Feb. 24th, 2017

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Hi All,
I'm looking for any DS9 and Voyager crossover stories where Garak/Bashir are together, and somehow encounter any of the crew of Voyager, particularly Chakotay, Torres, etc. I'm curious if there's any stories that have any scenes of the Voyager crew reacting to an augmented human and a cardassian in a relationship? On the same vein, if there are any Garak/Bashir stories where they meet Picard, that would also be amazing! Thanks!
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Hi! Does anybody have a copy of Twin High Maintenance Machines by cautionzombies?

The summary goes like so:

Spock has a curious sensation of his skin being too tight, which is illogical. He is in exceptional physical shape and has no injuries or illnesses of which to speak.
However, he continues to experience mild suffocation throughout their two-hour game, and only once he leaves, after Jim has drifted into sleep, can he breathe without pain in his chest.

I can't seem to find it onAo3, and waybackmachine isn't helpful :( If someone has a copy do let me know, thanks!


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