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I'm looking for a WIP that was posted on strek-id-kink (I think). It was an au where Vulcans keep rescuing humans and keep them not so much as slave, but like beloved pets? The humans are confused and don't know what to make of this and tend to fight back (at least at first). Jim had had a hard time of it and when caught he ends up submitting because he thinks it's the only way he can get them to help Pike who was hurt.

There is a language barrier issue because Vulcan's don't speak English, Jim can't speak Vulcan, but Jim is thought to be clever because he does try.

There were lots of parts and even though I know it wasn't finished the last time I looked at it I think it had over 30 part, most likely more. I thought I had saved them, but can't find them and have rebuilt my computer since. Also it looks like the kink meme I found it was purged so while I find what look like links to it I can't actually find a page with it and I have no idea who actually posted it.

If someone knows where it might be archived or could point me in the right direction that would be great.
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Hi all, I'm searching for an old fic called 'When Dads come home' by Rose Aislin. All the links I've found go to her journal - which has been deleted. I was hoping someone had another link to it? Or had a saved copy they'd be willing to share?

It's a Jim/Bones fic where Bones takes Jim with him to visit Jo, and Jo and her friend assume that Jim and Bones are totally dating. I believe it was a fill for the kink meme - if that helps.


(I'd also be happy with any fics by Rose Aislin if anyone has or knows where to find any others - but this is the one I was craving to reread tonight and couldn't find)
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I'm looking for a Star Trek fic from the STXI kink meme where Jim has never had an orgasm, and people in the past--girl friends, Gary Mitchel, one night stands--have all tried to help him, but he just can't/won't/doesn't want to let himself orgasm, but then Bones--current boyfriend--finds this out and takes really good care of Jim and then he does come and everyone is happy that Jim is finally in a healthy relationship.
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Couple months ago I found this prompt - it had multiple (at least 3, and with at least one completed) fills, and for the life of me I can't find it again.
The prompt was something like "Kirk has unrequited love for Spock, but Spock says no - and then a long time later the table turns Spock has unrequited love for Kirk" (this is my short version btw, it was worded differently I'm sure).

So.. help? I'd be happy to read any fic with this theme, but finding that prompt post again would be awesome.
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I know the title and I've looked everywhere, but I can't find it. Can someone kindly help me? It's from a kink meme... Basically Kirk is drugged/drunk and the male characters pass him around at the table they sit at. No one realizes that Kirk is being raped because it just looks like he's dancing and it's dark. For some reason, it is impossible to find! Thanks beforehand!

Kink Memes

Apr. 24th, 2013 11:41 am
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Does Star Trek have any active kink memes? Either movie verse or both. I will also be fine with pairing centric memes.
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I think it was on the kink meme somewhere, but I'm not sure. It was Kirk/Spock and Kirk used puppy play (pretended like he was a dog) as a form of stress relief. On the Enterprise though there was no one there to watch him and make sure he didn't get hurt until Spock found out and offered to help.

Found it! http://lurk-more.livejournal.com/1353.html
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I ran across this fic a few years ago, where several members of the crew got genderswapped. I don't remember what if any pairings were involved, but the fic focused, at least in part, on coping with the gender dysphoria. I thought it was on one of the old kink memes, but I may be wrong. Any ideas?
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So I was browsing the ST_xi_kink diigo archive and I came across this prompt:

Time-warp/alternate-universe!fic - McCoy/Kirk - Kirk gets sucked through a wormhole and ends up in an alternate universe where he's married to Bones and Joanna is their adopted daughter. Bones is a Iowan veterinarian, Kirk is a mechanic and there's no such thing as "interplanetary space travel" because the year is 2019! As Kirk tries to find a way back to his own time/universe, he finds himself developing feelings for his "husband"

I'm pretty sure it's by atomic skulls, judging by a link given but the page is deleted, :(
Anyone have a copy??
Thanks in advance!!
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Searching for an AU fic where Bones and Joanna live on a farm and Liz Dehner sends Jim to recover from the Farragut tragedy. I'm pretty sure it was a fill for a kink meme. I hope I didn't dream this fic!
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I think this might have been a fill on the kink meme, but the premise is that kirk and spock are together, the crew is watching an exotic dancer, and Spock manages to have sex w. kirk in the middle of a crowded room because he has a retractable peen. McCoy is a witness...and it almost slays him because, obvi, it is like the hottest thing ever.

sound familiar?

edit:Found! Thanks!

