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Mar. 13th, 2017 05:43 pm
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I'm looking for a fic where Jim and Bones are together and then Bones suddenly disappears. Much later, he appears again but he's been gone a long time, he was misplaced somewhere in time. He meets up with Jim again who is now older than he is. Bones still loves Jim because to him no time has passed, but to Jim, Bones is practically a stranger.

remember what happened after that. Does anyone remember this fic? I think I read it on ao3 a long time ago.
Your help is appreciated.
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I'm looking for a fic I remember really liking but I can only specifically remember one scene: Spock (and Kirk?) went back in time and to Vulcan to when Spock was about 10, and Spock went to his family's house to see Amanda and told her that he was a student on Earth, and said he was studying the human practice of small talk, which Amanda thought was hilarious. Amanda talked to Spock about her son who had a birthday coming up and showed him the roses in her garden. I'm 80% sure it was on Ao3. Sorry I can't say any more for sure but I've been searching for ages, so if this jogs anybody's memory you'd be a lifesaver!
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This is a Kirk/Kharhat appears to have gone missing from AO3. Kirk accidentally time travels back to the Eugenics Wars and ends up a hostage/guest of Khan at the height of his power. He ends up learning that there is a lot more to Khan and the Augments in general than anyone thought. I do remember another augment visiting from I think Russia, and some erotic shared dreaming between Kirk and Khan.
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I'm looking for fics where George is either resurrected or pushed to the future somehow after the Kelvin was destroyed.

I've gone through all the fics tagged with 'George Kirk' and can't quite find what I'm looking for. I'd like either gen or Kirk/Spock, completed or WIPs that are updated at least fairly regularly, and well written fics that stick to basic spelling or grammar. One's that spell McCoy's name as 'Lenard' are definitely a no-no ;D. I'd also like to see some George confronting Winona over her less than stellar (or outright neglectful) parenting and some Kirk family feels.

I apologise if this is too specific and if a fic like this doesn't exist then that's okay. I just figured if it was out there then the wonderful people in this community would be able to help find it!
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Prime!Spock finds McCoy after Nero destroys Earth.  He tells McCoy that things would have been better if Kirk had joined Starfleet.  Prime!Spock sends McCoy back in time days before Jim mets Pike.  McCoy is suppose to convince Jim to join Starfleet.  When McCoy and Jim met they have sex.  McCoy ends up staying with Jim and they have sex several times.  McCoy finally tells him why they met and Jim leaves and doesn't come back.  Suddenly time jumps forward again to after the first movie.  McCoy now has memories of when Nero destroyed Earth and when it was saved.  Jim asks him if he remembers everything now and they get together.
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Does anyone remember this fic?  TOS!Kirk and TOS!Spock get transported to the NU Trekverse and meet NU!Kirk and Spock. Then later on the TOS!Kirk and Spock see/spy the NU!Kirk and Spock making out and find out they are a couple, and the TOS versions are just like, 'What are they doing?!?' and eventually they decide the NU version of them has it right and they become a couple too.
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Hello, me again!

I'm looking for any fic where the Enterprise or any of the AOS crew travl back in time/to a different dimension to when the Kelvin is attacked and stop it.

Secondly, are there any fics where Nero's attack on Vulcan didn't happen, and Kirk, Bones, etc. are assigned to the Enterprise under Pike and Spock.

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Hi guys!

I just have this need to read Jim Kirk centric time travel fics. Him going back/forward, or someone close to him - doesn't matter. Slash preferred, and aside that I'm not picky with pairings.

Toss me anything you can think of please! :]
And yes, I have browsed through the "timetravel" tag here x)
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Hello! How are you?
I'm trying to find a fanfic where spock and Kirk have to live in earth (bonus if is in 21st century) and share a flat (pretty much like that episode in the classic series "The City on the Edge of Forever") but spock and kirk end up dating (bonus if spock grows his hair like zachary quinto to hide his ears) (bonusĀ² if bones is with them, just to be a sassy bastard and brilliant best friend)
I don't really care if is 2009/2013 movie's fanfic or original serie's fanfic ;)

thank you anyway!
[identity profile] terinbegins.livejournal.com
Young Kirk (AOS, but preceding events of ST:XI), bailed out of an Iowa bar by his time-travelling future son (with Spock). Short; was meant to be the first of a series (starring the time-travelling son), but was the only fic written. Kirk hits on kid (without knowing his identity), kid is understandably grossed out.

It's on the tip of my tongue here, kiddos. Help me out, please!
[identity profile] karala.livejournal.com
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a fic that has Kirk and Spock (reboot) going back in time to earth that's pre-warp. There are likely more than one fic with a similar theme, but it was by a popular author. So... hopefully someone lists the right one.

