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I am trying to find a Fic I read a few years ago and despite trying cannot seem to find again I don't remember much but know it included Winona and Sam Kirk in black ops.
Jim was the captain of the enterprise and Sam Kirk infiltrated the enterprise. I know Winona was alive and Jim was angry at her and Sam. I remember Sam and Jim had their own language Nyota couldn't figure out. I also remember that Jim thought they were dead or at least thought Winona was. I am pretty sure Sam was a colonel and Winona was running the operation.
I don't believe it is atlas.
Thanks :)
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1. Winona had killed Kodos and was in prison. Spock gets in contact with her. He wanted to learn about Kirk's past because he wanted to date Kirk. At one point Kirk and Spock are having dinner and when Spock makes a move on Kirk is hits him over the head. Spock wakes up in Sickbay.

2. This happens after Vulcan is destroyed. Bones and Galia are engaged. I believe that Spock and Kirk are bonded. Spock sends a note from the Vulcan embassy that he is going to end their bond. He wants to help rebuild Vulcan. Sarek and Old Spock try to change his mind. Jim is packing up their apartment because he is going on a 5 year mission. He puts all of the memento from his relationship with Spock in a b ox. Sarek comes to talk to Jim and he takes the box to Spock.
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I'm looking for a fic I remember really liking but I can only specifically remember one scene: Spock (and Kirk?) went back in time and to Vulcan to when Spock was about 10, and Spock went to his family's house to see Amanda and told her that he was a student on Earth, and said he was studying the human practice of small talk, which Amanda thought was hilarious. Amanda talked to Spock about her son who had a birthday coming up and showed him the roses in her garden. I'm 80% sure it was on Ao3. Sorry I can't say any more for sure but I've been searching for ages, so if this jogs anybody's memory you'd be a lifesaver!
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for fics where Spock meets Frank or Winona under less than auspicious circumstances. Basically I'm looking for fics where Frank or Winona have been bad parents and they show up (preferably post 2009 movie) looking for Jim for whatever reason. I'd like Spock to be with Jim when they appear and for the confrontation to turn nasty and Spock or Jim's protective sides show. I've read:

1. Family is Not Blood
2. Walk With Me
3. Atlas

Anything recs that feature a Frank/Spock/Winona scene like the ones in the fics above would be awesome!
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I'm looking for fics where George is either resurrected or pushed to the future somehow after the Kelvin was destroyed.

I've gone through all the fics tagged with 'George Kirk' and can't quite find what I'm looking for. I'd like either gen or Kirk/Spock, completed or WIPs that are updated at least fairly regularly, and well written fics that stick to basic spelling or grammar. One's that spell McCoy's name as 'Lenard' are definitely a no-no ;D. I'd also like to see some George confronting Winona over her less than stellar (or outright neglectful) parenting and some Kirk family feels.

I apologise if this is too specific and if a fic like this doesn't exist then that's okay. I just figured if it was out there then the wonderful people in this community would be able to help find it!
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I distinctly remember reading a summary about Jim accidentally having drunken sex with Winona, which obviously leads to a lot of angst. I think the fic is eventually Spirk. I haven't read it before and now I'm willing to try, so please help?


Oct. 21st, 2015 04:42 pm
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Are there any fics where fem!Jim never went to Starfleet Academy but she still meets the others? And maybe a Kirk/Spock pairing? Another is, are there any fics where either Jim and/or Spock ran away from home (Spock due to the bullying and Jim for a reason) and when their families see them again, they're already together? or is that one just my wishful thinking again?


Oct. 2nd, 2015 01:20 am
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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good stories where Winona is serving on another ship and comes into contact with the Enterprise i.e. she's head engineer on a ship and gives the Enterprise a hand after their battle with Nero. I don't mind what her relationship with Jim is or if they are on good or bad terms. I would prefer gen or Kirk/Spock but I'm not too bothered about pairings. Any help would be fantastic :D.
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I'm looking for a fic I read awhile back that has Kirk visiting Gaila's headstone at the cemetery on Earth. He runs into Spock and Uhura, and she makes a remark before she see that another headstone has Winona's name on it. This causes Spock to see Kirk in a new light, especially considering the fight on the Bridge.

Any help is appreciated!

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Greetings, fellow Spirkers who dwell in the Interwebs,

Errm. Right, so, it was this story which was a one shot. Winona and Spock have a late night chat on the porch with Jim "secretly" listening by the door (superior Vulcan hearing, James. Honestly!) It was set in Iowa (shore-leave? Mission ended? Not sure, sorry) and the relationship was already established. I remember Winona asking whether Spock hated her or it might have been more of a statement. Spock does not refute (possibly implies she was a horrid mom) and she sorta blows her top for a second about "insulting her in her own home, etc." but ultimately accepts that she did not do right by Jim. References about abuse at the hands of Frank? I think. Emphasis on how much Jim means to Spock and how any transgressions against him, even past ones are near-unforgivable.

