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Hello everyone, I am new to this. So pardon me if I make mistakes. I have combed the internet over the last few months for long (like really long 50k-800k) stories revolving around Spock, particularly if he is hurt/injured/sick/depressed/abused (I'll take anything. Explicit violence and sexual content do not bother me.) So if you have any recs, I'd be grateful if you could share them here.

Also since I love angsty Spock centric fics, I started writing one too. If you are interested, check it out. It is called 'Finding Spock'. This is the link on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9820079/chapters/22049192
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I'm looking for anything, (AOS preferred, but really any series) relating to one of the characters having an eating disorder related to poor self-esteem; like feeling they don't deserve to eat or something.

My phone won't let me tag this, if someone wants to, great, if not, I'll get to it when i get to a computer tonight.
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Are there any stories where one of the characters has a mental illness? Like Borderline Personality Disorder, Kleptomania, Schizophrenia, something other than the "Kirk has Depression" story that's getting a bit cliche?


Hurt Spock

Nov. 8th, 2015 08:04 pm
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Hello! I think I asked a couple years ago for some hurt spock fics. I figured it's been a while and hopefully there would be a few new ones out there for me to indulgen in! B Hello! I think I asked a couple years ago for some hurt Spock fics. I figured it's been a while and hopefully there would be a few new ones out there for me to indulge in!

 Basically I'm looking for any kind of 'hurt' Spock stories. This could mean sick, injured, abused. I’m up for anything at all as long as it includes some kind of vulnerability! I’d prefer K/S but again I’m not picky. asically I'm looking for any kind of 'hurt' spock stories. This could mean sick, injuried, abused 
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Hello all!

I am looking for a fic that I read on LJ (I think) a long time ago that is similar to canis takahari's take the world (and make it yours again).

It was a long, multi-chaptered fic, from McCoy's POV. Pretty sure it was AOS-based.
I think it was a modern AU - I think Bones was still working as a doctor and Jim was a businessman who travelled a lot.
It was Kirk/McCoy but it was a slow progression from friendship to more, I don't recall how they met - I just remember that it had an amazing description of Bones suffering from/coping with depression. Surprisingly, this didn't always involve McCoy drowning himself in alcohol all the time, if I remember correctly, which is (understandably) a common theme for depressed!McCoy stories, I've found.
At one point he finds out that Jim was in town for New Year's Eve but didn't let him know? Or possibly it was Christmas?
Anyway, about halfway/three quarters of the way through the story he really hits rock bottom emotionally, and then it was focused on his recovery and ended on a happy note.

I know it's not all that much to go on but I'd be super grateful for any help with finding this! I have a real soft spot for McCoy hurt/comfort and am dying to reread this one! :)
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I'm wondering if someone has a copy of Skin, by Elaine_Penny, saved somewhere.

I loved this McKirk story when it was posted on AO3, and months ago someone here helped with the name of the fic and the author. Since then I've asked all my friends in the fandom, and looked everywhere, but no such look finding a copy.

The main subject of skin (Bipolar disease) hits very close to home to me, and I would be forever thankful to the gentle soul who points me towards a copy.

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Hi, I'm looking for an AOS Trek fic where Bones and Jim are an established couple and Bones is bipolar - I'm pretty sure it is Bipolar Disease. This fic was posted on AO3 and is told by Bones' POV. Basically it is an account of living with a mental illness, how it ruined his marriage (because he had an episode in front of Jocelyn and *maybe* Joanna), trying to adjust to meds, and the bouts of depression.

I distinctly remember two things:

1- A scene where Bones runs on the threadmill to keep his thoughts away, and the author makes a comment about how one of Bones' leg is half an inch shorter than the other, and while it is not noticeable the pain from running barefoot will keep him hurting physically and not mentally;

2 - That Jim says something like "One day I will tell you what is like to live with the disease from my POV/this side",

If it helps, the author posted another fic (not complete) on AO3, an omegaverse where AOS Jim is an omega, Bones an alpha and when Jim is born Winona licks him trying to cover him with her own scent. I'm mentioning this because I think it may help finding the fic I'm lookinf for or the author - I *think* her name was a mix of 'Elaine' and 'penny', but I could be wrong.

Thanks in advace for any help. This fic really hits close home and meant a lot to me. I had it bookmarked but lost it when my computer died.
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Hi all,
I'm looking for a story I read a while ago on ff.net, set in ST: TOS universe, where Earth has been devestated somehow, cut off from the Federation, and Jim is dead and McCoy is leading a mute Spock around in a series of tunnels. They make a communicator or something and in the end Sarek rescues them. Anyone?
Thanks : )
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Hello everyone. 

I'm interested in recommendations for fics that center on Picard and his recovery from any of his harrowing experiences, such as the Borg or torture post Chain of Command.  It need not be formal "therapy" but that's wonderful too.  Any fic where Picard has to deal with what has happened to him.  There need not be a pairing, but all pairings including slash, are welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to make suggestions.
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Hello, everyone!

I'm looking for a specific story where Kirk and Bones are together and Kirk gets doused with radiation or a curse or something that makes it impossible for him to think anything without speaking it. He says every single thing he thinks about--which causes some problems when he and Mccoy are having sex because he was thinking about temperatures or something. Jim is like this for quite a while, leading up to him just mouthing the words to his thoughts and not actually speaking them. It annoys everyone that he can't stop and i remember there being a little bit of tension between them all.

