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Do you know any fics with jim as a father taking care of a child? I want to read something where the kids werent born by anyone from the main pairing. Maybe he already had one before coming to the academy or he adopted one? Thanks!
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Hi all!  I have gone through all the posts listed with Kirk adopting a Vulcan child, and I cannot find the fic that I am looking for.  In it, Kirk is on a team that board a ship.  The boy is hiding in the vents I think, jumps out at Kirk and forms a bond. I remember the bond being very intense, Jim being very protective. Spock was concerned that the child may be unintentionally manipulating Kirk with his emotions through the bond.  I think I remember something about the child being something of an anomaly due to blond hair, but I might just be mixing that with other fic.  I don't remember if K/S were together at the beginning of the fic, but they were definitely together later.

Also, I am looking for a Spock/Bones fic in which Bones says that Spock reminds him of a hedgehog.  Actually, I am just looking for that author. It has been a couple of years, so I hope her journal is still around. She wrote a lot of amazing fic, and it has been a couple of years since I read it.
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FOUND: so much clearer (with your toothbrush by the mirror) by justalittlebit on AO3

Okay, this is not a fic I'd expect myself to be asking for help finding, but I think I'm missing some crucial tag or trope of something because I got nothing in my search for it.

Basically it was a Spock/Kirk meets Cheaper by the Dozen kid fic. They had a LOT of kids, I mean, a LOT. I think it was mostly one of those slice of life fics just focused on raising tons of kids. I remember that Kirk was older, and didn't want any more kids because he couldn't keep up. They had one daughter(?) that was a 'rebel' and they didn't know how to deal with.

The only other thing I can remember is that there was something about Kirk gardening and how that meant he was mad at Spock?

It was cracky, and hopefully someone else knows what it is.

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Looking for any and all fics where they have kids...You all have been so helpful in the past.  I promise to bookmark this time..

Thank you very much,

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Does anyone have a copy of The Offspring by Ryann_Blackwood? The author deleted their journal. If it's allowed I'd really love to have a copy. It's a Kirk/Spock fic where Kirk has a romulan son, and at the begining of the story Spock doesn't like the kid very much.

Thanks in advance
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Hey hi hello. Looking for a family/kidfic I read at some point in the past 6 months and lost. I've been through most of the kidfic tag on AO3 and there's no sign of it. The fic I'm looking for had a Vulcan or mostly Vulcan very young child (possibly Spock's by birth but maybe not). They key scene I remember was a parental bond forming between Kirk and the child, with the help of Spock. Possibly because Spock was already bonded to the child and therefore the child's sa-mekh, after this the kid called Kirk ko-mekh, because the new bond with Kirk had taken the place of the severed bond with the kid's birth mother. When Kirk found out the translation of Ko-Mekh, he was pretty embarrassed, but it all resolved itself quite happily. It was a very cute little scene, and I think it was part of a larger story, but don't quote me on that.

If nobody can find this, I'll also take any other recommendations where Kirk and Spock adopt a Vulcan kid, as it is my absolute favorite trope and I've read most of the really well-known ones on AO3.

Thanks for any help!
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Everyone was so helpful last time, so I'm hopeing that you all will be able to help me with this fic.

I'm looking for a Kirk/Spock Pregency Fic where Kirk is down on a planet and meets a future!Spock. He is then impregented with an artifical womb and a child. Spock is the father, but he doesn't know because Kirk won't tell him. He only finds out after he touches Kirks stomach and forms a telepathic connection with the child. Happy ending for everyone, except possibly Bones, but that's Bones.

Any help would be wonderful.

Thanks Everyone!!
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Hey looking for stories where they have kids.

Also, looking to read your favorite K/S story...

Thank you,
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I'm looking for some stories I read a while back before my computer decided to break and eat some of my bookmarks. I only remember a few details about some of them, but I do know that there is a good chance of them being on/ having been on ksarchive as that is where I read a majority of the stories I know. Here they are:

1) In this story, Kirk is in a wheelchair and Pike is captain. I remember Spock thinks that Pike and Kirk are together for a while because Kirk will not let anyone push the wheelchair except for Pike. The very ending lines have something to do with Spock coming back from a mission and Kirk waiting for him and asking him to push his chair.

2) In this second story all I remember is something that I'm pretty sure happens at the very end. For some reason Spock Prime had to enter into a meld with Nu Spock/ Kirk or something to that effect. The part I remember is that during that incident or after Kirk Prime contacts Spock Prime through their bond. Apparently he is in the Nexus but is aware of this fact and has been searching for Spock Prime for a while. The meld or whatever it was that Spock Prime attracted Kirk Prime's notice. I don't know if there was a sequel to this or not, but if so I would love to read it as well.

3) I'm relatively sure this is or was on ksarchive. It's an academy fic and the main thing I remember from it is that Kirk is pretty geeky. He uses really cheesy/ geeky pick up lines towards Spock that Spock does not understand. I'm pretty sure Kirk does this in front of Amanda and that is how Spock figures out that Kirk is flirting with him.

4) In this last story, Kirk is pregnant with an ex boyfriends baby. The ex left him but Kirk decided to keep the child. Spock and Kirk meet for the first time in a doctors office. I believe that Kirk asks Spock a question about the forms and Spock is a little confused about why Kirk is at that particular doctors office because the doctor specializes in non Terran species. Spock and Kirk hit it off and eventually get together.

