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Hi! Do you know any good fics with underestimated Jim? Maybe something where people think he is an idiot when in reality he is veeery intelligent? Or they think he sleeps around all the time and he doesn't? I would prefer if it was either m/m or without pairing (i've already read the 'Ingenious Idiot' on Ao3)
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Hi All,
I'm looking for any DS9 and Voyager crossover stories where Garak/Bashir are together, and somehow encounter any of the crew of Voyager, particularly Chakotay, Torres, etc. I'm curious if there's any stories that have any scenes of the Voyager crew reacting to an augmented human and a cardassian in a relationship? On the same vein, if there are any Garak/Bashir stories where they meet Picard, that would also be amazing! Thanks!
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Hello all! I am looking for Reboot fics where due to Jim & Crew

1)many more Vulcans were able to evacuate?

2) Or where Vulcan was damaged but not completely destroyed?

3) I remember a scene where many Vulcans were beamed aboard a ship, as well as I think it was a pride of le-matya?

4) Also A fic where Kirk worked/created on the Enterprise programming/design and the crew is surprised?

I would prefer Gen or Spirk stories please. Any suggestions please?
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Hey y'all. I'm trying to find a fic that I remember in which Kirk has to call someone (I think a pirate) while on the bridge. He has Uhura pull up the comm info and then says call them, then freaks out and says not to, and then has her call them before he says no again. I think the person was a pirate or someone, and they joke about how he had punched Kirk and that Kirk had left him for jail. Everyone on the bridge is kinda weirded out by the conversation and Spock asks all the questions after. Might have ties to Tarsus IV, I think Kirk was calling the pirate dude because he needed someone to get through an embargo or something similar to Tarsus, or the dude new about Tarsus, or something. I think it was a part of a longer fic but idk at this point. Any help is appreciated, thank you!!!
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I am looking for a few type of stories all in the new Star Trek universe:
1) I am looking for any stories where Jim hears the last few moments of his father's life.
I prefer gen or slash

2) I am looking for stories where in the first Film (AU) Nero recognizes Jim when he is standing next to Spock on the bridge and perhaps mentions/hints at a relationship between Spock and Jim. Or any stories where Nero Recognizes Jim during that scene.

3)can anyone recommend any stories where Vulcan was warned due to Jim to evacuate asap? Or due to Jim's and the crews actions were able to save more Vulcans than shown in the films?

4) Also I read a fic where Kirk had a hand in building the Enterprise; programming, engineering, etc. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Please & Thank you for any help.
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Hi, I'm looking for this one fanfic that I read a while back and can't find. I read it on fanfiction.net, and it's set after the Narada. Kirk is taking on a bunch of different jobs and duties all over the academy and is really over worked. He (and a bunch of other senior cadets) help teach classes and stuff to fill the gap. Anyone know what it is?
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Hey, back again. So I'm pretty sure this is either on KS Archive or livejournal, but then again I may be wrong. Anyway, here's what I remember:

Spock is this super computer that can mess with the universe. Jim finds in him in this secure facility in Starfleet. He starts talking with Spock, gets to know him, even helps Spock as the computer escape (?). Somehow or other Spock starts messing with universe in order to get himself a body, then some way to stay with Jim, and somehow reboot happens, I think. They do wind up on Vulcan somehow and meet T'Pol.

Yeah, it's confusing, but it was really interesting, so would love to read it again. :D


Oct. 2nd, 2015 01:20 am
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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good stories where Winona is serving on another ship and comes into contact with the Enterprise i.e. she's head engineer on a ship and gives the Enterprise a hand after their battle with Nero. I don't mind what her relationship with Jim is or if they are on good or bad terms. I would prefer gen or Kirk/Spock but I'm not too bothered about pairings. Any help would be fantastic :D.
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Hey! :)

I'm looking for a specific Kirk/Spock fic.
I think it was set reboot!Verse, but I'm not sure. (Reboot or TOS... Reboot, probably).