If you have any other time travel fics, let me know, too! I love time travel/time repeating issues. As long as it's Kirk/Spock or Kirk/McCoy. ;)
[identity profile] sonten.livejournal.com
Heya all~
Do you know any (preferably good XD) time travel Jim Kirk-centric fics? I'm not picky at all - though Reboot would be awesome, and slash (K/S, K/M), but gen is cool too :)

>> And I went back on the tags here, but there were so few :( So, recs for cookies? :3
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Hello Star Trek fandom! It's been awhile! Therefore, I am looking for some stuff to get me back into Jim/Bones fanfic. Specifically, there is this one Tarsus fic I cannot find for the life of me and all I remember of it is Jim taking language lessons. Which, I realize, may describe MANY Tarsus fics...so send me all of them. :-D

Alternatively, any long, angsty (with happy endings) Jim&Bones centric (romantic or platonic) fics are welcome. I uh...went a little cray with the tags...but I figured instead of listing everything I like here I could just do it there. :)
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I'm looking for a specific story in the 2009 movie verse, that's spoofed off the plot ideas of The Time Traveller's Wife. Bones travels through time, with no control over it. He meets and falls in love with Jim, and I think Sarek, who he contacts through Amanda, is the one who eventually helps him find a cure?
Thanks Guys
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This is driving me nuts. I’m looking for a fic. I’m not sure if I found it here or if I found it somewhere else. Here’s what I remember. Kirk takes a shuttlecraft and shoots back in time in order to warn Spock of something. Except he goes back too far and Spock is still a kid. His shuttle crashes in the desert. He gets out and starts walking, passes out, and some Vulcans find him and take him to the hospital. Amanda goes to see him. He claims amnesia. He lives with Spock and his family for awhile.  Spock doesn’t like him at first but starts to when Jim stands up to some bullies. Sarek needs to go to Earth for business and takes everyone with him. Spock is excited about it. He doesn’t know that when they get there that they will be leaving Jim behind. It’s a WIP. Sound familiar?
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It was New Trek. Nero wasn't destroyed at the end of the movie, he used the black hole to jump even farther back in time and he kidnapped Spock and Kirk as kids. He keeps them prisoner on his ship and they bond with each other. The Enterprise follows after Nero and are trying to stop him and rescue little Kirk and Jim. It was really long and really good.

Found! http://13empress.livejournal.com/7955.html

Thanks verizonhorizon!
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I saw this search in another fic-finding comm but no one found it and it the description looked interesting:

A fic where Kirk Prime arrives in the reboot 'verse while Nu Kirk is still young, and helps raise him. Kirk Prime is called "Uncle Ti."  This is all second-hand information so I can't confirm it's accuracy,

And of course if anyone can rec other "Kirk Prime in Reboot-Land" fics, I offer standard internet bribes.
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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to know if there were any timetravel fics in the reboot universe. I thought these could be found all over the place but to my surprise I cant even find one! I would like them to be slash and almost any paring involving Kirk or Chekov/Sulu. I don't mind if they go forward or backwards in time, but I do have a soft spot for time travel back to ancient Rome or China because I love the culture clash. So timetravel anytime anyplace, BRING IT ON!
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I'm looking for "Ancient Vulcan" stories, i.e. stories that land the characters somehow on a pre-Surak Vulcan via timetravel, or in a parallel universe where Surak never happened or the like. Even AU stories set in the past (though I'd like it to be an extrapolated Vulcan with proper worldbuilding, not some random "desert barbarian" type fic). I'd prefer Reboot, but TOS works too.

(ETA: Hee, just after I posted this I scroll down my flist and see that [livejournal.com profile] kyliselle posted a new story, Oasis, matching this. It's like the universe read my mind! *g* I'd still love to find more of course.)
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Lately I've been having these cravings for two types of fic and I hope you can help me.

1.) Are there any stories in the Reboot-verse where Spock!Prime, Kirk!Prime and/or McCoy!Prime are reunited. Be it by saving Kirk!Prime from the Nexus, having McCoy!Prime be brought through the Black Hole, any stories like this out there? I just want out TOS!Heroes to find something of a happy ending.

2.) Also, I'm searching for any and all fiction that deal with the characters getting it on with their doubles, reboot or TOS, be it Spock!Prime/Nu!Spock, Mirror!Spock/Spock, Evil!Kirk/Good!Kirk, any good old-fashioned narcistic Self-sexing is hugely appreciated.
(Also bonus points for fics with Mirror!Spock/Nu!Spock with Mirror!Spock remembering the encounter with the TOS!Crew)
(Ultra Bonus Points for a fic where Mirror!Chara/Nu!Chara AND TOS/Chara get it on, however that could work)

Thank you all!


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