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This was a oneshot I read on ao3 what can't have been very long ago. Sometime last year. It was maybe 1000-3000 words or so?

Kirk is recovering from coming back from the dead after Into Darkness, and Spock Prime pops in for a visit. Spock Prime says what I'm sure were very nice things that likely boiled down to "hey its cool youre not dead and all". The part of the fic I remember most was Spock Prime taking Jim's hand and kinda getting touchy with it (I think with Jim being like uhhhhhhh what), but as that's happening reboot!Spock walks in and they quickly seperate hands. Jim starts blushing ALOT and I think Spock Prime has an air of mischief about the whole thing. Reboot Spock just kinda pointedly looks at Spock Prime in annoyance (raises an eyebrow probably) and moves on.

Also I'm like 80% sure it was rated teen audiances (with the other 20% being sure its gen) because that's where I troll for my fluff.

Something that may have happened in this fic too but I the more I think about it the more I'm positive I'm getting it confused with another fic is Reboot Spock chewing out Spock Prime because "you know he doesn't know what it means when you do that [touch hands] right" and Spock Prime being all "gurl, ask me if igaf". So if you recall a fic like that I'd enjoy that one too.



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