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Kirk is unhappy in Riverside and makes a wish on a star. Q appears and offers to send him to an alternate universe where he will find his soulmate. Kirk accepts and is sent to AU Vulcan and is taken in by Amanda (I think). They are royalty and have hidden their son Spock away in an indoor garden. Kirk accidentally stumbled upon Spock in the midst of his Pon Farr. They accidentally form a bond and Sarek is of course not pleased. Cue lots of pining, secret rendezvous, and eventual happy ending Spirk.
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I have been on a hunt for voyager seaquest crossover where Q dumps Lucas on Voyager saving him. Basically Harry/Lucas slash. I tracked an earlier version of the story based in St:no author name Dennis but the website link was broken and not archived on the way back machine. If some knows this and has a working link, or a copy I would be dearly grateful.
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I'm just wondering if there are any MORE fics that are AUs of "Deja Q" where Q Consortium kicks Q out, and dumps him on the Enterprise.

I have read....
Only Human by Alara J Rogers

Working in Groups, also by A J Rogers....

The Lowest Common Denominator by qeriana

I also read a couple of humanQ fics by Mercutio. I think I found links for them off Alara Rogers Happy plain text page.
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My first timing positing so I apologize if it’s awkward.  I’m trying to find a fic I read quite some time ago, where Q shows up and tests reboot Kirk to see whether he or Kirk Prime is the better captain.  Something about how only one timeline can exist so the universe with the better Kirk will be the survivor.  Reboot Kirk believes himself to be inferior, but proves to be the better captain, because he is willing to let Spock sacrifice himself for the greater good despite Kirk’s personal feelings.   Does anyone know the title and where to find it?

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What I remember:  Q was in this fic and decided to mess with Kirk by making it so that McCoy never existed.  Everyone that he saved was dead and no one even knew who he was.  Kirk refused to believe that McCoy wasn't real and was put into an insane asylum?  Anyway Q undoes everything and the world was as it should be except for the fact that Kirk is completely in love with McCoy and it really glad that he exists.  Q comes back later and tests Kirk somehow forcing him to practically declare his love for McCoy.  Anyway there's a happy ending.

Please help!
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It's me again. My library of spirk fics is growing. This time I am looking for 2 fics.

1. AU. Earth does not know about aliens. Jim hates his life and Q rescues him. Spock is a prince and has become feral.

2. This story is the sequel. Jim is a kid and is kidnapped by Orions. Sarek saves him and Spock thinks he is a present for him. Jim asks if Spock is an elf because "santa" said he would take Jim to sees some elves.

It is guaranteed that if you find one, you will find the over.
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So, I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago, but for the life of me I can't find it again, and I could have sworn I saved it ._. obviously I didn't.

So! Apparently the reboot verse is one of many alternate universes, and the people who apparently control those things decide that they need tog et rid of some universes, and the reboot one is chosen. Q goes onto the Enterprise and tells them this, but gives them a chance to earn their right to stay as a universe and live. I know that Kirk has to face some sort of trial to prove that he's as good as or better than the TOS Kikrk, and what happens is something like in the 'Wrath of Khan' and Kirk ends up asking Spock to give his life to try to save the Enterprise, something the other Kirk never would have and ends up proving himself? I can't remember what Spock had to do but he had to prove himself too I think.

Anyone know the story I'm talking about?

Thank you ahead of time if you can help!

-----EDIT Found, linked in comments!

♥, Rin


Feb. 18th, 2010 12:10 am
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I can't find this fic to save my life!

So Q shows up and messes with Kirk's brain making him think that McCoy never existed, Jim outsmarts him and there is a showdown on the Enterprise where Q makes Jim choose between McCoy and the 800 lives on the ship.

Please help!!
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I'm looking for any stories centering around Q(john d'lacy)..no death fics please, anything else is fine.

Thank you


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