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Hello :)
Im looking for a Star Trek Fic where Bones and Spock are in a relationship. Jim is hurt but doesnt want to be because he is happy for his friends. Then they are on a new planet and the people there have a festival of some sort where every member if the landing crew gets dressed in 3 different colours that represent who they are (like Guide, Protector?).At some point Jim takes a walk and hurts his feet. Later he is in a relatioship with Bones and spock who gave him some sort of necklace in gold (i think bones got one in silver) .

It would be wonderful if someone would recognize wich one this is. Thanks
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I just love the Triumvirate as a whole and want to see them happy...But the masochistic part of me enjoys reading about the pain before the pleasure I guess.

I'm looking for any good endgame-Mcspirk fics in which two of them are together (or supposedly together, or are getting together) while the third pines from afar (or from a-near, I'm not picky on that front). Maybe the third is encouraging the two to get together? Maybe the established pair are actually also pining for their third to join them?? Maybe Mcspirk is already established but one (or more) of them starts feeling insecure???

I would love to read more pining!Kirk (please please please), since pining!Bones is already my jam (like jfc). And I can't say I've read any pining!Spock with McKirk (godddd) happening yet, but it's probably (hopefully) only a matter of time.

I've read some Mcspirk of the pining variety before, but only a few on AO3. Please help expand my search there, and across LJ/FFN. I'd really appreciate it.
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Hey all

Looking for any fics where Jim is in a relationship (slash or poly only please) and is very insecure.

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Ok so i've recently stumbled across the Baseball series read by the fantastic SilverShadowKitsune only to find that the whole series has vanished from the net. At least as far as i can tell. The first four installments can be found on the audio archive but the last two are MIA. Would anyone happen to have a copy of the full six they'd be willing to share with me? I'd really appreciate it. This piece of work is FANTASTIC!

Thanks SO much!
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Hello guys!
So recently I've read some fics with, basically this jim-hurts-and-bones-comforts theme, like Perfect Strangers, Recovery, Leonard H. McCoy's Guide to Keeping a Friend, Twenty-six and Legend, etc, etc, and I just love those stories!!!! And now I'm craaaaaaving for more!
So can you rec me more fics like that? they just need to be/have:
1) Jim!centric, cuz otherwise I won't be able to finish the story... what can I say, I love that kid captain.
2) Hurt!Kirk, either mentally or physically... well or both (yummy!); sickness, injuries, tarsus iv, whatever.
3) Bones! Bones is the best! I wanna bones as the comforter, or as one of the comforters. Overprotective!Bones would be great!
Bonus if it's Acedemic era and bones trying to get close with that stupid blond kid who obviously hides some damage from past behind his smirks. Geez I love chiches. Cheers!
I prefer gen or pre-slash fics but slash also will do (bottom!Jim only please!).
Oh, and I've read most fics of shoreleave and mijan. They're great!

Also any good McKirk fic with kick as the bottom please? After reading quite some Jim!centric h/c fics on FF I then searched Kirk/McCoy fics on AO3 but came across lots of bottom!bones fic and I just... I can't _(:з」∠)_
I know there're fics like Switch and Firefighter(?) and I know they are great fics,too; but they all seemed a little bit McCoy!centric to me (and I think they also have top!Kirk? at least some switching) So every time I see people rec those fics I feel this agony... I have same problem with some great epic Sprik fics, too. I know it's stupid but really can't help it!

So please just rec me some goodies!!! I do hope they exist...? Thanks in advance!
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Hope I posted this right...
I'm rather new in the fandom. Although I know there're some awesome places to look for fics, it seems like I'm having some troubles finding the certain type of fic I wanna read... I watched the new films first, but then I watched TOS series, and I just can't help but fall for the Captain... so I wish you can rec me with TOS fics :)

So here's what I'm looking for:

1. Any hurt!kirk centred long fic?? I just finished reading Lost and Found by UKJess on ksarchive, and I really hope that fic can be a little bit longer!!!  Or any fic that showing the vulnerable, insecure side of kirk; or he's been through some kind of physical and/or mentally trauma, or... something like this, I'll try to put 'em in the tag. Bonus if it also has protective!spock or protective!bones.

2. Any bottom!kirk long fic out there? I'm going through the ksarchive with the bottom!kirk trope, but it seems like any long fic that has a bottom!kirk trope, they also has a bottom!spock trope too.... and I really can't read bottom!spock, I just can't! So please, any long fic featuring only bottom!kirk? I actually don't really mind the pairing, as long as kirk is the bottom.

Any fic has both a hurt!kirk and a bottom!kirk would be awesome!
I actually don't really mind if there's a explicit sex scene or not, but if the story does have some NC-17 scene, I can only accept kirk as the bottom…… so PG and Gen or Pre-slash stories are welcome, too, as long as they're kirk-centred.

