is that the Vulcan specifically requested Mccoy help him try to find a cure/immunization against a type of Vulcan mental degeneration disease and Mccoy agreed, and moved to Vulcan to live there while they researched (I think it was something like, three years or so? I don't know, a long time). The other things I remember is that Mccoy and the Vulcan had to maintain a shallow mind-meld, in order to share ideas more clearly, which ended up accidentally bonding them; also that they managed to grow a plant that mimicked part of (or all of?) the Vulcan brain to try and figure out where the disease was attacking, but the plant turned out to be very unstable and would explode sometimes without warning. Mccoy ended up naming these pockets after something in a Carrol Lewis poem - Boojums and Snarks, I believe.

If anyone could help me find this fic again, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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Hey all! With ST: Beyond right around the corner, I've been re-reading old favorites but there's one in particular that I wasn't able to find. In the fic, Jim ends up in an alternate universe where he and Bones are married and Joanna is their daughter. At first, I couldn't remember the title or the author but now I'm pretty sure it's one of atomicskull's amazing fics. Does anyone happen to have it saved? And if someone does, I also wouldn't mind re-reading atomicskull's other K/Mc fics if those are available as well. Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help! :)
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Hey guys!

In particular I am looking for (I'm pretty sure it's TOS and a classic) fic where Jim is serving aboard a Vulcan vessel, bonded to Spock. Jim wears concealing clothing. He wears a mask. The crw thinks its because Kirk is beautiful, and in order to stay faithful to his mate he hides himself. None of the crew (except Spock and the Healer) know that Jim is actually a human. I think this was pre-Contact setting, and there's a barrier of some sort. A Fed ship does make it through and Jim knows some of the officers aboard and Spock uses Jim's knowledge of Standard to be able to communicate? I know after they meet up, Bones suggests to Jim that he might want to find a woman, years of being amongst aliens and all -- and Spock mentally pulls back, willing to let Kirk go if that is what he wishes. Kirk stays with his bondmate, content to be so.

Edit (thought of a few more things that might help narrow it down) : Jim was the only known human on Vulcan because of the barrier. Because he is human and looks "odd" to vulcans, his ability to sweat has him likened to a pale burrowing worm on Vulcan. This reminder is made again when Jim meets with the Federation ship's crew -- because he hasn't seen himself in years. He wonders how Spock can stand it, when he feels slightly nausiated by the sight of the humans -- his own species.

I believe he was also friends with a friend of Spock's who was a vulcan prostitute. It was normal for the society and he was willing to accomadate Jim as a friend, not as a duty. This person, or the healer, may have been the one to bring Jim to Spock when the other man went into pon farr but rejected any except for Jim.

Found!!   http://archiveofourown.org/works/1600082 ~ Eye of the Beholder by raynewton.

There is also a sequel!! https://archiveofourown.org/works/1867161 ~ Second Contact by Fiona James


I also know there's a fic out there where something goes wrong on Enterprise. Something big to the point that Jim cannot and will not serve as her Captain. He feels the crew has betrayed him and requests and recieves a transfer to a Delphine (I think) class exploration vessel. He also meets two new crewmembers who become friends. I think an Alternate Alternate Enterprise pops up at some point and the small ship and her crew are distrustful of them -- because they are the same people that hurt *their* Captain.

Found!!  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/10480306/1/Prologue ~ A New Start series


I will also take any story where Jim Kirk is on another ship -- even if it's just a brief secondment while Enterprise is doing refits. I prefer him with Spock, but I will also gladly take Spock!Prime.

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I'm looking for two specific Kirk/McCoy NuTrek fics:
1. An AU where Bones is a Vampire, and Jim is a latent Fae I think. I remember it's unusual that Jim has no apparent magic, and Pike(who is married to number one?) wants Bones to bond with Jim to protect him. There's a couple scenes in a bar, with Bones being protective, and eventually Jim's magic manifests somehow. I remember Jim is some kind of cop and Chekov is really small-like Jimmy Cricket?-and his partner or something.
2. A lot more vague, but Bones hasn't seen Joanna in years, and either after the Narada or during a holiday Jim surprises Bones with seeing his daughter again. I remember it was a scene at the end of a quite long fic, and Joanna runs down a corridor towards Bones or something.
Also, more generally I was looking for Kirk/McCoy fics where:
3. Jim has some kind of long term disability or illness, or is just really badly injured, and Bones acts in a caretaker/Doctor role. Basically, I'm looking for fics where Jim is in need of some form of handson/constant-ish medical care and Bones is the one providing it. AUs, post STID, Slash, Non-slash, anything is good.
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I am looking for three different McKirk fics read ages ago:

1. Modern-Day AU where Kirk is a helicopter pilot, recently back from military service, and McCoy is a transplant doctor.  I think they meet at the hospital, but I'm not sure.  I also think Sulu is a pilot as well.  I don't remember much more beyond those few details.

2. Modern-Day (ish) AU (dubcon) where McCoy is running from Kirk for some reason that I cannot remember, who eventually catches up to him in a hotel room. I think Kirk hides in a closet or something?  Results in McCoy tied to the bed and falling apart under Kirk's attention.

3. In the last one I'm looking for, McCoy was left behind on a desert planet because of a storm, and time moved more quickly there. He kept a journal while he was there also. He was finally rescued, severly dehydrated and touch-starved.

Thank you!
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Hi I'm looking for a few things.

First thing I'm looking for a specific AU reboot fic in which Spock is a vampire who was turned centuries prior to AOS. He turns Jim after the two of them attend a Halloween party onboard the Enterprise. Bones also gets turned by one of Spock's associates from when he was turned, a young woman.

