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Hello :)
Im looking for a Star Trek Fic where Bones and Spock are in a relationship. Jim is hurt but doesnt want to be because he is happy for his friends. Then they are on a new planet and the people there have a festival of some sort where every member if the landing crew gets dressed in 3 different colours that represent who they are (like Guide, Protector?).At some point Jim takes a walk and hurts his feet. Later he is in a relatioship with Bones and spock who gave him some sort of necklace in gold (i think bones got one in silver) .

It would be wonderful if someone would recognize wich one this is. Thanks
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I recall reading this fic shortly after Star Trek Beyond premiered. My google-fu has failed me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Read more... )

Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] judybrowneyes54.

The story is:

Holding Pattern by Shoreleave
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Hi! Do you know any good fics with underestimated Jim? Maybe something where people think he is an idiot when in reality he is veeery intelligent? Or they think he sleeps around all the time and he doesn't? I would prefer if it was either m/m or without pairing (i've already read the 'Ingenious Idiot' on Ao3)

Lost Bones

Mar. 13th, 2017 05:43 pm
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I'm looking for a fic where Jim and Bones are together and then Bones suddenly disappears. Much later, he appears again but he's been gone a long time, he was misplaced somewhere in time. He meets up with Jim again who is now older than he is. Bones still loves Jim because to him no time has passed, but to Jim, Bones is practically a stranger.

remember what happened after that. Does anyone remember this fic? I think I read it on ao3 a long time ago.
Your help is appreciated.
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I've been searching for a fic I read on ao3 some years ago. The only things I can remember about it were that 1) it was a Spirk fanfic and 2) there was a scene were Kirk was "confessing" to Mccoy, he was practicing to do a real confession to Spock or something like that, and Spock accidentally hears it and thinks Kirk is in love with Mccoy. That’s it, I know it sounds cheesy (maybe it is, I can’t remember) but I’m kinda becoming desperate (I made a livejournal account just to ask this…), I’ve been searching for months.

Thanks for your future answers!
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I'm looking for a McKirk fic that I'm sure is on AO3 but I can't find for life. I can't exactly remember if Jim and Bones are already a couple (I think they are), but Bones has to spend some time at another ship or starbase for a few weeks. The ship/starbase receive some special cargo that is locked in cargo bay with some medicine Bones need for a (female) crewmember who suffers from some rare condition. Anyway there is a Klingon attack and Bones goes through the vents in an attempt to retrive the medicine. Turns out the Kinglons are after some money/gold that was in the cargo bay, some stupid brass was involved and all, Bones is hurt but is a 110% BAMF, Jim and the Enterprise come to the rescue and all is well in the universe.

Also, if someone out there has a copy or link for Elaine_Penny "Skin", I would be forerever grateful - I know I've asked it before, but it is worth a try.

Thanks in advance!
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1. Winona had killed Kodos and was in prison. Spock gets in contact with her. He wanted to learn about Kirk's past because he wanted to date Kirk. At one point Kirk and Spock are having dinner and when Spock makes a move on Kirk is hits him over the head. Spock wakes up in Sickbay.

2. This happens after Vulcan is destroyed. Bones and Galia are engaged. I believe that Spock and Kirk are bonded. Spock sends a note from the Vulcan embassy that he is going to end their bond. He wants to help rebuild Vulcan. Sarek and Old Spock try to change his mind. Jim is packing up their apartment because he is going on a 5 year mission. He puts all of the memento from his relationship with Spock in a b ox. Sarek comes to talk to Jim and he takes the box to Spock.
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Hello! First time posting here. There is a fic where Bones get caught in a cave in with Jim outside. He tells Jim that he is fine and to go on ahead back to the Enterprise. I think someone else was injured and Jim had to go back asap. The thing is that Jim asks if Bones is ok and the Doctor says he is perfectly fine, so Jim goes. Turns out he wasn't and Jim is pissed because they found him half dead and he had just LEFT Bones there. I was sure I had it saved but I don't know if I'm forgetting to do so, or if FFNet and Archiveofourown are deleting my favs. Anyone know the fic I'm talking about? I don't remeber if it's one fic or like a chapter of a whole. I think it was gen. Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for a fic where Jim, Bones and Spock are together. Bones gets very sick, dying even, i don't remember what happened to him, but Jim can't deal with watching him die and freaks out and even stops visiting Bones. Spock is the one who visits and takes care of Bones. Slowly he starts getting better (don't remember how) Christine makes it her mission to get him completely well and pushes Bones with his rehab, gets him past his depression,and his wanting to give up; she's awesome! Bones slowly starts to improve but Jim can't and won't face Bones or Spock either. I think at the end Bones seeks out Jim to confront him.

