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Hi! Do you know any good fics with underestimated Jim? Maybe something where people think he is an idiot when in reality he is veeery intelligent? Or they think he sleeps around all the time and he doesn't? I would prefer if it was either m/m or without pairing (i've already read the 'Ingenious Idiot' on Ao3)
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I remember reading this story about Kirk and McCoy in an established relationship. One night McCoy tells Kirk that he loves him, either while sleeping or about to fall asleep. Kirk has commitment issues and freaks out. He leaves and has sex with a couple (male and female). He immediately regrets it and returns to McCoy, hoping that he will forgive him.

I'm really interested in rereading this story, but I like super-hurt!Bones fics that have at least a little bit of a HEA, where he ends up with Kirk and/or Spock. Like the story Ghosts.

Thanks in advance!


Jul. 20th, 2016 08:36 am
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I'm looking for a K/S fic in which Spock thinks Jim cheated. I think Jim was actually attacked by someone but only Bones and some of the crew believe him? Anyhow, Jim leaves the Enterprise with Bones and a few others and ends up with a new ship and he goes on to do great things. Ends with Jim and Bones in a relationship.

It's not Guilt of the Innocent.

Many thanks.
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So I'm in the mood for some Spock/Uhura that leads to Spock/Kirk stories. I've read a lot of stories where Uhura is sad that they broke up but is ultimately fine by it. I want the opposite. Can't seem to find any stories where it contains Uhura bashing. I love the character, but I don't want to read those stories right now.

Looking for stories:
1. S/U that ends up K/S
2. Uhura bashing
3. Completed story
4. Preferably long
5. In reboot universe
6. Maybe a story where Spock has to choose between Kirk and Uhura
7. S/U could already be bonded but it still ends up as K/S

Hopefully this is clear enough. (^_^)
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Okay, I think this fic took place in the mirrorverse with Uhura and Spock getting bonded, (Uhura for political reasons) but Kirk and Spock maintain a sexual relationship.  I think this is from Kirk's POV.

- Spock's ring held some importance to Kirk.
- Spock tells Kirk that he told Uhura he was going to play chess, in order to see Kirk. Maybe they did play chess?
- The sex (Kirk/Spock only) was pretty violent, I think, with Spock mostly bottoming, but sometimes they switched?
- Kirk is intentionally loud so that Uhura can hear them.

I appreciate any help you can give.

FOUND - Think No Evil by Renata Lord
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I am looking for a story I read about 4 years ago.  It was an established fic, it was time for Spock to go into Pon Farr, he won't let Jim help him for fear of hurting him.  He leaves the ship for 2 weeks, he bonds w/a female vulcan, he returns to the ship and all the angst begins.  I know it was multi-chapers.  I remember around 26 or so chapters.  It was a gut-wrenching story.  I cried several times throughout, but they eventually ended up together, after a much fought emotional battle.

I appreciate any help at all, C

One more thing for some reason I think it has one word in the title ex-Heat or Desert...

Found: The Edge...Thank you
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I'm having this immense need for fics in which:

- Spock is crying
- Spock likes Kirk but keep quiet about it and even supporting Kirk to hook up with any one he likes because he thinks Kirk would never likes him back.
- They are already in a relationship but Spock held himself back and didn't tell Kirk that he's in love with the captain already because he thought Kirk just in it for fun (and he was at FIRST) and it would be better to have what little Kirk offers him than none at all.
- Hurt!Spock.. and Protective-As-HELL!Kirk..
- Kirk calling Spock 'Baby' and/or 'Sweetheart' and/or 'Honey'
- ...... Raped!Hurt!Spock and Protective!Angry!Kirk (??)
- Kirk accidentally (??) cheated on Spock and Spock found out and now Kirk got to win Spock back and earn his trust..
- Insecure!Spock
- Spock resigned/runs away (maybe they argue.. or Spock thinks he will hurt Kirk if he stays on)and Kirk go after him and refused to let him go

I really really really want protective!Kirk fics.. ;__;

And insecure!Spock is <3

I like angst angst ANGST fic but with the happiest fluffiest ending~

Reboot universe preferred but a mix would be fine as well.. I always imagine them to be nu!universe anyway..

Could be any rating at all but if NC17, preferably bottom!Spock..

EDIT: I have recs of my own too:
kianspo @AO3
mattmetzger @FFN

Thank you so much for any help given.. :)
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Im looking for fics on Bones angst. Especially infidelity. I love McCoy/Spock and McCoy/Kirk. If anyone has any recs that would be so amazing.
Thanks in Advance!