In this fic the Starfleet invited the first officers and captains to deepen their bond and - basically they had to get married (the fic started with Kirk and Spock already married); but, after some time, the regulation is declared "unconstitutional" (kinda. XD) and every marriage/bond must be dissolved (the fraternization policies are valid again).
It starts with Kirk and Spock receiving the "bad" news. (And it was angst! ... And probably on AO3. I'm not sure)

If someone remembers it... Thanks.

[identity profile] plot-monster.livejournal.com
I'm driving myself crazy looking for a fanfic, and I'm hoping someone can help me out. I can't remember the title, but I remember some details about the fic. It was more of a world building fanfic, focusing on the Federation/Starfleet politics, diplomacy and the consequences they face in the aftermath of Khan and Admiral Marcus. It featured an original female OC POV character, who I believe was agender/non-binary and used gender-neutral pronouns (xhe/xir I believe?) and is married to a female (but I can't remember her the alien race).

I believe I read it on Ao3, but I could be mistaken. Thank you for your help!
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Hello, I'm looking for a specific type of Tarsus fics (I'm pretty sure there were several):

any and all that have Jim having to deal with the topic of Tarsus IV in class. There might have been a prompt on the kinkmeme like this. I remember one where Jim had to take part in a debate about Tarsus and of course he drew the team that had to defend Kodos' actions. He then absolutely refused to take part in the debate/write the essay and the lecturer wanted to fail him when it comes out that Jim's actually lived through Tarsus.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
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I was wondering if there were any fem!kirk fics were she is T'Hy'La with Spock and if there were any Academy fics with Kirk (male or female) was with Spock and the Vulcans came to visit the academy and discover Spock was dating Kirk?
[identity profile] inthewind101.livejournal.com
Ok, I am new here and really happy to have found this place. I am looking FICs that focus on the early building of Jim and Spock's relationship.

1) Relationship has rocky or unsure or antagonistic start but they learn over time how to relate and get along (and maybe that they love each other)
2) So I love slash Kirk/Spock but this is not a requirement--the friendship/pre-slash building is the important part
3) TOS or AU is fine
4) The longer the FIC the better
5) Slow builds own my soul

Examples of this would be like
TOS Progression by KCS Friendship non-slash (a 5 times/1 time story)


AU Observations by Anon-J-Anon
This FIC is like over 400 k words and the first 120k are pure relationship building and its so wonderful.

BONUS Points: If there is smart! kirk (but not super!), protective!ness, and awesome bridge crew, & Spock narrator

PLEASE NO uhura bashing! (love how its handled in Observations)

Much love and thanks for your time and energy! 
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I am looking for a long (but not epic I think) in which Jim is the only human crew member on a Vulcan starship.

Sarek is the Captain and I think that Spock works in the scientific department, but I am not sure. Sarek warns multiples times Spock of the risk of involving himself with a human.

Jim is ostracized because of his humanity, which is seen as obscene and decadent. His emotional emissions are alluring, and Jim himself is so fascinating, so exotic. Spock is intrigued instead of repulsed but he holds himself in check. I think Jim initiates contact by sitting down to eat with him but I am not really sure either.

Then there is the most amazing pon'farr scene I have ever read. (The fic isn't about pon'farr, it's a slow build love story.) I clearly remember that Spock calls Jim his little temptress, and his perfect fucktoy and is clearly fascinated by his humanity, by the mere fact that he is human and acts human. Everything is glorious to him - Jim's baby blue eyes, his smile, his hair, his skin, his intelligence (because humans are not as smart are Vulcans but Jim is), his ears, etc... It's gorgeous.

I hope someone knows this fic, because it's really amazing and it deserves to be well-known!

FOUND: It's Treasures by yeaka. Thank [livejournal.com profile] sforthewicked!
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I am looking for 2 different themed fics:

1) Are there any fics, preferably Slash or Gen, where Jim Kirk hears the last conversation his father and mother have before the Kelvin crashes?

2) I vaguely remember a fic or 2 where Nero recognizes both Spock then Jim, Slash if I remember correctly. I think one of them was where Nero wanted Spock but was rejected. Does anyone know which ones? It has been awhile since last read.

Or any Slash or gen fics where Nero recognizes Jim as well.

