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Hi! I kept this fic on my computer about five years ago. Is is a longish McCoy/Kirk, one of my so loved favourites but so many years after I forgot the author's name, and... It was on LJ, for sure, Groundhog AU, and I ask you - help me, please!

Here's the head and some part from the story...

Pairing: McCoy/Kirk
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: yeah, I wish I owned a tiny part of this franchise....
Wordcount: 31.568
Warnings: major character death (spoilerish info in white follows: it's a Groundhog Gay story, he will be back, promise!), angst, heavy d/s, orgasm denial

This part is now beta-ed by the most awesom

Day One

He was already running down the corridor to the bridge, one hand still fastening his trousers, the other fumbling with his yellow shirt, before his mind had a chance to wake up.
They were on red alert, and the sound that had woken him up completely had been the communications officer calling the alpha shift crew to the bridge.

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If you google that block of words, you get to this :

"Tuition" by avidita

On AO3 : archiveofourown.org/works/2556203

Haven't read it but the first paragraph is exactly what you quoted.


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