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Hello! First time posting here. There is a fic where Bones get caught in a cave in with Jim outside. He tells Jim that he is fine and to go on ahead back to the Enterprise. I think someone else was injured and Jim had to go back asap. The thing is that Jim asks if Bones is ok and the Doctor says he is perfectly fine, so Jim goes. Turns out he wasn't and Jim is pissed because they found him half dead and he had just LEFT Bones there. I was sure I had it saved but I don't know if I'm forgetting to do so, or if FFNet and Archiveofourown are deleting my favs. Anyone know the fic I'm talking about? I don't remeber if it's one fic or like a chapter of a whole. I think it was gen. Thanks in advance!
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I just finished watching the TOS episode "The Conscience of the King" and I was wondering if anyone knows of any stories that take place during or after the episode.  Especially dealing with Kirk and how the whole ordeal effected him.  Any pairing or Gen is fine.  One-shot or Epic length would be great.  Thank you!
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This was a oneshot I read on ao3 what can't have been very long ago. Sometime last year. It was maybe 1000-3000 words or so?

Kirk is recovering from coming back from the dead after Into Darkness, and Spock Prime pops in for a visit. Spock Prime says what I'm sure were very nice things that likely boiled down to "hey its cool youre not dead and all". The part of the fic I remember most was Spock Prime taking Jim's hand and kinda getting touchy with it (I think with Jim being like uhhhhhhh what), but as that's happening reboot!Spock walks in and they quickly seperate hands. Jim starts blushing ALOT and I think Spock Prime has an air of mischief about the whole thing. Reboot Spock just kinda pointedly looks at Spock Prime in annoyance (raises an eyebrow probably) and moves on.

Also I'm like 80% sure it was rated teen audiances (with the other 20% being sure its gen) because that's where I troll for my fluff.

Something that may have happened in this fic too but I the more I think about it the more I'm positive I'm getting it confused with another fic is Reboot Spock chewing out Spock Prime because "you know he doesn't know what it means when you do that [touch hands] right" and Spock Prime being all "gurl, ask me if igaf". So if you recall a fic like that I'd enjoy that one too.

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Hi all,
I'm looking for any fics set during/after Star Trek Into Darkness that deal with the injuries Spock must have had after Khan tries to crush his skull. I'm looking for fics that deal with Bones discover and treating the injuries. Particularly a sucker for any fics that mention head/skull injuries specifically.
On a related request, I would love recs for any fics, AOS or original verse, where Bones has to perform surgery on Spock, particularly where it's a complicated procedure.
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I am looking for a few type of stories all in the new Star Trek universe:
1) I am looking for any stories where Jim hears the last few moments of his father's life.
I prefer gen or slash

2) I am looking for stories where in the first Film (AU) Nero recognizes Jim when he is standing next to Spock on the bridge and perhaps mentions/hints at a relationship between Spock and Jim. Or any stories where Nero Recognizes Jim during that scene.

3)can anyone recommend any stories where Vulcan was warned due to Jim to evacuate asap? Or due to Jim's and the crews actions were able to save more Vulcans than shown in the films?

4) Also I read a fic where Kirk had a hand in building the Enterprise; programming, engineering, etc. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Please & Thank you for any help.
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Hi !

I'm looking for a story where Spock makes a mistake ans thinks he's supposed to give Kirk a blow job to apologize since one of his teachers a the academy taught him that was what he was supposed to do. Kirk and McCoy get very angry and Spock thinks he's done something wrong.

I'd also love any rec with that kind of situations where Kirk and/or McCoy (or even Pike) get very protective of Spock and Spock seems vulnerable in some way.

Thank you so much and please forgive my english !
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I’m currently working my way through all of the hurt/comfort links to fics on this site, but I need more!!!

In particular I’m looking for any fics where Jim is experiencing panic attacks and Bones has to sedate him to calm him down.

Also any fics where Spoke uses the Vulcan pinch on Jim to get him under control would be wonderful.

The fics can be gen, Kirk/Bones, Kirk/Spock or Bones/Kirk/Spock, I’ll read them all.
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SO, I was wondering if you guys know of any fics in which Kirk and any of the Enterprise crew know each other from before Starfleet? Like, they could have been together in Tarsus, or they could have met up somewhere else...
I have read fics of this sort with Spock and Kirk and very, very rarely, some with Kirk and Kevin Riley.
I'd really like to read fics someone other than Spock, though those are okay too.
It can gen, slash, het... I'm not picky.

Thanks a lot!
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I'm looking for a ST:2009 fic where Kirk and his senior officers attend some kind of Federation conference, and Kirk consistently gets snubbed; other Starfleet higher-ups make job offers to Jim's officers, and Jim's lecture is scheduled opposite some other big thing. But Jim has a loyal crew; they politely decline the offers and show up en masse to his lecture.

