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Hello everyone, I am new to this. So pardon me if I make mistakes. I have combed the internet over the last few months for long (like really long 50k-800k) stories revolving around Spock, particularly if he is hurt/injured/sick/depressed/abused (I'll take anything. Explicit violence and sexual content do not bother me.) So if you have any recs, I'd be grateful if you could share them here.

Also since I love angsty Spock centric fics, I started writing one too. If you are interested, check it out. It is called 'Finding Spock'. This is the link on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9820079/chapters/22049192
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I’ve used ST-ficfinder a handful of times but I’m still struggling to find the themes I’m looking for. I’ve been searching for more hurt Spock fics lately and it’s been hard to come across them. I’d like to read some stories that focus on Spock being either injured, abused, ill, enslaved, captured and hurt, depressed, anything like that! I know this is rather vague but I’m not picky! I’ve read some really good ones and I know they’re out there, it’s just a matter of finding them! Hopefully you can recommend some for me.

It’s a bonus if you can find some where Jim is protective over Spock, does anything he can to save him, or takes care of him in the process. Or even Jim just being dominant while Spock is fairly submissive. My favorites are Spirk but I also don’t mind McCoy being the one to help Spock. Spones is perfectly accpetable! I’d prefer Abrams Universe but that’s not a requirement! Thank you so much in advance and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to rec stories. Anything that you feel is remotely close to the themes is welcomed! 
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Hi I'm looking for a few things.

First thing I'm looking for a specific AU reboot fic in which Spock is a vampire who was turned centuries prior to AOS. He turns Jim after the two of them attend a Halloween party onboard the Enterprise. Bones also gets turned by one of Spock's associates from when he was turned, a young woman.

The other stories I'm looking for are general Reboot Spock/Kirk stories where one or both of them are supernatural beings, creatures, Borg, Sylar-esque, feral, or mutants of some kind.

Can anyone help a girl out?
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Me again. I'm looking for a fic that the away team ends up killed and Spock ends up primal and saves Kirk. He claims him on the planet and they live in a cave and Spock goes hunting... u mm Spock doesn't talk if I remember correctly.

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I hope this doesn't sound strange, but I can only remember the sex scene clearly, so here goes...

I think that Jim and Spock accidentally bond and they fight against it. Of course, Spock ends up going into Pon Farr. Spock has to go back to [New] Vulcan, where Jim follows him, and they end up mating in what I remember to be an oasis. Marathon sex ensues. Like, to the point where Jim begs Spock not to enter him again, so frottage ensues. Oh, and a major point is that Jim can show no dominance during mating with Spock, or it could be seen as a challenge and Spock could end up hurting him, and possibly killing him.

When they return, Jim gets checked out medically and Bones thinks he's been raped because of how battered his insides are, but Jim tells him what really happened.

I recall the story titles having to do with "time." And the author's page on LJ having Merlin and Arthur in the header facing each over chalices.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi all,
I'm looking for a story I read a while ago on ff.net, set in ST: TOS universe, where Earth has been devestated somehow, cut off from the Federation, and Jim is dead and McCoy is leading a mute Spock around in a series of tunnels. They make a communicator or something and in the end Sarek rescues them. Anyone?
Thanks : )
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Hello dear community.

I'm pretty new to the Star Trek fandom and, therefore, am desperately in need for some great reading material. I would love to read a Spock/Kirk AOS fic that has a fine characterisation where they are recognisable characters from the movie.

One of my kinks is seeing a lot of UST between them, with Spock finally losing control and ... uhm ... just letting his desire taking over. That is incredibly sexy. More so if he uses his Vulcan strength and Kirk finds this arousing. Are there any fics like that out there with a somewhat dominant! or jealous!Spock? I was wondering.

Bonus points if it's a plotty fic with hurt!/sick!Jim. :)

Oh you can also rec any fic with burning UST (that is finally resolved), even though it doesn't have jealous! or dominant!Spock in it.

Thanks a lot for helping me out!
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So, I am so new here, it's not even funny. The first fic I ever read in the fandom (that was all of 3 days ago hahaha) was a feral!Spock story. I fell in love with it and was wondering if anyone could reccommend Feral!Spock, Protective!Spock, or just BAMF!Spock (not that he isn't already.) fics.

Kirk/Spock would be preffered, though if there for some reason is a fic with Spock Prime/Kirk that's fine too I guess.

Please and thank you!

(Hope I did everything right lol)


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