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Hello :)
Im looking for a Star Trek Fic where Bones and Spock are in a relationship. Jim is hurt but doesnt want to be because he is happy for his friends. Then they are on a new planet and the people there have a festival of some sort where every member if the landing crew gets dressed in 3 different colours that represent who they are (like Guide, Protector?).At some point Jim takes a walk and hurts his feet. Later he is in a relatioship with Bones and spock who gave him some sort of necklace in gold (i think bones got one in silver) .

It would be wonderful if someone would recognize wich one this is. Thanks
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Hi All,
I'm looking for any DS9 and Voyager crossover stories where Garak/Bashir are together, and somehow encounter any of the crew of Voyager, particularly Chakotay, Torres, etc. I'm curious if there's any stories that have any scenes of the Voyager crew reacting to an augmented human and a cardassian in a relationship? On the same vein, if there are any Garak/Bashir stories where they meet Picard, that would also be amazing! Thanks!
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I can't find this fic and it's really started to bug me.
Spock and Kirk, who aren't together yet and really do not get along very well, are forced to go "therapy" together to try and get them to be friends.
They may have had to make a list of what they like about each other.
Bones may have been the one to force them into this.
I think the therapist, in the end, was an untrustworthy person. And she had to leave the ship.
If anybody knows it please let me know! It's a really good fic
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Hey guys. I'm looking for this Fem!Kirk fic I read on AO3 a year ago (ish) and I thought I bookmarked it but it's not there. I'm hoping its not purged. A few events: Frank was an asshole child molester guy, Uhura got jealous and drunk at one point, Kirk saved some kids from another dimension, TOS!Spock likes Kirk a lot but was totally surprised to find her a her. Also something about apples and chocolate? Thanks :-)
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This fic was pretty old, I believe, I think I might have read it on an independent archive (old fashioned webpage type), which is probably why I'm having trouble finding it.

Basic rundown: the daughter of human archeologist on vulcan gets betrothed to a vulcan boy as a child, vulcan style. I think the boy's father was the girl's father's coworker.
Way later in the story things go awry; I remember that the girl was raped and ended up really insecure about the betrothal. I'm fuzzy on the details, but I think her mother wasn't a shining example for humanity? Oh, and the last bit had the obligatory Pon Farr suspense.

I remember early in the story that the archeologists had found some glass objects (bottles?) and a comment about vulcans making glass very early in their history because they didn't have clay.

There was an eventual happy ending.

It's really bugging me right now, so any help would be appreciated.

FOUND: It was actually on AO3, though the author is old. I had also been reading stuff at House of Tucker at the time, which is probably why I thought I'd read it on an old fashioned archive.
It's Wisdom and Beauty by Macedon

Alien Kirk

Mar. 21st, 2016 12:55 am
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Trying to find a fic.

Spock was kidnapped by Klingons. Jim, a telepathic alien was in his cell with him. Enterprise rescues both of them. Spock teaches Jim spoken language. Bones, another alien, comes to play doctor. I can't remember the name.
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I'm looking for a fic where Spock makes a play for Jim by using a checklist to name his good points. I'm not sure but I think Bones talks to Jim about it and they end up getting together.
Does anyone remember the name or author? It was really good and I didn't bookmark it, darn it!
Thanks in advance.
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I am pretty sure I read these fics on A03 a long time ago, but i can't for the life of me find them...

Here is what i remember from the stories in generell:

-series of vignettes (maybe 5+1's) of the life between Bones and Kirk from meeting in the shuttle, to getting through the acadamy, to servicing in space, to teaching classes afterwards and retirement (pretty much an fullfilled long life)
-bones and kirk seem to be codependet/in everlasting epic love/friendship and not willing or able to be living without one another

What all these fics have in common and what i distinctly remember the best was the heartbreaking death of one character (almost always bones). And not beacause it was so horrific in a splattery kind of way. It was always silent and natural and with the buildup beforhand totally heartwrecking, in an everlasting love kind of way.