So vague. So sorry. Please help, if possible. Thanks ^.^
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Hi all,
I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while back on ff.net, set in the nutrek verse, where Jim was in a relationship with Spock and Sarek has accepted him as part of the family, another son. There's a scene where Winona confronts Jim, at George's grave I think, and Sarek steps forward and defends Jim, claiming him as part of his family. Anyone?
Thanks : )
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I'm looking for a specific story I'm fairly certain I read on lj. Jim is pregnant with Frank's baby (12-14 years of age) and enters a clinic/hospital/ (due to some rare genetic thing)++ where Bones works and is the doctor that finds out they've got a severe sexual abuse case where theres really no way to deny what has happened. There's complication and he has to have an emergency C-section (premature baby as Jim was). (Pike is involved and Winona as well have a part to play). In the end both survive, Frank goes to jail (except for the obvious he's not really an important character - low rating) and the baby gets adopted (Joanna) and at the end they meet up (... after the event in Reboot)... or something like that. Help?
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Hi, Looking for a reboot fic where Jim, Bones, and Joanna are at some kind of family get together, Sam and his family are there, as are Winona and Frank. Jim's family doesn't know/or doesn't believe him about Frank being abusive, until Frank steals one of the kids at the reunion. There's a line somewhere about Jim warning Bones not to let Frank near Joanna.
Thanks : )
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I’m new here.

I’m also a huge fan of McIntyre’s books.

I’m wondering if anyone can point me to any stories that feature Jim Kirk’s grandfather Jim Ogaleesha Davis? Or have Jim reference the Lakota (Sioux) side of his mother's family at all? Maybe Jim speaking Lakota or having a Giveaway Ceremony a year after Sam’s death just for an example?
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I am looking for 2 different themed fics:

1) Are there any fics, preferably Slash or Gen, where Jim Kirk hears the last conversation his father and mother have before the Kelvin crashes?

2) I vaguely remember a fic or 2 where Nero recognizes both Spock then Jim, Slash if I remember correctly. I think one of them was where Nero wanted Spock but was rejected. Does anyone know which ones? It has been awhile since last read.

Or any Slash or gen fics where Nero recognizes Jim as well.

Help? Please and Thank you.

Also are there any fics where Reboot Kirk gets to meet/speak to his father? To have him say that he is proud of him, etc?
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I am looking for a fic. I'm pretty sure I've asked for this before but I've lost the bookmark.

The specific scene I remember is that Sam has left home as a teenager to live with his grandfather in another state. Winona wants to send Jim to live there as well when she gets new orders, but Sam has forged a new life, has a girlfriend and is enjoying himself there and doesn't want his little brother to come stay so he asks her not to send him. I think she sends Jim to Tarsus. Sam is away at college and receives word from his grandfather about what happened to the colony and to Jim and Sam rushes back to Iowa to wait at the house for Winona to bring Jim home.

Sound familiar? If so, I'd sure appreciate help locating it. I promise to save the bookmark.

thanks in advance
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I've been looking around for awhile for something I read ages ago.  A woman reporter is out to interview Winona on the anniversary of the Kelvin (?) and notices that she's really not coping.  Rather than get a story, she helps out (and maybe loses that job?) which starts the trend of reporter lady in Jim's life... the story continues through his life, she's the one who helps him after Tarsus (?), until after he gets a ship, and I think at one point Spock had been in a relationship with Pike, but Pike was ashamed and they were keeping it a secret?  And then in the end Spock and Jim get together.

Am really keen to read this again, and am totally planning to bookmark it this time


Found, so quick too!
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My computer crashed, and I lost all my bookmarks of fanfic TBR, so I'm trying to find some of them again. I didn't get around to reading it yet, but from the summary it looked like Kirk was raised by Nero before eventually joining Starfleet? And Nero showed him what TOS Kirk was like?
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Hi awesome poeople!

I remember only one part of this fic. May have been slash or gen. The clear part I was sure was in it is with (Jim remembering back or simply) kid!Jim. Winona played the "if you are tall enough to reach the doorframe you can ask for something" game with Sam. Kid!Jim finally got tall enough, and was all happy - but Winona didn't care.

Rings any bells?

+Any awesome (preferably slash) neglected!Kirk fics are welcome
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I'm looking for a specific fic where Jim was out to dinner with his crew, and Winona called him, and disapproved of the fact Jim was socializing with his crew-I think the crew banded together to protect Jim from Winona? And it was either strong Bones/Jim friendship or slash.
More generally, I'm looking for any fics where Bones meets Winona. I'd particularly love fics where Bones tears Winona a new one about the way she treated Jim as a kid, or any fics where Winona disapproves of Bones and Jim's relationship.
Really, any fics where Jim introduces Bones to his family, be it Winona, Pike, Sam, or some combination therein, would be great. Basically, I'm looking for Bones meets the Family fics : )
thanks : )


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