I can't find this story ANYWHERE. Help!
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I'm looking for a specific Bones and Jim story set during the Academy era, where Jim is being abused by an instructor or something, and Bones is the one who eventually figures it out and helps Jim, and great personal/professional risk I think. I'm pretty sure they weren't close friends yet, and this is how they became close.
I'm looking for three types of fics in general as well:
1. Any Bones/Jim slash or friendship fics where Jim is severely injured or ill, and has a very long recovery under Bones care.
2. Any fics where Jim is disabled or has a chronic illness/condition of some kind.
3. Any stories that show Bones' prowess as a surgeon, either performing triage or surgery, particularly if it's on Jim or Spock.
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I'm looking for two specific Kirk/McCoy NuTrek fics:
1. An AU where Bones is a Vampire, and Jim is a latent Fae I think. I remember it's unusual that Jim has no apparent magic, and Pike(who is married to number one?) wants Bones to bond with Jim to protect him. There's a couple scenes in a bar, with Bones being protective, and eventually Jim's magic manifests somehow. I remember Jim is some kind of cop and Chekov is really small-like Jimmy Cricket?-and his partner or something.
2. A lot more vague, but Bones hasn't seen Joanna in years, and either after the Narada or during a holiday Jim surprises Bones with seeing his daughter again. I remember it was a scene at the end of a quite long fic, and Joanna runs down a corridor towards Bones or something.
Also, more generally I was looking for Kirk/McCoy fics where:
3. Jim has some kind of long term disability or illness, or is just really badly injured, and Bones acts in a caretaker/Doctor role. Basically, I'm looking for fics where Jim is in need of some form of handson/constant-ish medical care and Bones is the one providing it. AUs, post STID, Slash, Non-slash, anything is good.
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Normally I love the Vulcan culture, but since even in real life not everybody lives up to an entire culture's ideals, I was wondering if anybody had any good recs of fic that deals with vulcan prejudices. Like, for instance, I know there's one (I kinda hope someone can find it ^_^) where the bridge crew is at some kind of conference on tolerance, and several Vulcans are basically bamouthing Spock. I think McCoy even calls them on it, he kicks the back of thir chair and says some thing like 'Can you keep it down? I'm busy learning how not to insult you when I call you a Hobgoblin.' or something like that. Basically any fics where, although the Vulcan people are given respect, it's basically pointed out that they occasionally have a real problem with accepting others (like Spock) and that this completely runs counter to IDIC. Or stories where Kirk ends up defending Spock from his own people. The longer the better, and K/S preferred but not absolutely required. Thanks a lot!
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I'm new here, so I hope I'm posting this right. I forgot the name of a really fantastic fic and I hope you guys can help me.

In the fic Kirk and the bridge crew got captured and Kirk gets tortured. Kirk plans out how they will escape and keeps their captors occupied while strung up. I think he communicates with his crew via some sort of telepathy, but I might be confusing two fics. I know that the crew were separated into different cells and with force-fields or something and a lot of the fic focused on Spock's concern for Kirk. That being said, I'm pretty sure it was gen. Also, near the end the captors drug Kirk with a truth serum and McCoy says that fighting the truth serum nearly caused him brain damage/killed him. I think they were a lot of really great concerned!crew moments and people being impressed with Kirk's intelligence.

I remember it being really awesome and kinda similar to Make it Home by DeepBlueSomewhere.
If anyone can help me out that'd be great!! Also, if you know of anything similar feel free to mentioned it 'cuz I like these sorts of fics.
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I'm looking for fics where George is either resurrected or pushed to the future somehow after the Kelvin was destroyed.

I've gone through all the fics tagged with 'George Kirk' and can't quite find what I'm looking for. I'd like either gen or Kirk/Spock, completed or WIPs that are updated at least fairly regularly, and well written fics that stick to basic spelling or grammar. One's that spell McCoy's name as 'Lenard' are definitely a no-no ;D. I'd also like to see some George confronting Winona over her less than stellar (or outright neglectful) parenting and some Kirk family feels.

I apologise if this is too specific and if a fic like this doesn't exist then that's okay. I just figured if it was out there then the wonderful people in this community would be able to help find it!
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Okay, there are enough K,S,and/or M stories to last me my lifetime, but I can't ever find good Harry & Tom stories -- preferably H/C and epic-friendship stuff. Anybody got any good Voyager fics?
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I'm looking for TOS fics set before/around "Where no man has gone before" when Kirk just becomes captain of the Enterprise and focusing on how how friendships begin, how relationships start to build etc. It can be gen or K/S slash. Origins stories, sort of.
I've read everything by KCScribbler and it's not enough :)

Also if anyone can point me to a place (besides ksarchive) where I can look for episodes-related fics, whether slash or gen, I'd be very grateful.
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Hello! Are there any Voyager fics, (preferably slash, but I will take het and gen) where Paris becomes a doctor?
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I'm a bit of a latecomer to the fandom; evidently the fic-writing fans are long gone and so are their fics. I can't seem to find much of anything, especially where Deep Space 9 is concerned...

I'm looking for gen recs of anything -- anything! -- in the DS9 fandom. Apart from the gen stipulation, anything goes on content; I'm not picky. Any favorites? ~I'll give you a cookie for sharing~
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Hi I am looking for the best and longest BAMFy crew fics. Like Harnessing Starfire by Sherza, Tangled Destinies by Keira Marcos, the Illogical (√π233/hy7) series by Waldorph, and Atlas by Angelbaby.

Any pairings are acceptable, het, slash, or gen. Anything goes as long as it's well written! I am partial to Kirk/Spock and Kirk/McCoy and Kirk/Spock/McCoy, though.

I'd prefer no drastic (i.e. historical, all human, modern) AUs. Crossovers are cool.

PLEASE no character bashing.

AO3 links preferred, but everywhere else is good too!


(AN: I THINK I got the tags right, but apologies if there's a mistake!)
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I'm looking for a nuTrek fic I read a while ago where both Spock and Jim had been on Tarsus iv. I remember one scene where Sarek sits quietly holding both boys in a closet, comforting them. I think there was a similar scene that took place years later, when they are adults, Sarek finds them in another closet or something, and reflects on how he tried to obtain custody of Jim after Tarsus but was unsuccessful. Help?
Thanks :)


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