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Hello, I'm looking for a Spock/McCoy fic, where McCoy was creating this scroll that was basically a love poem in Vulcan, to give to Spock and propose marriage. But he walked in on Spock and Jim sleeping together, and ended up leaving the ship. Spock thought he loved Jim, but found the scroll and realized he was wrong. Jim was just afraid of both of them leaving him, so he slept with Spock thinking that Bones would find out and just join in. There was a pretty big emphasis on the failed relationships in McCoy's life.

Thank you!

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FOUND: Story title in comments.     Yahoo.
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Hello everyone!

I'd like to find any fics, where Spock said rude things to Jim for smth, or broke up relationship/friendship with Jim for Uhura and Jim is hurt because of it. I want Jim to feel betrayed and unneeded by Spock.

Preferably with K/S Happy end, but not necessary.

P.S. I've already read Kyliselle, CMM, "Two Souls" and "Of Hazards..."

Please help me!!
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Hello ! 

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In the fic, Spock thinks that he and Kirk are dating and gets really offended when Kirk starts flirting with another woman because no one clued him in on what Spock was thinking. The crew was very protective of Spock afterward because it looked like Kirk was cheating.
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I'm dying to find this story again--I had it bookmarked, but I obviously need to reorganize everything because I can't find it now.

Jim let several people from the admiralty and several captains use his apartment as a sort of love shack. At one point near the beginning, he gets sick and can't go home because someone strong arms him into letting them use it. Pike finds out and makes a deal for not turning him in to the disciplinary board--let Pike use it and no one else. At the same time, Jim meets Spock and winds up with a crush that becomes something more. Except, Spock is the "other woman" Pike is seeing and he finds Jim to be too promiscuous by reputation in any case. Spock is convinced that he and Pike are going to bond when Number One gets back and Chris can tell her it's over. She gets back and Chris break's Spock's heart.

It gets really angsty, but it's so good. McCoy is a neighbor, Sulu lives there with his grandmother who is the landlord...

Does this sound familiar?

ETA: Found in comments!!!
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Hello everybody!

Since the crash of my laptop last month, I'm trying to re-find all my bookmarks, including my favorite StarTrek fics. Right now I cant find some Kirk/bones fics I used to adore :

1) A fic where Bones found himself "blessed" with the gift of telephathy during a few days : he can hear and "smell" the throughts of other people. He realised Jim wants him, and tried to woo him. 

2) A fic where bones is a werewolf (or a shifter?) and Jim is his mate (but he doesn't know)

3) A serie of three or four one-shots where Bones "wooes" jim, southern-gentleman style. Then they get married (second OS), and I think Jim  get rapped in the third or fourth OS...

Thanks you!
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Ok,so this I just read a great story over at the K\S archieve where Spock appears to become enamoured by another vulcan woman and it deals with Jim feeling jealous and hurt at the distance growing between them becauase of this.It got me to wondering if there are any stories out there that deal with Spock basically being emotionally unfaithful?As in sharing his 'feelings',talking about his relationship with Jim with someone else?And the resulting hurt that Jim would feel as in a lot of cases,especially when it comes to spock, emotional infidelity is just as bad as physical infidelity?

I hope someone can help me cuz its a genre I'm really interested in!!


By request here is the link to the story mentioned above;http://www.ksarchive.com/viewstory.php?sid=2640&warning=1
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I've searched through the tags and can't find this fic, so either I'm completely inept (which I wouldn't doubt) or no one's asked for them yet. Hopefully I got my own tags for this right too.

The fic is basically that Kirk and Spock are in a relationship and Spock has to leave the ship for some reason. I think they're bonded but am not sure. While Spock is gone, Kirk is raped and when he returns to the ship, the crew thinks he cheated on Spock. I think Bones is the only one who supports him, but could be wrong. During the days (or weeks) that it takes Spock to return to the ship, Kirk is fretting that Spock'll believe the crew over him but it turns out he doesn't have to worry. Spock trusts Jim and knows he wouldn't cheat on him. Not entirely sure how the fic ends but I know it was a happy ending. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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 I remember reading a story where Bones cheated on Kirk with Chekov. I honestly can't remember more than that- anyone have any ideas?
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 So, I have searched for this fic endlessly and just cannot remember where I originally found it. It's Kirk/Spock (reboot) and Spock ends up meeting with/sexing a Vulcan ambassador in order to fulfill both of their duties to the Vulcan colonies. Kirk finds out, ends things with Spock, but eventually it all works out, I think. So not a lot of information but hopefully someone will know what the heck I'm babbling about. Help please! I have a weird weakness for infidelity fics and this is one of my favs.


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