Help? Please and Thank you.

Also are there any fics where Reboot Kirk gets to meet/speak to his father? To have him say that he is proud of him, etc?
[identity profile] hamrensel.livejournal.com
I don't remember a lot about this fic but what I do remember is either an assistant to Sarek or Spock Prime is aboard the Enterprise.  He says something insulting about Spock and gets punched in the face.  I know that is not a lot to go on but I hope that somebody recognizes it.
[identity profile] obsessionality.livejournal.com

It's been a while since I've posted here and I'm ridiculously grateful this comm exists!

I'm not looking for a specific fic but more a type of fic. I've always seen Jim Kirk as a very powerful, charismatic character. I've always seen him as with the ability to stand up for what he thinks is right, regardless of whom he's standing up against.

I'm looking for fics in which Jim has to make a stand, as a captain of the Enterprise, that he's not going to do something, or that he's going to do something, and consequences be damned. I think he'd be standing off against the Fleet, but I'm not picky about that. I'm just looking for an assertive, righteous Kirk, who's got contingency plan upon contingency plan, just in case this sort of thing were to happen. This would tie in to the whole Genius!kirk thing.

The cherry on top of the cake would be if everyone expected Spoke to be 'reasonable' and 'sensible' and to support the Fleet because that was his job, but Spock stood with Jim regardless, because he agrees with him.

This might be a rogue!Enterprise fic, where the entire crew goes with them, or an exile fic, where Jim (and Spock) are sent away for defying the authorities, or something. Viva la revolution. Idek. Looking for something darkish, but not mirror verse. Slash is great, but if not, gen please. I don't mind which universe it's in, TOS or STXI, either is fine.

I hope this isn't nonsense, and that something even vaguely similar to this exists out there. I'd appreciate any help I could get.

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Hello! I am searching for an AU fic where older teen-about to graduate Spock at the academy starts off as a guardian to younger teen Kirk-I think thir mothers know each other and hence Kirk is left under his guardianship. Kirk grows up desperate to be with Spock but Spock feels guilty because he feels it would be abusing his position as guardian. Kirk still has brief relationships with teenagers/people his own age. Kirk later joins the Academy and rooms with Bones. He dates a Vulcan whilst there and I remember a cinema trip with Kirk, his Vulcan boyfriend, Bones and Spock which is quite awkward.  Eventually Spock realise Kirk is serious and able to make his own decisions now he is older and they get together.  I think maybe the chapters were named after Kirk's age each year?  Any help gratefully received!
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Hi, it's my first time posting to this community, so I hope I didn't mess anything up.

I'm looking for a fic I read not long ago, but I can't remember the title or author or even where I read it. It's taking place post the movie, they escaped the black hole and are now limping back to Earth. Because the distress call from Vulcan was so sudden, they have more crew than necessary, it was thought to be a good "learning experience". But the Enterprise didn't get all the supplies she needed for the replicators, so they now face the very real possibility of first strict rationing and then starvation. Starfleet is pretty stretched thin and not all that inclined to help. Jim absolutely refuses to agree to rationing because he's having major flashbacks to Tarsus IV and so takes to complaining up the chain of command until someone, anyone, listens and agrees to help. The next part I remember is Jim in a debriefing (interrogation, rather) with Admirals Archer and Nogura (I think), where they realize Jim was on Tarsus IV and is, in fact, JT, the kid who helped save the rest of the survivors. In the end Archer decides to give Jim the captaincy of the Enterprise on a permanent basis, even though he still has to finish the Academy.

Help, please?

EDIT: Found it.... myself. Google is a friend. I need to remeber that. *Headdesk* I'm also adding a found tag. If I'm stepping on anyone's toes by foing that, please tell me, I'll stop.
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Okay, so this was a reboot fic. I don't remember much, just that they ended up in a situation with a lot of Federation ships, and Kirk was actually the highest ranked officer? I think one part focused on hoe the Enterprize is the flagship of the fleet, with the best and brightest on board. Or I might be mixing up two fics.

Any other fics along these lines are welcome as well!



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