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The fics I'm looking for were on the kink meme; however, I can't seem to find them on the delicious page. The fics are anything involving space jail and mostly center on the fact that Chekov is a virgin. But any space jail fic is great too. Thanks! :)


May. 21st, 2010 12:47 am
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Hi a few days ago I was reading a fic over at the kink meme delicious site and I closed by browser without saving and now I can't find it. It was a Spock/McCoy and it was age play with Jim being the baby now I found one in the WIP part but that one only has eight part and the one I was reading had more parts (I'm sure of this since I usually don't read Spock?McCoy or age play), but they were similar

Thanks for the help.
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 I can't remember much, but I think it was posted on the kink meme.

It included Kirk sneakily flirting with Spock by sending him very explicit images through touch. I think one included Spock fucking him on the bridge or in a turbolift or something.

Anyways, failing that I would love any recs you guys might have for fics in which Kirk seduces Spock with less conventional methods=)

Please and thank you.
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After suddenly realizing I hadn't checked up on this fics in a while, I found that I can't for the life of me find them. I'm sure they were both reboot but here are some things I can remember:

-One has to do with Kirk gaining powers and getting possessive over Spock and finally snapping when an ambassador type person tries to flirt with him. Kirk then proceeds to take Spock away and cue sexy tiems. I'm pretty sure this was on the kink meme AND had to do with the monster on Delta Vega.

-The other one I'm a little foggy on and dammit I can't place whether it was on the kink meme or not. Either way all I remember is that there's a transporter malfunction, Kirk gets two Spocks landed on him, Mirrorverse and small!Spock. Then somehow they all disappear including his own Spock and he is transported to some crazy place that keeps changing randomly, taking him to other places. Mirror!Kirk also shows up and tiny!Spock's Kirk also comes. I remember a cave too.

Help please?

ETA: The second one found! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5142749/1/Brain_Matter

And the first one as well~ http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5346786/1/Itia_Monstrum & http://community.livejournal.com/st_xi_kink/5912.html?thread=20467224

Thanks so much for the help! :)
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This is actually very embarrassing, but I'm trying to find a story that was written on either the first or second kink memes. In it, due to stress Spock's developed a disorder where he unintentionally misplaces words when he talks. For example, instead of asking for a tricorder, he'd ask a person to hand him a potato, and he doesn't realize his mistakes until people confront him with it.

Preeeetty sure it was Kirk/Spock, but it could have been Spock/McCoy or even Gen. Thanks for your help!
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Hey all, I was wondering if anybody remembered where a prompt was. I believe the prompt included an unintended bond between Spock and Kirk, but the catch being that Kirk is happy with McCoy. It was an angst prompt since the Kirk/Spock bit was onesided and they have to sever the bond and the last thing he feels before the bond is broken is all the happiness Kirk feels about being free from the bond with Spock. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. :D
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Probably from the kink meme: Spock is anorexic, McCoy has to override the food replicators ... help!

Many thanks in advance.
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Hi! Help? I'm looking for 2 fics from the kink meme:

1) Kirk & Spock have a son named Leo who stays with Sarek during Spock's pon farr.

2) Kirk's hand on the small of Spock's back. from McCoy's perspective.

Thank you in advance.
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Hi all,

I'm looking for any fics where Spock secretly loves when hearing endearments from Kirk (baby, love...etc). Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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