Here is what i remember of the deaths or what made me cry in the end:

- jim lying on in side of bed at home after bones dies and taking his last breath (or maybe the otherway around), both have lived a long life and are now in retirement?

-jim taking his last breath, while giving the eulogy, because he just couldn't go on without bones, in front of all his collegues and friends

-jim being confused while teaching, not sure what to eat in the cafeteria, always looking for a missing bones etc.

-both jim and bones dying together in bed (maybe even at the exact same moment?)

If anything rings a bell or you know of another fic that fits this pattern... I am seriously in need of a good cry over an epic lovestory (kind of).

PS: Pls no Spirk-Fics...^^
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Hello everyone! Mostly what it says on the label, I'm looking for a Reboot-verse Kirk/Spock story, that came out before ST:ID, about Kirk learning that Spock has suffered some sort of rejection at Christmas, though I don't remember if it was Uhura, Sarek, or New Vulcan Colony related, and seized upon the 12 days of Christmas as inspiration for showing Spock some appreciation. It goes from friends-to-lovers, as Kirk gets more invested with the gifts. Being on a star ship, Kirk isn't giving out livestock and folkloric dance, but rather gifts related to the symbolism behind the original 12 gifts. I would greatly appreciate any help that leads to the identity or location of this story. Happy holidays to all; live long and prosper.

The story has been identified, with many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] runpunkrun, as Definite and Unapologetic, by whochick!
The kind [livejournal.com profile] synia09 has also found for me We Need a Little Christmas, by Carleen, which is much the same prompt, but written from Spock's side. I highly recommend it.
Also, I myself found The Gift of Home, by creampuffer, another spin on the prompt.
These stories are available on the Archive of Our Own, under these titles, by these authors, in case there is any trouble with the links. Its worth a look through the tags there for Kirk/Spock, Advent Calendar for more Christmas/Holiday theme stories.
Many thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] runpunkrun, and [livejournal.com profile] synia09, for their helpful replies.
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Help me to find a pinto fic written by beederiffic (aka beedlebarg) five years ago.

It is about зost-tsunami Hade, and I need its sequel as well. Those of you who know what I'm talking about would understand why it is of no excuse to lose it.

I really tried all other means of seaching which are at my disposal but, once again, you are my only hope. I don't know what to add. All I know, it could be only somewhere on paper/at personal archives/must-read lists now.

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I dont remember much about this fic other than the fact that Spock unknowingly bonds with Kirk. Because tgey dont know about the bond, Spock feels a lot of pain. They share a room i think and there coupd be a scene in a restaurant. I really want to read this again!
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The fic starts with baby!Jim holding kid!Spock the first time they meet. Spock becomes kid!Jim's favorite person, while they were growing up. I think Jim's and Spock's families were living across the street from each other? Their families are friends, for sure.

I remember this particular scene: Spock wanted to concentrate in reading articles in his PADD, so he sneaks off to the attic or bathroom or somewhere while Jim is watching TV. When he comes back, Jim is crying and frightened, and that's when he resolved to never make Jim cry ever again. Super cute and fluffy.

They become eventual bondmates oyeah.

Oh, and McCoy is Spock's classmate! TinyJim becomes jelly and stakes his claim all over a bemused Spock, ugh, did I mention it's so cute?

The fic is in lj or ksarchive.

Thank you!
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I saw this message below on Tumblr and am dieing for good McCoy Fics.

I want really some stories with really smart!competent! inventive! McCoy.
Nu! Movies, Academy, or TOS is fine. Slow builds for relationship and relationships that naturally develop. The longer the better, the plot-ier the better. (Switch would be a good example.)