Please throw me with your recs!! Thanks in advance! 
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Greetings, fellow Spirkers who dwell in the Interwebs,

Errm. Right, so, it was this story which was a one shot. Winona and Spock have a late night chat on the porch with Jim "secretly" listening by the door (superior Vulcan hearing, James. Honestly!) It was set in Iowa (shore-leave? Mission ended? Not sure, sorry) and the relationship was already established. I remember Winona asking whether Spock hated her or it might have been more of a statement. Spock does not refute (possibly implies she was a horrid mom) and she sorta blows her top for a second about "insulting her in her own home, etc." but ultimately accepts that she did not do right by Jim. References about abuse at the hands of Frank? I think. Emphasis on how much Jim means to Spock and how any transgressions against him, even past ones are near-unforgivable.

So vague. So sorry. Please help, if possible. Thanks ^.^
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Hi all,
I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while back on ff.net, set in the nutrek verse, where Jim was in a relationship with Spock and Sarek has accepted him as part of the family, another son. There's a scene where Winona confronts Jim, at George's grave I think, and Sarek steps forward and defends Jim, claiming him as part of his family. Anyone?
Thanks : )
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I think this has been asked about previously, why do we love Mean Vulcan!Spock so much, but I'm going to be annoying and ask all you fine people again.

Kyliselle and CMM have done some great, angst heavy with a happy ending, fics where Spock gets stuck in overly logical Vulcan Land and does some unintentionally mean and hurtful things to one Captain James Tiberius Kirk, where in those fics Tiberius usually stands for 'enough emotional baggage to sink the Titanic'.

He believes lies about Kirk's reputation, refuses to see past his initial judgements about the man, is cold and distant when Kirk is trying to make an emotional connection, and/or a whole host of other not very nice things that really mess with the Captain on an emotional and mental level.

Then Spock realizes what a true bastard he has been and starts to make amends with the at first reluctant Captain and after a lot of groveling and fluffy romancing by the end of the fic they are in love.

I love fics like these. Love, love, love them. I have reread all stories like them by the above mentioned authors countless times but I would really like to read other offerings if there are any.

Help a girl out? Any universe is fine, although I prefer Abrams Verse. I would like fics to be slash Spork, but if the story is really good I'll take just about any pairing or genre. Please no death fics though. Real life makes me cry enough as it is, I'd rather be smiling at the end of a fic.
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Hi again guys!

So, I'm pretty depressed, and having some issues... and am in the mood of some low self-esteem!JimKirk fics. Where he is unterestimated, told he is not "good enough". Tearjerkers are more than welcome. Can be slash or gen.

// I already read the most popular ones - and looked through the tags here, but please rec any you can think of <3
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Hi all,
I'm looking for any and all fics where Sarek acts in a fatherly way towards Jim Kirk. Whether Sarek and Amanda adopt him after Tarsus, or gain custody of him some other way, or Jim develops a father/son relationship of any depth/shape/form with Sarek as an adult, I'm looking for anything-anything-where Sarek acts in a caring/nurturing way towards Jim, and/or Jim feels safe/protected around Sarek. Inspired by the fact that Nero somehow morphed Nu Universe Sarek into an uber Dad figure : )
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Hi guys :)

Okay, so it's this fic I was reading not two hours ago, I lost it when chrome crashed and no amount of search terms and tricks are bringing it up. I can't remember the author or title (shameful, I know). It was part one of a 6 installation-series, they (crew of le ol' Silver Lady) were on shore leave on a base and it started out as a Spock/Uhura fic but she broke up with him quite early into it, no fuss. Kirk had a thing with Gary before because "Jimmy had daddy issues and Gary was into that" or something. Anyway, Spock is totally protective of Jim in he officers' mess when Gary has some dark Kirk-related thoughts he unknowingly projects. What else? Right, mentions of genetically engineered triticale, Kirk writing papers on it during his academy years (so maybe mentions of Tarsus IV later on, I never finished the fic, so, not sure). Also, Jim had a HUGE thing for forehead kisses. Yep, you read that right.

Any help would be much, much appreciated. Puh-lease, for my peace of mind, could anyone who's heard of it speak up?

Thanks a lot in advance.
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I Am Seeking a Fic. It dealt with a unconscious bond having been formed between Spock and Kirk. Spock is unaware of its existence but it is affecting Kirk, he continues to try befriending the Vulcan, to no avail. It begins Spock/Uhura, and ends Spock/Kirk.

Parts I Recall#1: The bond at one point takes the form of a kitten? Causing Kirk to reach out to it?!

Parts I Recall#2: Jim, Bones, and Spock take shore leave and bunk together. Spock makes a scathing remark when he walks in on Kirk and Bones playing around.

Parts I Recall#3: Kirk hooks Bones up, introducing one of his lady friends to Bones. A line about him being a Doctor is involved, and Bones lays it on with his Southern accent.

Other things: Kirk has an off-screen one-night stand with an alien, Orion I think, Bones is not pleased because they’re dangerous…? Phermones?

…And there’s a scene where a female Kirk’s flirting with makes a remark about not realizing he had a Vulcan boyfriend? Spock makes an appearance.