The other stories I'm looking for are general Reboot Spock/Kirk stories where one or both of them are supernatural beings, creatures, Borg, Sylar-esque, feral, or mutants of some kind.

Can anyone help a girl out?
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I while back I read an au crossover fic based on Treasure Planet, where Jim was Jim Hawkins, of course ;), and Spock was John Silver. I believe it was a big bang fic. And it had some truly amazing artwork to go with it! I can't find it in my bookmarks or anywhere... please help. Thanks!
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I'm tearing my hair out over this fic I can't find.

I read it quite a few years ago and I'm almost 100% sure that it was in the Star Trek fandom, but, since it was AU there is a slight possibility that it might've been a different fandom altogether. But I'm starting here.

If I remember correctly it went like this:

It's completely AU, no Enterprise, Jim and Spock have never met, etc. Jim is sent out to some sort of armed base where he is eventually tasked with guarding this prisoner, Spock, who is chained to some sort of pole in the middle of the base. I think he is of another species (but I truly cannot remember anything about telepathy which is why I'm not super sure that we're talking about Vulcans), and he is never fed or brought water. Jim pities him and secretly brings him water and eventually frees Spock and steals a motorcycle which they both escape on. During their escape, I think they stumble upon Hikaru and Pavel who are in bed together sleeping on the base. They do not report Jim and Spock because Hikaru and Jim have a tentative friendship where they respect each other. Once they're out they flee up in the tropical forest, on dirt roads, and get to know each other during that time. Eventually they reach Spock's clan or something (they are hiding in a cave) and it's very tearful when they're reunited. They eventually managed to sneak back to the base and steal a starship which they all escape on.

At least I think this is how the story went. If anyone reognizes it, be it Star Trek or not, pleeaaase heelp meee. I'm dying of frustration.
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Looking for a really long Kirk/Spock fanfic.

This is what I remember:
-Spock is a security guard at the prison that Kirk is a prisoner at (I'm pretty sure the prison is either on Vulcan or on a planet that is not on Earth)
-One of the other security guards has it out for Kirk and beats him up and Spock gets really upset about it
-Spock takes some kind of vacation from work to sort out his feelings about Kirk
-I think that maybe Spock identifies as a Romulan, because the Romulans took over and killed most Vulcans, including Spock's parents

Please help!
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I'm looking for fics where George is either resurrected or pushed to the future somehow after the Kelvin was destroyed.

I've gone through all the fics tagged with 'George Kirk' and can't quite find what I'm looking for. I'd like either gen or Kirk/Spock, completed or WIPs that are updated at least fairly regularly, and well written fics that stick to basic spelling or grammar. One's that spell McCoy's name as 'Lenard' are definitely a no-no ;D. I'd also like to see some George confronting Winona over her less than stellar (or outright neglectful) parenting and some Kirk family feels.

I apologise if this is too specific and if a fic like this doesn't exist then that's okay. I just figured if it was out there then the wonderful people in this community would be able to help find it!

Slave Jim

Dec. 3rd, 2015 11:45 pm
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I'm once again looking for a missing story, hoping that someone more forward-looking than me might help me find it. In this story Jim was brought to Vulcan as a slave and somehow Spock acquaired him. Spock and other Vulcans think Jim is a stange and ugly alien ( the rounded ears and his appearance are unpleasant for Vulcans). Eventually Spock learns to aprecciate Jim for is intelligence and inner and outer beauty. However, before the happily ever after, there is a nasty episode where one of Spock's acquaintances( maybe Stonn?),invited at Spock's house for dinner, drugs Spock with some substance that made Spock rape Jim with the help of a friend. This friend was also drugged and he was some kind of prostitute/escort but a well respected one, with a high social position. The morning after, Spock and his friend apologize wholeheartedly to Jim and explain that they were drugged and tricked. Somehow love bloomes and, even though Spock has to go away for some time, they eventually get their happily ever after. In order to be accepted by other Vulcans, Jim wears a Vulcan mask pretendig that its purpose is to conceal his exceptional beauty and spare Spock the pain and jealousy of others lusting after his mate. I really hope you can help me, thank you!
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Hi, i'm looking for a fic i read a long time ago unfortunately i can't remember much but i hope someone will be able to help me. However Jim and other Humans go to Vulcan to bond, while on Vulcan they meet with varoius Vulcans to detemine who is the best match for each one. While on Vulcan Jim meets Spock and fell in love with him but Spock is unavailable because he is ill and believes he is dying. Jim discovers that Spock is being poisoned by his governess T'Pring and saves Spock.
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Hey, back again. So I'm pretty sure this is either on KS Archive or livejournal, but then again I may be wrong. Anyway, here's what I remember:

Spock is this super computer that can mess with the universe. Jim finds in him in this secure facility in Starfleet. He starts talking with Spock, gets to know him, even helps Spock as the computer escape (?). Somehow or other Spock starts messing with universe in order to get himself a body, then some way to stay with Jim, and somehow reboot happens, I think. They do wind up on Vulcan somehow and meet T'Pol.

Yeah, it's confusing, but it was really interesting, so would love to read it again. :D
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Hi, i'm looking for a story i've read where Jim(Who is totally in love with Spock) wants to spend Christmas Eve with Spock and invite him at his place but he refuse. Jim is very upset and once home he throw the little Christmas tree in the trash can. After refusing Jim's invitation, Spock is visited by future Maccoy who shows him the sad scene at Jim's apartemt and also Spock's future without Jim. Thanks in advance :D
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Hi, i'm looking for a story where some Vulcans delegates go on Earth's schools to select children to bring with them on Vulcan where they will be paired with their Vulcan Mate. Jim ends up with Spock and they grow up together. I'm sorry but i can't remember anything more, please help me if you can :D


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