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I just finished watching the TOS episode "The Conscience of the King" and I was wondering if anyone knows of any stories that take place during or after the episode.  Especially dealing with Kirk and how the whole ordeal effected him.  Any pairing or Gen is fine.  One-shot or Epic length would be great.  Thank you!
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I'm almost certain this was set after "Paradise Syndrome," or the reboot re-imagining thereof.
The scene I remember is that Kirk and Spock are in the hallway/turbolift when Spock finally collapses from exhaustion. He's trying to stay awake and get back up, and Kirk and McCoy convince him to finally let himself rest.

Anyone know of it?
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So this is what I rememeber. It's based off of the Reboot movie. It follows along with the original series episodes. I think it's mainly Spock's pov but might go back and forth between povs with Kirk. It's Spock/Kirk and is super super long (like over 70 chapters). I'm pretty sure it was on livejournal but I might be wrong. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hey-Looking for a review type thingy that was on fanfiction.net a few months ago that evaluated each episode of the original series in terms of the slashy relationship of Kirk and Spock. I have been rewatching the series and have no people nearby who I can squee to about significant moments and that can show me some other "fascinating" moments that I might have missed.

Also any meta things and reviews on the original series will be brilliant. I would love to read up on the backstory behind the making of the series and indeed what other people make of it.

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Are there any fics based around Bones' Xenopolycythemia (his illness in The World is Hollow and I have touched the sky)? I don't really mind if it's reboot version or original, just something dealing with it, though reboot would be sort of fun though him getting it so young would be werid... maybe it's brought on by being in space (his fear of space would be totally justified...). Or fic involving his overdose of cortozine in the City on the edge of tomorrow, there was so much potential for more Bones in that episode, and so much H/C between him, Kirk and spock and all we got was the love affair of Kirk and Edith... sigh...

I know I ask a lot, but I just keep coming up with fic idea's I'd love to read. This one's sort of broad. Fics where Bones has to actually take part in some sort of ritual on a planet (like the gladitorial arena in bread and circus'). Or something where he is used as bait for something.

Also, are there fics about reboot McCoy after the film, Or rather, after the Romulan bit, I mean, the man's been working constantly for hours, be there fics that praise him or his awesomeness at CMOing and his ability to deal with the crisis? I've read Switch which sort of did this, and there was another fic (can't recall the title) that sounded promising, but I got an access denied so now I'm pining fr good fic like this.
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I'm looking for one specific story that I know is somewhere out there but have not been able to find again for the life of me, and I'm also interested in a more general search for fics after seeing the episode By Any Other Name. But first is first:

1. I first thought that this fic had to take place during STiii-STiv, but I've since realized that the story could've started earlier (during the previous films, or even the series itself), and followed along until the fal-tor-pan and its aftermath. I also can't remember if it was a stand-alone or a series of fics.

What I can remember is that when Kirk goes to free George & Gracie from where they've been trapped in their underwater container by the impact of the ship's crash near the end of TVH, he wonders something to himself along the lines of if it would really matter if he wasn't able to get to the surface before he ran out of air (or something like that) - because Spock either can't recall their connection (it might've been an actual bond, I can't recall), or he can remember it, but not the emotion associated with it, and therefore does not want to acknowledge it anymore.

I am also pretty sure that (either later on in that story, if it was a one-shot - or if it was part of a series, in a subsequent story), we get Spock's POV of that moment, realizing that Jim doesn't think he (Spock) cares whether or not Jim lives or dies (or something like that). I'm pretty sure it ends with them together again...

I'd really appreciate it if someone is able to help me with this. I've done a ton of searches for fics covering ST3-4 and/or fal-tor-pan (I've even checked any that mention whales), but while I've found several wonderful stories, I haven't been able to find that one, and it's started driving me nuts. *g*

2. The second (more general) search I was wondering about is due to having just seen the episode By Any Other Name for the first time, and wondering if there are any fics that mention the similarities between the situation that Kirk faced in that episode, and what he went through on Tarsus IV (his reactions to the "neutralization plan" seemed to indicate that he'd made that connection...) I've looked through a couple Tarsus lists and there's that wonderful list of episode-based fics that I really love, but I haven't been able to find any that reference that episode... If anyone knows of any, I'd love to read them.

And while I'm posting, actually, are there any other resources like that one I linked to in the previous paragraph, that lists fics based on episodes?

Thanks for everything!
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My requests are pretty straight forward ( I think)
One: I'm looking for any stories out there that are related/extensions of TOS episodes (excluding Amok Time, I'll seek out Pon Farr fics when the time comes X3). No, seriously, any fics that are written in the times during or after episodes from any season of TOS. I just like reading the extra insights that authors have to offer when they write the stories. Gen, action, romantic/erotic ... doesn't matter. I'm open to any and all; TOS verse or Reboot, because I know that certain episodes have been "rebooted".

Two: blind!Spock. oh yeah, totally revisited Operation: Annihilate!  tonight, so now I'm left jonesing for stories about Spock's blindness. You know, what if his site didn't return, how did he deal? Who helped him through it? Did he have to leave the Enterprise? Was there sexy uber-tactile sexin? (mmhmm, I'm a perv)

Three: Telepathic!Kirk. Does this exist? This is a random fixation I've been having lately and I keep for getting to ask for. Any story where Kirk has temporary or permanent telepathy (either born with it or it's on-set). I'd even be interested in fics where he is especially sensitive to telepaths even if he himself does not possess the powers. :shrug: I'd love to see how he would interact with Spock. Basically Kirk with a psi reading higher than null.

thank you!


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