Can someone please help me?
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I just got done reading a Harry Potter one-shot and I'm wondering if there is anything like this in the Star Trek fandom.  Basically I would love to see a fic where Jim changes things about himself because he thinks it is the only way to keep Spock with him or happy.  All of the changes makes Jim miserable but he thinks it is worth it if Spock stay in a relationship with him.  Hopefully with a happy ending of Spock finding out and setting things right.
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Hello everyone! Just joined this community because I'm jonesing for some fics in a certain genre. Or perhaps theme would be the better descriptor for it. The fics I'm looking for feature Spock unintentionally being mean to or bullying Jim. Kind of like in kyleselle's fics How High the Moon and Shine Like the Sun. In both those fics Spock is the cold and so,ermines cruel Vulcan version of himself towards Jim for what he believes are valid reasons until he realizes he's just being cruel to someone who doesn't deserve his scorn. I hope I gave enough info for what I'm looking for, for a writer I sometimes find it hard to describe things. ^_^ I'd prefer if the fics were Jim/Spock slash but if they're just gen friendship fics that's fine too. The fics can also feature about every other theme except death fic and it must have a happy, or at least hopeful, ending.

I also apologize in advance to the mods if I happened to tag this post wrong.
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I believe that a race gives Jim a 'glowing ball' as a gift when the Enterprise visits their planet.  Spock takes the ball and starts to devote all of his time studying it.  I know that he basically starts to ignore Jim and that Jim steals the ball at one point.  Jim later confronts Spock with his obsession and admit that he thought about shooting it out of the air lock.
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I've been looking for this reboot au fic where Jim saves Vulcan and is regarded as a hero by the Vulcan people; they insist on giving him medical treatment for his extensive physical injuries and mental trauma sustained as a prisoner on the Narada. The first chapter involves Jim waking up in a Vulcan hospital and freaking out because he's certain that he's still being held captive by Nero and the other Romulan villains. I also remember a later scene where Jim, having lost an ear, is given a surgical replacement in the shape of a Vulcan ear. There's another scene where Spock Prime meets him in the gardens of Spock's family home and tries to meld with him, causing a breakdown, and a scene towards the end where Kirk is given honorary Vulcan citizenship. Kirk has pretty vivid night terrors, if I remember correctly. I'm pretty sure it's K/S, Spock acts as his caretaker when he's released from the hospital. I can't remember the title or the author, but I'm pretty sure it was posted on either lj or an independent site. Does anybody have any ideas?
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I'm looking for fics in which Jim is in contact with the people of the Kelvin, or from Tarsus, and he's close to them, like family. I'm looking for fics like Graduate Vulcan by lazulisong or Kirk's Kids by Rose-Aislin. Also that one fic where he has a half-Vulcan baby.

Any fics where he has this extended support network will do. I don't mind any accompanying Whump!Kirk, Tarsus!Kirk or Genius!Kirk. In fact, I'd appreciate it. I also accept K/S or K/Mc but preferably no het?

Help please?

Thanks in advance!
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For the last couple of days I've been craving some K/S stories where Jim is insecure about Spock wanting him, or hiding something from Spock for the sake of keeping him. I have also discovered a new love of bottom!Jim (particularly where he' s a virgin with men) and would love a some recs for that.
Bonus: If it has something to do with how Jim thinks Spock will find him disgusting if he finds out (kyliselle' s Baseball,series comes to mind, when he was debating eating because Gary Mitchell had told him it was obvious he had an eating disorder and people would think it was wrong.)
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Hey all! Long time lurker and all that, and I am finally breaking down and asking for your recs for two specific type of fics. I prefer the reboot universe, but I'll take what I can get in any universe, as long as it is Kirk/Spock (or it ends up with a happy Kirk/Spock).

The fics I am so desperately seeking are:

1) The Jealousy Fic. Oh yes, the whole jealousy thing is a weakness of mine and I love it to freaking pieces. I cannot get enough of it. I would like recs for any stories where either Kirk or Spock are absolutely jealous (seething jealousy; pining, oh-woest-me jealousy; unrecognized jealousy; etc.) that the other is receiving attention or is giving attention to someone who is NOT THEM. LOL. I'd prefer no infidelity if it's established relationship, and I sort of have a thing for the jealous person being all cock-blocky, especially if it's "unintentional".

a) I also have a thing for Spock being super jealous of Bones because of his closeness to Kirk, and Kirk and Bones flirting with eachother and being all innuendo-ish (though just as friends and not in a romantic way.) I guess the jealousy thing could also be a possessive!Kirk or possessive!Spock thing, so whatever - throw it all my way.

b) And I also have a thing of Spock being all super-jelly of Spock Prime because Spoke Prime adores Jim and Jim gets all soft and smile-y in Spock Prime's presence due to the bond (let's pretend) that Spock Prime had with the Kirk in his universe. (Just...the whole t'hy'la thing which we all know is true.)

2) Dirty Dancing. Ummm...well, just that. Like sexy, sweaty, grinding on anonymous strangers, music beat-heavy and bleeding through the pores type of dirty dancing. I realize that Spock probably wouldn't do this, but uhh, Kirk? Yeah, let's see some dirty dancing Kirk (if any has been written). And HEY! If there's any dirty-dancing Kirk with jealous!Spock, you'll have hit all my kinks and I will worship the crap outta you.


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