I hope you all can help me. Thanks so much!
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I'm looking for this fic I read a while ago. It was a Spock/Jim at the academy fic, where Uhura has a crush in Spock and comes to his apartment for "tutoring," she finds Jim and is confused and angry, I think. She thinks he had seduced Spock, I think, not quite sure. Anyway, Kirk is quietly drawing in the kitchen while they are at the kitchen table going over language stuff and Uhura asks what Jim's drawing. He says he's drawing his and Spock's son. Uhura is heart broken or something. Anyway, I really love this fic but I can't find it! Any help would be appreciated!
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Had great results last time thought I go for it again...

1st) Kid-fic  All I can remember is that Jim and Spock have a daughter named T'Lem.  She is around 3 or 4 (I think).  She is  all over the place, Jim/Spock and SpockPrime are walking through the ship and she is running around going crazy.  Jim and SpockPrime indulge her and Spock doesn't.  I can remember thinking it was the cutest story ever.  I know that isn't much to go on but I will save it if I can ever find it....or any other kidfics, I'd love to read them..

2nd) I love De-Aged fics.  I love where they are an established couple or just fall in love while taking care of the other one..


Thank you in advance for your help :)

FOUND: A Chance To Walk in Dreams  Thank you, C
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Just to make sure I haven't missed any fandom gems. :)

1. I'd like some Kirk/Spock fics that feature oblivious!Kirk. As in, the most obliviously oblivious Kirk that ever obliviated in an oblivious way. Would especially love if the rest of the crew (and even a few aliens they come across on various planets) catch on to Spock's feelings for him waaaay before Kirk himself does.

2. Single father!Kirk fics. I've read the one where he has the half-Vulcan kid. Just looking for more adorkable interactions between Kirk and a miniature version of himself, preferably with Spock involved in some way, shape, or form.

3. Finally--and I feel absolutely horrible for asking this--after reading the fic mentioned above, I kind of want to see some K/S fics featuring a less-than-stellar Uhura. I'm not looking for her to win a Super Galactic Bitch Award, but maybe fics where she's not too nice to Kirk, or reacts poorly to his developing relationship with Spock. This is more out of curiosity than anything else--I kind of want to see how people portray Uhura when she's not being her usual awesome, beautiful self.

Should probably mention that I've poked through most of the relevant tags on this community, so I'm really looking for fics people may not have recced before. Also, I'm only familiar with Reboot!verse, so would vastly prefer stories in that realm.

Thanks so much in advance!
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I am looking for a fic I don't remember much but the scene that sticks out is that Kirk and Spock are on Vulcan with their daughter who is being guarded by "officer cupcake". The daughter is playing with some Vulcan children and punches one in the nose, it turns out to be the son of Selek(?)the kid that Spock punched when they were younger. I think it was from the bodyguard's perspective.

Sorry not much info, but does it sound familiar?

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I haven't read many reboot fics so I thought this one would be easy to find in my history even though it's older. Sadly not. Maybe someone here can help me?

I don't remember much. The story takes place shortly after the 2009 movie. The Enterprise has taken on some Vulcan refugees, amongst them Spock Prime and a Vulcan child (a girl I believe). I think it's either Gen or Spock/Kirk slash. Jim gets on very well with the child and helps her (him?) emotionally. I know this isn't much to go on but does someone recognize this?
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I am trying to find the story (star trek 2009 au) where kirk has a half human/half vulcan child that is his. He was involved with a Vulcan female, but she died in childbirth. I think he ends up involved with Spock at the end.
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I am having a bit of RL bullshit go down. I am hoping to combat that with some awesome fluffy Kirk/Spock kid fics.

Can be pretty much anything--either/both de-aged, them as actual-for-real-first-time-around kids, their own children (mpreg, adopted, test tube, surrogate, transporter-malfunction-resulting-in-tiny-combination-of-the-two-of-them-that-they-now-have-to-raise kids. Any kind!) 

I just ask that it be happy (at least at the end--angst is always cool as long as it's not forever) and complete. (I am mostly a fan of Reboot for fics, but I wont turn down TOS ones!)

Thank you so much :)


fic search

Apr. 27th, 2012 08:14 am
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I am looking for a fic that is Jim/Spock and they have a vulcan or partial vulcan kid (I forget if the kid was adopted or biological). Jim is taking the kid out for Halloween. The kid is dressed as a vampire. Jim feels like something is wrong the entire time. Towards the end he is carrying his kid trying to get to where Spock is working as fast as possible without freaking out. Anyone know where to find it?

thank you for the help
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Hi all,
I'm looking for any kirk/mccoy aus where either Jim or Bones(or both, if I'm really lucky) are single parents, and they meet, and all kinds of adorableness ensues. I'd particularly love fics that include quantities of angst and emotional moments! Thanks a bunch!
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So I read this wonderful fic a looong time ago and now I can't find it :P

It was Kirk/McCoy babyfic. Jim and Bones purchased some kind of artificial womb/incubator and were growing a baby in it. I distinctly remember the author using the phrase "like a string of pearls" to describe the developing fetus's spine. Also, I recall the baby boy being named Nicolas and meeting Bones's daughter in, like, the very last scene or something.

Thanks in advance!
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Trying to find this story and its driving me nuts!, Starts out during the accademy. Jim hooks up with this Vulcan self defense instructor, she ends up pregnant. Jim and his lady love are together together. She ends up dying in child birth (the scene made me bawl like a baby). Fast forward I think the kid ends up on the Enterprise. I think Spock is with Uhura but in the end is K/S. One of the few fics where Winona is favorably portrayed as a kick ass mom. I know when this is found I'm going to kick myself but due to a horrible head cold and super strength cold medicine I'm not able to think that well. Ohhh just remembered some more, Sarek is in this and Uhura isn't very likable (she gets in trouble for being a mean, insubordinate to Kirk) Help!!!

FOUND!!!! see comment.


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