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 Been looking for hours now, beginning to think I imagined this fic... Someone suggested asking here so I've got my fingers crossed!

Basic plot was KS go to New Vulcan after Sarek demands Spock come and Bond with a vulcan and procreate, and they arrive and Kirk sticks around because they are Together and he's upset about having to say goodbye. The Enterprise folks help out around New Vulcan, including a geological survey team. There's another half-vulcan there, a girl who is in a relationship with a female Vulcan. Kirk goes on a survey of an underwater reservoir with her and there's a cave in or something and he falls into cold water with another Vulcan and "dies" but Spock retrieves his body and he and Old Spock bring Jim back to life somehow, and they end up working it out that the girls can have the babies and the boys can take off for space again and no one has to bond with anyone they don't want to but everyone did their Vulcan duty and procreated.

There was also a side plot with "Cupcake" and his girlfriend and Kirk underestimating her and I'm pretty sure she reprogrammed his room replicator to give him special coffee on top of doing a lot of other things he didn't expect or know about.

I hope that's enough info... Thank you for any help you can give!

EDIT: Located it, Coming Home by Awarrington

Date: 2017-04-22 03:25 pm (UTC)
corylea: I'm pretty sure you know whose eyebrow this is. :-) (Eyebrow)
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That's a wonderful story! But then again, nearly anything by Amanda Warrington is wonderful. ;-)


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