Eventually Bones and he sort it out by 'rebooting' his brain (ie, literal mind blowing orgasm to reset it) and he ends up fine.

thanks ahead of time :3 
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 Hey, I was looking from some hurt Spock stories. I know we see a lot of sick or injured Jim but I can't seem to find many Spock ones. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place? But anyway I'd like to read some fics where Spock is the one who's hurt/sick/cold Just anything you can think of that might fit the description. Even mentally would work! Please and thank you! 

I'd prefer K/S 

I'll also read bones/spock though. They're good too! 

Just not het ^^  

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 I was just wondering, in my new obsession with Star Trek fic, if there were any communities out there, focusing on Jim angst, hurt etc? So basically Jim getting injured, emotional or physical problems? Or even just one in general that would have some fics rec'ed on them?
Thanks in advance!
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These are two of my favorite stories that I sadly lost when my computer decided to be a bitch and stop working.

1.) Bones has an issue with the darker side of Jim's job as Captain. This story deals with Bones having an inner conflict between his job as a doctor to protect and preserve all sentient life and having Jim, whom he is in a relationship, torture and kill sentient beings as part of his job as Captain and to protect the crew. Bones tries to put it out his mind that the man he loves is doing things that conflict with his deeply held morals until he can't and the two of them separate for a while, in which both of them are absolutely miserable. Uhura who notices what's going on because she had the same issue with Spock talks to McCoy and he and Jim end up back together. There is wonderful interaction between Spock, Kirk, Uhura, and McCoy forming all these really awesome relationships with one another. This was angst-y and I think it probably represented a lot of this doctors in military have to come to terms with.  pairings: kirk/mccoy spock/uhura

2.) (Warning: This is going to get a little....disturbing) This is an asylum AU, takes place in Cali. I can't remember the exact disorders Jim and Bones are diagnosed with but I can remember some aspects. Bones is still a doctor but he liked to like kidnap people, dissect them, and keep their organs around in either a basement or bury them in jars out in the yard. He got caught when he did this to his wife and then he was committed. Jim was in the system for a really long time and his brother transferred him to this particular mental health hospital. He has delusions of being the captain of the USS Enterprise and I think suffers from multiple personality disorder. For example, when things become too much for him to process emotionally he becomes his alter ego 'Spock' and plays chess with himself. Bones doesn't really like Spock. Bones also has fantasies about cutting Jim open to see his insides. Eventually Jim and Bones escape from the hospital and Bones' fantasies about cutting Jim open get worse until they are kinda chased into the Pacific Ocean by law enforcement (remember Bones is a big danger to others). It ends kinda ambiguously with them either drowning or them getting beamed up from some hellish experience.  pairings: kirk/mccoy

Sorry that these were sooo long, I just wanted to get all the details I could in there! I could also probably come up with a few more random ones if anyone isn't quite sure that they have what I'm looking for.

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 Hello there, I'm obviously waaaaay behind in discovering this fandom, and looking for some help. I'm looking for

1: Anything with Spock whumping (other people can be whumped up too, as long as Spock is). 

2: Anything with crazy, violent Spock, bonus points if if happens to be girl!Spock breaking peoples bones and making them cry.

I'm not particular about pairings, either. Thanks!
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Okay, plucking up the courage to post after being a lurker for a while. I'm looking for any stories in these kind of areas:

1, Incredibly competent Captain Kirk. I love the stories where he doesn't sleep around with the crew, really works incredibly hard ( maybe too hard?), but I basically want stories where he is truly amazing and a brilliant commanding officer, either in daily life or on an away mission or something.
Even better if he surprises the crew with his depth of knowledge ( Kirk being all genius is one of my favourite things to read), and his competence, with his ability to command.

2, Jim with some kind of mental illness? Can be AU,something he has grown up with, set from his point of view as a kid as he struggles ( I read a really brilliant one where he had symptoms close to Bi-polar), or maybe his intelligence is actually a problem?
De-aging, damage, away mission gone wrong, anything is good, though I particularly love mental illness which he copes with, that no one notices until certain events, e.g PTSD.

If possible, I prefer Kirk/Bones, or Gen. Any rating is perfectly fine.

I hope I got this right, and I know these are pretty specific, but anything close would be great.
Thank you very much!

fic search

Jan. 27th, 2010 12:39 am
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I have a request for two specific types of fic. I blame other fics and the fact that my mind can't let go.

1. First off, I was wondering if there were any fics out there were either Kirk or Spock has something permanently wrong with them, mentally or physically, and the other takes care of them. Maybe all they can bare to do is place them in a facility and see them occasionally, or perhaps they have given up their carer to take care of the other full time. I'm curious to see whats out there.

2. Second I'm wondering if, now bare with me here, are there any fics where Kirk is a hermaphrodite? I can't help but be curious. It's one of those things I can't help but be fascinated by even if there probably aren't very many written. Although, I would imagine there would have to be at least ONE out there. I would wonder what the psychological effects would be if any at all, after all this is the 23rd century but men are still men and I don't think they will ever completely lose there masculine pride. No offense to men out there. Also, I just think Spock would find it WAY to fascinating. After all the correct genetic sequence is how rare? And if medicine is advanced as I think it is it would be even rarer.

I want slash people.... feed my sick obsessions.

Both TOS and Reboot welcome.


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