Any help in finding this would be greatlybappreciated. Thank you in advance.
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I've tried finding this on AO3 again but none of the keywords are getting me what I want. I think it's mostly from Kirk's POV, he's unresponsive after a mission gone wrong and everyone thinks he's in a coma but he "wakes up" every so often and can hear everything. There's some jerk in the captain's chair who demands he be moved out of sickbay because he's not getting better and he's taking up valuable bed space, so McCoy moves Kirk to his own quarters. After six months or so, Kirk recovers and goes up to the bridge and punches the jerk in the face.
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So I am looking for an older Spock/Kirk fic. I can't remember all of it, btu I do remember that it had a scene where Spock was riding Kirk and he bounced on Kirk hard enough to break Kirk's hip while he was still inside Spock and they had to summon Bones for help while still joined together.

Does anyone remember that one?
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Hi! So I have no idea why I always love seeing my favorite characters get hurt, but does anyone know any good fics where Kirk gets hurt (doing something hero-ey preferably, not because he was being dumb) and Mccoy has to fix him back up, while all the time being worried for his best friend (or his lover. Whichever works)

I've been scouring all the fic sites for stories like this, and I'm still craving more!

Thanks :)
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So I really have a craving for fics where leonard is secretly an alien (or like half alien) and no one knows until something bad happens. Like he gets hurt or there's a no-hope situation where he has to act if they're going to live, but I can't find any, and I'd really appreciate it if someone could find one?
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does anyone knows of a McKirk fanfic from AO3 where Jim gave Bones a caduceus (medical insigna) gift of some sort? He gave Bone both the caduceus and the Rod of Asclepius since he wasn’t sure which is the right one.

i think it’s kind of an au, but i’m not really sure. hope someone could help me! :DDDDD
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Hello! I've recently been on a Spones binge and was recommended some fics by the author stage-longsama, however her fics seem to have been deleted. I was wondering if anyone had a copy?

More Than is Dreamt of
In The Discovery
Still Remains
Traveling Genes

and those are the only ones I know of, there are possibly more. Thanks!

5+1 Fic

Nov. 12th, 2016 11:23 am
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I'm pretty sure it was a 5+1 fic where Jim gets hurt or saves each of the crew but this is the scene I remember:
Chekov is trapped in a room on the enterprise that contains a poisonous plant that they can't risk opening the doors for but he only has like 2% oxygen left. Kirk knocks Spock down, who gets pissed, and get chekov out only to put himself in.
I think it was background Spock/Kirk and on ff.net
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Hi all,
I'm looking for any fics set during/after Star Trek Into Darkness that deal with the injuries Spock must have had after Khan tries to crush his skull. I'm looking for fics that deal with Bones discover and treating the injuries. Particularly a sucker for any fics that mention head/skull injuries specifically.
On a related request, I would love recs for any fics, AOS or original verse, where Bones has to perform surgery on Spock, particularly where it's a complicated procedure.
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I am looking for an old, old story. It is Kirk/McCoy, I believe, and it involved Jocelyn coming aboard the Enterprise. I don't think Kirk knew that it was Jocelyn, Mccoy's ex, that he was welcoming aboard. I think she was with her new husband? At some point, she might have been trying to seduce Kirk or was spying on him for some reason?

Help! It's driving me nuts that I can't find it!
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I am looking for a AOS Bones/Kirk fic and it was hilariously funny. I don't remember the author or the title.
I know I read this on livejournal but Jim & Bones were in a relationship, there was glitter involved the story somehow, Jim was a giant 14 yr old girl. He gets kidnapped and help by some princess or queen or something and when Bones finds him he asks "Why is your life PORN Jim?!" Porn was all caps.
In the end, Jim send the kidnapper a gift basket because she got bones to admit he loves Jim.
I hope somebody remembers this story. It was so funny and I would love to read it again.

Thanks for the help,
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Hey y'all. I am trying to find a fic that I read a long long time ago and now can not find it for the life of me. I know I read it on fanfiction.net, but if someone can find it on other platforms I will take that.

It has been a few years so the details are a little sketchy. I remember there was definite Bones/Kirk tones, although I can't remember if it was shipping or just all the friendship. It wasn't an excessively long fic, it was stand alone, not a part of a big story. Basics is that Kirk was being tortured by an alien race. I think he was in a glass tube or something and they were giving him a drug that made him see all the bridge crew die in front of him and all he could do was pound on the glass.

Potentially the same fic or a different one, same idea in that aliens made him see his crew die in front of him, but I am remembering (maybe) a scene in which they are all on the bridge and either the drug thing happens then or they replay/etc. their deaths and Bones has to grab Kirk to make him realize it is not true while the rest of the bridge watches (with surprise?)

Any help is appreciated, thanks so much!


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