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Looking for a story? a specific Genre/Pairing? Remember something from a story, but you can't find it? Then you are in the right place!

Any questions about how this works? Want to affiliate with this community? Reply here :)
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Good news: It looks like all or most of the entries have successfully imported, so the Entries page is now nicely populated.

Irksome news: However, the comments aren't there yet. This takes a bunch of time even under normal circumstances, but under what may be pretty heavy load at this time, I'm guessing it might take another day or three.

Promising news: Membership there is ticking up gradually. I encourage everyone to consider joining the community there, too, even if you don't have a DW membership. You can do so under OpenID, much like you can here.

Happy fic-seeking, both here and at!
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For those migrating from [ profile] st_ficfinder, welcome to our Dreamwidth home! We are very much under construction, as the importation from LJ is going very slowly. I'm hoping that the comments from the LJ site will make it over here so that the work of finding and linking the fics people sought/are seeking is preserved.

While waiting for the import to finish, I'll do what I can to resurrect the site style we had over at LJ in between RL gigs during this very busy time. That said, if anyone has any ideas for a better site design that's also DW friendly, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Your Friendly Mod,
Blackbird Song
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Hi folks,

Given the new ToS that I've been forced to accept in order to post anything on LJ, including here, I've decided to import and mirror this community over on Dreamwidth.

There are several reasons for this, but first among them is that LJ is now operational under and subject to the laws of the Russian Federation, which means that any post viewed as favoring LGBTQ+ people or content may incur penalty and/or removal. Given some of the fic requests here, I view that as a threat to our community.

The import is going slowly, but the comm name over there is I'd suggest giving it some time before checking it out because even if I don't have to restart said import, I still have to finish setting up our profile and it is past time for me to turn into a pumpkin and sleep tonight.
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For ease of reporting spam and other abuse, please let me know of it via this sticky post, which I will also edit as needed. For the time being, this community will remain on [E.T.A. partially] moderated status due to a rash of spam posts today (January 6th, 2017).

Update January 8th, 2017: For the time being, I have removed YouTube from this community's links white list. If this works as it should, all posts with a YT link should enter the moderation queue.

Update January 21st, 2017: I try to check in here at least once a day, but there are times when I can't. Your reporting of spam entries helps enormously, so kudos and please keep it up!

Tonight I deleted 2 suspicious comments from this post and unspammed one on another post. Suspicious comments hide better than spam posts, so if you become aware of those and need a mod's help, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Happy fic-seeking,
Blackbird Song
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May I make a request of the mods here?

I don't know if this is a paid account or not, if it is, would it be possible for you to opt out of using LJ's default style?
If you're unaware, a few days ago LJ switched all mobile users to their default style setting of Air - which is appallingly difficult to read, as well as making basic layout features, such as sidebars, invisible. It is unable to be changed by individual users except in regards to their own journals.
LJ gives us hundreds of options to design our journals, and then in one fell swoop, prevents half their users from seeing any of them. I am utterly befuddled.

On requesting support, I was given the following advice:

"When using a mobile web browser, a community will display with the site's default scheme unless the community is both a paid account and has opted out of using the site's default style. This is the only combination of settings that will affect how a community appears on mobile web browsers."

The instructions for opting out of this, and allowing users to see the community in the style chosen by the mods, is here

I'm not sure if you are able to do this, but if so, I would be extremely grateful if you would consider it.

Thank you.
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Hello all,

In light of recent incidents on LJ of malware being posted in videos and links, I've toggled the moderation settings so that non-whitelisted outside links will go into the moderation queue. I'm going to see how this goes for a week or so, as I have some down time during which I can monitor things and respond quickly. If this proves burdensome to the community or to me, I'll change it back.

I have also removed one suspended and a number of purged accounts from the membership list. I plan to do this every couple of months, as time permits. I did not, to the best of my care and knowledge, remove any accounts listed simply as "Deleted". If I have removed you in error, please let me know as soon as you can so that I can correct my procedure. Membership isn't moderated, of course, so you can rejoin without my say-so.

Your Friendly Comm Owner,
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So in lj newest news post they say they have turned on some kind of 'suspicious comments' filter that will screen spam comments. It seems to work at random. I found some non-spam comments on here that had been screened. If your comment gets screened, please let me know.

Edit: I changed some spam settings on the comm, hopefully this will help in your comments not getting screened.
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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if any of you had the time and the want to be a maintainer of [ profile] st_ficfinder? It would mostly involve adding/correcting tags, removing spam and maybe helping out with a new journal style? Please send me a PM if interested. Thank you.

If you guys have any idea on how to make the comm better, let me know. Or is it fine as it is now?


Jun. 3rd, 2009 01:30 am
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Looking for a story? a specific Genre/Pairing? Remember something from a story, but you can't find it? Then you are in the right place!

Any questions? Post here :)


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