Any recs ? :D

--------------------tumblr post by thealternativeisburning---------------

i think people forget that leonard mccoy is a genius too??

like yeah they’re always talking about the genius and incredible intelligence of kirk and spock but bones is up there with them

first of all he’s the cmo of starfleet’s flagship like he has more authority than the fucking captain so you know he’s a hella good doctor

he is a master surgeon and is an expert in biology, psychology, xenobiology, and god knows what else, not to mention he’s spock’s doctor–spock who is the literal first of his species, Spock whose whole being is entirely unique–meaning that bones is making shit up while he goes when taking care of spock

not to mention how inventive he is?? remember when they were sent to that faux old west place to act out the OK corral and he made a fucking tranquilizer out of some snake venom and other shit and put it in a sort of bomb thing?? like that isn’t crazy resourceful and ingenious?

mccoy is a fucking genius he has so much knowledge up in that head of his idk how he sorts through it all.

-----------end of post-----------------
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I was reading a longer fic a while back with Kirk being in Riverside after STID (I think it was Riverside, anyway). He and Spock had been in a relationship, but Spock went to NV to pursue Kohlinar (Kolinahr?) and Kirk kept having headaches because Spock was trying to break their bond. Kirk wouldn't let go of the bond, though, and so Spock eventually came back.

Sound familiar to anyone?


Dec. 24th, 2014 01:39 pm
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Hello friends, i need your help, so i've been looking for this fic for a while now. in this fic Jim is kinda hurt after mission . i think he broke his jaw or something so his mouth must be wired and he couldn't talk. so he communicate with people using his bond with spock. it's established relationship so jim already bondmate with spock so when jim want to say something, it's spock who says it to people. and i remember one scene when jim asking spock for chapstick. so yeah that's it i think. oh and i think it's in ksarchive. thanks so much for your help
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Can anyone direct me towards some good Hurt/Comfort or Sick fics? Honestly, I would love any Kirk taking care of Spock or Spock caring for Kirk fics (illness, injury, past abuse, torture, rape, etc). It can be part of a much longer story too. I'm pretty open! :) All I ask is for a happy ending (no major character death) please.
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I have recently found that I just love Amanda/Sarek stories.  I am looking for slow building stories that focus on the relantionship building and character exploration.  I like stories where it doesn't seem like they will just get together from the start.  there should be some learning about each other and conflit (but conflict that makes sense)

Also I like Smart! Amanda and difficult/annoyingly logical Sarek.  The longer the FIC the better and complete, if possible.  I love how "the native" has such strong background characters; I felt so invested in the whole cast and the world just came alive.

SO, thought I'd share two RECs and see if you wonderful people got any others!  <3

Fics Like these!

The Native by Startrekfanwriter


Gratified By Your Company by starfleetdream
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I don't remember much about this fic.  I just remember one part where Uhura and Spock break up.  Spock says something like I told you I only found males sexually appealing.  Uhura is heartbroken that she and Spock didn't work and that he only thinks of her like a friend/sister.  I know it ended up being Spock/Kirk.
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So I'm in the mood for some Spock/Uhura that leads to Spock/Kirk stories. I've read a lot of stories where Uhura is sad that they broke up but is ultimately fine by it. I want the opposite. Can't seem to find any stories where it contains Uhura bashing. I love the character, but I don't want to read those stories right now.

Looking for stories:
1. S/U that ends up K/S
2. Uhura bashing
3. Completed story
4. Preferably long
5. In reboot universe
6. Maybe a story where Spock has to choose between Kirk and Uhura
7. S/U could already be bonded but it still ends up as K/S

Hopefully this is clear enough. (^_^)
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I would love some recs for the following typee of story.

  • McCoy is in love with either Kirk or Spock or both. He is pining and thinking it is unrequited. Especially when Spock and Kirk get together. But it ends up with all three of them in a relationship. The more heartache for McCoy the better.

  • Alternatively I would also love story where McCoy only thinks that Kirk and Spock are together but he is mistaken (after much pining and heartache of course) and it ends up either Spock/McCoy or Kirk/McCoy.

  • Any other stories with McCoy being heartbroken and pining but with a happy ending would be welcome too, no matter the pairing.

Thank you!


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